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SWS Security, manufacturer and distributor, offers many products for electronic surveillance and intelligence gathering as described below. Some equipment is available to the general public; some items are for sale only to government and law enforcement agencies, and select corporate security organizations..

#5710 Phone Line/Tape Recorder Interface
The #5710 Phone Line/Tape Recorder interface from SWS Security is a low cost device designed to couple a telephone line to a standard tape recorder to provide highest quality surreptitious automatic recording. Connecting in parallel to a target phone line at any point between the telephone set and the central office, the #5710 will start and stop the recorder as the phone line is used. Audio from both sides of the telephone line is shaped, filtered, impedance and level matched, and sent to the audio input of the tape recorder. Recorder switching is accomplished by a connection between the #5710 and the recorder remote jack.

 Significant benefits of the #5710 include: Fail safe operation over a wide range of on and off hook line voltages, superb audio quality limited only by the characteristics of the phone line and recorder used, phone line filtering for virtually noise-free recording, a 60/120 (50/100) cycle hum filter, a very high input impedance to make the unit virtually undetectable by standard countersurveillance measures, extremely rugged watertight construction, and extremely reliable operation. No batteries are required, making the unit maintenance free and useable in remote areas or countries.

 The #5710 was designed specifically for use with the Marantz PMD series of recorders (most similar devices will not activate the Marantz due to its electronic switching), and also works well with virtually any remote start recorder or other device. Additionally, the #5710 is hardened to withstand lightning strikes or repeated high voltage attacks as are sometimes used to destroy surveillance devices connected to the phone line.

 The #5710 further includes circuitry to prevent it from being defeated by "spy proof" telephones used by the criminal element. The unit will switch loads of several amps. This means that the #5710 can be used to switch devices other than tape recorders, giving capability for very high powered parallel phone line transmitters.



dropout relay Input impedance - 40 megohms (essentially invisible to countermeasures sweeps including TDR)
 Audio bandpass - 300 Hz to 10 KHz (greater than that of a phone line), 50/60 Hz notch (hum) filters
 Switching time - less than 50 mS
 Audio output impedance - 10K Ohms
 Telephone line connection - standard modular plug or alligator clips (specify)
 Recorder audio output cable - 3.5mm mini phone plug, 5 foot (1.5 meter) cord
 Recorder switching output cable - 2.5mm submini phone plug, 5 foot (1.5 meter) cord
 Size - 3" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" (75mm x 63mm x 38mm)
 Weight - 11 ounces (300 grams)
 Construction - Blue wrinkle finished waterproof cast aluminum box, encapsulated circuitry