Who Is SWS Security?

Established in 1972, SWS is a manufacturer (OEM) of electronic surveillance intelligence gathering, and radio communications systems. Our primary clientele are international military and law enforcement agencies.  Products include the world-wide standard Beeper BusterTM pager interception system, high end wireless video systems, data intercept, radio direction finding /electronic tracking systems and frequent custom integrations of existing or new technology for special applications.

We also provide services allied to our product line, such as consulting, onsite & in-country installation and training for operator and maintenance personnel, logistics, perimeter-defense studies, penetration and damage assesment, full line technical services to executive protection teams, repair of most brands of quality equipment, quick response to emergency situations in both domestic and international theatres, leasing and emergency logistics.  

We offer Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM also called countermeasures or debugging) services worldwide and we offer training on-site in all these disciplines.

SWS Security buys and sells used equipment related to our primary focus, as well as Minox 8x11 mm submini cameras and accessories.

White Papers

Mr. Uhrig has published well in excess of 300 magazine articles, white papers and training manuals on matters relating to his areas of expertise. He maintains numerous monthly columns in law enforcement magazines and newsletters and publishes a private newsletter on electronic surveillance technology, with circulation restricted to government agencies. He is also co-author of a new book just released by Paladin Press.
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 As of 12 January, the SWS Site contains 127 screens with 262,105 words. You can search the entire contents with the Atomz Engine by keyword or phrase.

minox camera equipment and accessories

Expert Witness

Steve Uhrig has 34 years' experience in electronic security, surveillance, intelligence, privacy protection and public safety communications systems as of January 2006. This experience encompasses hardware design and manufacturing and extensive work in the field training government operatives in countless countries installing, operating and servicing the devices, and processing evidence gained from them. Additionally, a long time Maryland licensed pyrotechnician, extensively trained and having supervised and shot numerous entertainment pyrotechnic shows, Mr. Uhrig is competent to speak on fireworks-related matters.

Electronic Countermeasures. TSCM.

Also called ‘debugging’ or ‘sweeps’. These terms refer to the procedure for locating covert surveillance devices in your office, home, on phone lines, etc. Whatever the vernacular, the official technical term is TSCM, or Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures. Generically, I frequently refer to TSCM practitioners as ‘sweepers’ and will do so throughout this discussion. How do you tell the true experts (of which there are few) from the phonies and wannabees?
What questions should you ask and what answers should you get? These are valid questions; ones to which you must receive answers if you are to engage competent, ethical, affordable service.

I now have a satellite office in Pennsylvania, offering service to the following areas: Philadelphia and Harrisburg metropolitan areas, Southern New Jersey and Delaware.
Maryland, DC, Northern VA and other areas are handled from our Maryland headquarters.

The Making of a Spy Movie

Enemy of the State on location

Steve testifies before Senate

Steve just testified befor the Maryland State Senate. Click Read More for details.


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