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sws security references

Selected Letters of Reference from from corporations
government agencies and private investigators Part Two


Steve: I have just purchased a new Norton 2004 AntiVirus program and I was very surprised when the utility discovered over 70 some of my files that were corrupted with some sort of virus. The Norton repaired most of the files and I deleted those that could not be repaired. Hence, I had to purchase a new Quick Book Program since my .exe file was deleted. Thanks for you email concerning this matter.
Don Cumberland


Recently, I sent an email to all members of the Maryland Investigators & Security Association (MISA) concerning our Nomination Ballot that was mentioned as an attachment.  However, I failed to thoroughly read the MISANEWS Email forum Guidelines, which were skillfully developed by the List Owner and Moderator Mr. Steve Uhrig. For this, I express regrets for not following those instructions.  If only I would have read Section 7, concerning the prohibition of FILE ATTACHMENTS to messages, I would have proceeded differently.  This prohibition of File Attachments is for our protection which I surely respect. 

After I was nicely informed of my faux pas, I attempted to make light of the situation and I apparently offended our Moderator by making reference to "email police."  Believe me, it was not meant in anyway to be malicious.  Mr. Uhrig is considered as being an expert in his field and has been a vital part of MISA for many years. He is also a very giving individual and has assisted many of us when ever we called for help. He is protecting our computers which are vital to our livelihood by implementing this policy and he is up to date with Yahoo policies, as well as, other email groups.
<name withheld by SWS out of courtesy to the writer>


Thank you on behalf of those who enjoy learning. Excellent response and suggestions.
Leroy E. Cook
ION Incorporated

Dear Steve:

Wow! Thank you so much for the in-depth description of piecing together shredded documents. That was so very informative.

I "had" received a couple "cutsie" responses - "a large roll of scotch tape etc,"  but the reason I put the question out to the Digest is because I "thought"  I "had" heard about a device or process that existed way back and obviously didn't give it much thought at the time.

Again, thank you for this information. I know the others out there that didn't think anything like what you spoke of existed learned something today as well!

If you ever need anything out here in the desert - Phoenix, AZ - please feel free to contact me.

Thanks again!
Vickie Mikoch
A Very Private Eye Research and Investigations
Glendale, AZ

Steve, you are doing a great job! --
Bob Doms

Steve, nice piece of information! Thanks! --

Steve, I am meeting with a business associate today to discuss where we want to go from here regarding possible gov't work. I must thank you again for the guidance you provided. Very informative and helpful.
Rick Bantel

This idea makes great sense as an ad hoc appointment. If Steve ceases to be available, this position should not be handed to the next volunteer du jour. Steve has a unique aptitude and interest in all- things-technical, and is a relative one-of-a-kind.
Denny Bernstein

Steve, Thanks for all the info. Your tip of staying put on one freq was dead on. This is what I got last night: At 00:10 UTC on 11.175 MHz I heard a bunch of letters spelled out (Alpha Tango...etc.) At 00:40 I heard the same type of message, then I switched to 8.992 (Andrews) and heard the exact message at the same time. The same thing happed at 00:55 UTC. The letters where followed by a short series of beeps. From what I gathered this was the EAM (Emergency Action Message).

Steve's points are right on the money as always. I have a X2000 and I use it to tune into curious spikes on my spectrum analyzer. Sometimes I hook it to the output sometimes not. The transweeper function actually does a decent job of tracking down simple RF transmitters SO

LONG AS you know what you are looking for.

To depend on it for TSCM work is not advisable unless you like to impress with flashing lights and buzzers.

And for those of you that call Steve a "violin player" I'd challenge you to place your wits against his in this field any day. If you can call him down - why don't you try to catch him out - technically?

He's probably forgotten more than many of us will ever learn about this field. --

I have known Steve Uhrig for several years and tend to draw on his background and experiences in our field of endeavor (TSCM that is) Steve is one of the few, the very proud, and knows of what he speaks.

I also know of Steve's ability to explain in plain language how our particular type of specialty operates. I have also drawn on his knowledge of equipment used in the TSCM world.  He not only offers sound advice he is an honest broker of it as well.

Listen one and all for others may know not of what they speak.
Bill Rhoads

I have dealt with Steve and talked with him and emailed him time and time over. He has been great as a person first, sweeper second and has always been correct. As a new comer to the field I am very confident in my abilities thanks partially to talking with Steve. Please do not under estimate his knowledge and ability. Respectfully
Andre Holmes
Neptune Enterprise Security

Nice post to TSCM-L yesterday. Keep keeping 'em honest --
Kevin M.

I just wanted to say thanks to members of this list for getting me started with regards to SW listening. In particular Steve Uhrig has been extremely helpful as well as dead on accurate with his technical inputs.  If I had a problem or question, he knew the answer and were willing to share it (or at least point me in the right direction).

For that I want to say thanks.

In any case, for the cost of lunch for the week (if you don't bring from home), and about 2-3 hrs a day of reading and tinkering, I have been able to learn a significant amount about radios, antennas and how signals work. I am currently picking up messages and broadcasts from all over the globe as well as some Mil traffic.  My advice to those who want an inexpensive way to start learning about signals, is to get a cheap shortwave radio, a spool of wire and start reading.
Thanks again
 -- J

Steve, I write to you once a year when you get over on somebody so well! Sometimes you crack me up so much that I wish I could tell you more often!  I belong to TSCM-Jimís group, but know little about the subject and thus learn masses from you guys. At least once a year (more like 50 times) your sarcasm and wit shine brightly and I really laugh hard. Thank you.
Evan - Los Angeles

Dear Steve, I live in a poor country, Romania. The monthly medium salary here is $120, and the tscm business is far from flourish. Sorry for asking you so much but, after few years of reading the tscm list I've found that you are a tscm guru for sure.

Steve, wouldn't it be a good idea to maybe send out a list of say 10 "should have" tscm books, ones that you know are good and worth the money. I know JMA has alot of books listed but even he said some of the ones he has listed are rubbish, so why doesn't someone do out a list of the good ones. Say a couple from each sector of tscm ,ie,telephone, RF tx, lan, video etc....Like a good tscm reference library. When I say someone....I mean "someone" who knows!! Hint hint
Steve!! :)

Hi Steve, thanks for your post....I am once again enlightened.....

Thanks for that Steve, wise words and rightly noted. Re: JMA's post....I will give you credit for putting the whole thing together...your'e doing a fine job, keep it up!

I think I may simply be saying the obvious - that I for one appreciate the huge efforts of good people like Atkinson and Uhrig for sharing their accumlated experience and resources.

What a great resource for reviewing & refreshing ones training! Many thanks! These resources are a job well done! Steve W

amazing resources and information Steve, it is greatly appreciated and I learned a lot from what you shared, having a better sense of TSCM too. if the post is not meant to go to the list, eventually when I find a collection of resources I will send them for others, in case they don't know of these resources. wow, made my day, thanks.

Steve, perfect response, always the truth, and that is why I emailed you.

Steve, thank you for the info. I greatly appreciate your advice.
Dale D.

Hi Steve, It is easy to say "thank you" for all the times you shared your knowledge and recommended me to others, via email. I just wanted to emphasize my appreciation.


And two more from back in the days when people wrote letters on paper.