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"In God We Trust. All Others We Monitor."

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SWS Security is a leading manufacturer of electronic surveillance and intelligence gathering systems for government agencies. Established in January 1972, SWS operates facilities in ten countries, with headquarters in Maryland, USA.

The company was founded by Steve Uhrig who remains as company President. Steve is a veteran of a U.S. Military Intelligence Agency with substantial field service of a hands-on technical nature.

Systems manufactured by SWS Security have risen to become world standards in areas such as pager interception, radio direction finding/beacon tracking, wireless video, voice, data and image interception, covert and miniature surveillance as well as two way communications systems, and related technologies.

SWS provides services allied with their product line. Services are available worldwide. Special consideration is given to quick deployment emergency assignments for executive protection, kidnap/extortion technical support, health and welfare communications support, natural disaster communications support, and related natural or man-caused disasters.

Products and services provided by SWS Security are used around the world in the war against drugs, terrorism, kidnapping, human rights violations, espionage, privacy protection, executive protection, protection of property, anti-theft, and related areas.

The buttons below will introduce you to some of SWS' activities around the world. Where others make empty claims of what they dream of being able to do, SWS has been there, done that, sometimes even gotten the T-shirt AND the tattoos!

The first four buttons link to screens with photos of SWS personnel working around the world on assignments of many types. And, since we are in a high stress business, we play as hard as we work. Some of these types of photos are included also, just to introduce ourselves, let you know we are real, and let you develop a comfort level of our capabilities on your own, before contacting us with your assignment.

The additional button, Cases, describe some of the specifics of operations seen in the photos.