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sws security references

Selected Letters of Reference from from Associates: Corporations
government agencies and private investigators. Part Three

Steve, you couldn't rat out (an undercover) because you were obviously brought up like many of us from the greatest generation where things like honesty, integrity and commitment meant more than the size of the bribe. Good for you. BWS Steve: You da man. They broke the mold when they made you.

There are so few good hearted people around any more and it seems the average age of Real People is getting older with each generation. Every successive generation produces fewer real people and fewer committed to their profession. I hate to see what this country will be like in two or three generations.

Also, a local P.I. was just sued for malfeasance (Michigan) because he conducted a TSCM sweep with BS gear and no training or experience and a device was found by an employee the next morning that he missed.  Less amateurs to compete with would be a good thing.

Well, God bless and again, thanks for being the voice of sanity for the rest of us. Give Karensa my best. C. M.

I'll let you go for now but I also wanted to thank you for answering my question about signals buried in the noise floor of an AC line. As always, your truthfulness and technically correct answers are much appreciated.
 (Police technician in the Great Lakes area)

Thank you very much Steve. God Bless. You're a great man and the people on the list are lucky to have you. Dean (Steve's note: referring to the TSCM-L list to which I have not belonged for some time due to a difference in professional ethics between me and the list owner and my refusal to be unequally yoked and allow hype and disinformation to go unchallenged.)

Well my friend, so what is new? More fierce and hungry animals out here in the jungle, capable of killing their mothers, in order to feed. Behind all the fuzz, there is definitely a good thing:

SWS has earned a good (excellent) reputation, down at these latitudes. Everybody knows that your systems are of good quality, reliable, well serviced, and that you are a serious & honest person. All current local requirement is for fifteen SWS XXXXX interceptors, by DAS (Administrative Dept. of Security), plus misc. items, according to the RFQ (that I'm faxing up to you immediately), where I already submitted a proposal, and twelve more units for Metroseguridad in Medellin, also covered by me.
 (From SWS' agent in Bogota, Colombia, translated to English)

Steve, it would be demeaning to you to say that I am proud of you, but I am proud of you. You have done a magnificent job. It is one of the most difficult things a human being can do; to get people excited about a non real emergency, organize them properly, put them in place with the proper equipment, and have them feel good about themselves, and about you. What a great job!

Sounds like you have accomplished your goal to establish a real working Emergency Communications unit in your assigned area. My compliments to you. David E. <Steve note: older note from a gentleman who trained me in field expedient deployment of radio communications resources, operators and technicians, for instant response in emergencies, following an extremely successful large scale mock disaster which I designed, planned and conducted>.

No so! Your posts were the most valuable of all. I'll bet most other list members will agree.

Always reflecting thoughtfulness and desire to elevate the profession.
Doug E.

Steve Uhrig wrote: I'm not fond of criminal defense, but neither am I fond of police lying to make a case when otherwise they wouldn't have one.

Greg replies:
Steve, you know, I have been a cop for over 31 years, and it really breaks my heart when other cops lie and commit perjury to do what they think is right. The end never justifies nefarious actions.  But your story is extremely interesting, and I must say that you have conducted an outstanding forensic investigation (on fraudulent misuse of surveillance equipment) and congratulations on a job well done.
Take care.

Very good detective work Steve. I was wondering if the tracker was simply a demo or temp installed in another area that got lost. Telematics had a big system in LA and I can imagine a salesman sticking a demo on a limo that was sold or relocated out of the area. If I was going covert, I would at least remove the labels.
Jack D.

Steve, thanks for sharing this information with us. Most of us that aren't in the middle of the industry (or even anywhere very close to it) appreciate your insight. I've been aware of your ICOM, uhh, "opinion" for years. Please don't keep ALL those interesting stories for when you are too old to tell them!  Share them as you can.
Cheers, John M

You haven't left anything else to say. That was a book chapter.
Kevin Murray

Try www.swssec.com. I'm friends with the owner, Steve Uhrig. He's a tracking systems specialist. Try there. Good luck.

(Reply) Michael, I appreciate the lead. I spoke with Steve today and got the an honest answer. Thanks for the info.

Thanks, Steve for sharing this info. Your efforts are appreciated - and are the very foundation of what PISA is - each of us working together for the common professional good. Thank you! Take very good care,
Martha Clancy

Steve - Just a quick email to say "thank you" for the information that you pass along. I read all of your messages and have received information that has helped some of the folks that I know. Thanks again - keep up the good work!
Michael Truppner

Steve: Just wanted to thank you for all your excellent input to our XXXX group. You have a unique perspective, and I have seen where your comments have caused list subscribers to stop and think and decide that what you have posted really makes a lot of sense. One subscriber just posted a similar message about how your comments made him rethink his application. Thanks again for participating in this forum!
Chuck N.

I tell you Steve with your knowledge you could be an asset for tort lawyers investigating harassment and sexual harassment "bully boss" cases which really are doing good at the box office, I mean, settlement conferences for damages....seems the "bully boss" or "perp" as I call them, some how get it into their heads that they are feudal lords owing no respect to anybody wearing a skirt...oh well, I guess the good side of surveillance society is the bad guys, the jerks and perps are too arrogant to remember Allan Funt's Candid Camera Show.....PS: "too bad law enforcement gets all the good info on some of your white papers.".....thanks anyway...take care.

Hi Steve, Always love your philosophical take and humor on life. You're in our thoughts and miss you at meetings etc. Oh, and thanks for the job info, I believe you may the person who someday sends me my next job,  you may be down physically but you're the guy with the electronic know-how and the access to info like no other I know!

Hey Steve, you're smart, intuitive, ethical and give a shit, and were trained by an excellent (government position unnamed), so you may be a bit rusty, but you're a better XXXX(government position unnamed) than you think. Take care!

Thanks , Steve, without you the list is almost all noise. Peter (referring to the TSCM-L list to which I no longer belong). Pay close attention to Steve's comments on logo design. As always ... he is right. Keep it simple.

Steve, thanks for the heads up a few weeks ago on spyware. I ran an anti-spyware thru my two computers and came up with a total of 10 on them. They are gone now.
Rick B.

Steve, I don't know if anyone takes the time in order to thank you for the relevant info that you seem to run across and send out. I just read the blip on International Law Enforcement Opportunities and am looking into it for myself. Never would have seen it without your putting it out. Enlightening story. Thank you for sharing it with me. ICOM doesn't seem to have any concept of "ethical" or "moral" in their business plan. Someday I'll tell you about why I left xxxxx yyyyy.My deepest respect and honor to you, sir.

Good job on the net last night. The words you used as you explained the APP system were good choices as it was easy to visualize the concepts, procedures and uses from your descriptions.

Steve: You really gave the xxxxxx group some good insight into all the things they must consider to even start thinking about a balloon flight. I love the starry eyed enthusiasm exhibited, and that's how some great projects and accomplishments have been started, but a thorough grounding in the basics is what will make it go.

Many of the electronics projects you have done and made are amazing, and without your innovative thinking they might not be there at all, but without your basic knowledge and training they would have had to be abandoned long ago. What am I trying to say? I don't know, either. Just thank you for pointing out to xxxxxx that the basics and fundamentals, and the experiences of others will be he basis of a successful project.

Can someone give me a URL for info about using (and isolating) antennas, or a good book title that I can buy? TIA.

Read the article on grounding radio installations here:  http://www.swssec.com/white_paper.html Regards ... Steve

Steve, that was an excellent read. Thank you VERY much! I do appreciate your help. --

After I told that was fine with me you THEN told me several days later that my end would be $XXK. So I was all-freakin' right with the deal (quite thrilled, actually) and said no more about it. Then later, when I was doing the work, (the client) mentioned the total fee as we were talking about 'good security vs. cheap security' and it jibed perfectly with the numbers you had offered. I knew full well at that point that I'd never, ever have to worry about trusting you in future deals.

You easily could have told me my 2/3 cut was far less and asked her for 'business purposes' to make sure she didn't talk money with me. Since I told you from the start that I'd do the average job for $XXK you could have told me my 2/3 cut on this job was $XK and not only would I have gone away happy, I would have never known. So let's do a group business hug here over honesty and I'll go make us both a few bucks on Saturday!
(from an SWS subcontractor)

Learning to use your equipment to its maximum potential many times can substitute for a lot of money spent on fancier hardware. (Steve said) So speaketh the truth from a wise man indeed!!!!! M.C.R.
 I take responsibility for the delays even though some things were beyond my control.
(Steve said)

(Client replies) Damn right you do. We have 14 lawyers six office suites down from me. Honestly, this was a business deal with no friendship involved on my end. You gave me a lot of good advice at the start, offered that I could get the stuff a little cheaper if I wanted to do all the work myself, and were honest about everything throughout. That's all I ever ask.
(long time SWS client, Fortune 50 defense contractor)

Four other ERI messages referred him to people who sold gadgets that all 'worked real well'.

Either the guy is just being polite here or you made an impression. Thanks for your referral, I spoke with Steve today and got an up front answer. It won't be what the client wants to hear, but its realistic.

I owe a debt of gratitude to you also Steve, had it not been for our telephone conversation some months ago I would not have known to look towards employment with the State Department for an opportunity to work in the TSCM field.
Thank You. Samuel

Looks good to me!  You do a marvelous job at coming up with these things.
Dr. Pat S.

Couple of things.....
1) Since Steve Uhrig is too modest to really introduce himself, allow me. He is one of the best and brightest we have on this (TSCM-L; Steve no longer is associated with it) list. Saying that, unlike many 'personalities' in this business, he really, really does take time to help and guide newbies.

2) You are taking advantage of Steve with these questions you ask. You are mistaking genuine interest in your posts for people gently helping you, but trying to get you to read the archives, where you'll find LASER mikes and GPS have been beaten to  death. (P.S., many phones don't use GPS. GPRS and GPS aren't the same).

3) Then, after these guys take a second to try to point out what the rest of us know, you respond with: "I am not shure on that...since I made one myself 10 or more years ago." So? So did many, any other children in the U.S. for science fairs.

Steve makes real gear for real people FOR A LIVING. This isn't his hobby; it's his livelihood. Do you  REALLY think there's a technology that's completely escaped his attention? Not saying he is infallible, but, if he says it, he's putting his rep on the line behind his statement, so I tend to listen.

4) You state  "Steve says - However, environmental noises are much greater intensity than the human voice,"  YOU - true but since then DSP-filtering, Phasearray, Correlation and other techniques have come around." This gives me a good approximation where you are in your study of this field. Also, one can learn a lot about you by looking at your webpage.

In closing, welcome to the board, but please give some consideration to what I had to also learn.

Hi Steve, truly, you are a natural at net control. Your voice is authoritative and calming. Following your leadership during the SET (Simulated Emergency Test) was very easy and natural for everyone who participated. Steve, your replies to questions asked in the professional radio groups always seem to be thought out and informative. You can always be counted on for a helpful posting and not smart ass answers like so many others.
Thanks, Mark T

Bill: I suspect your right. I like you have not the technical know about such things as a GPS unit. But I do know that Steve Uhrig does. To those of us with out guys like him save our butts. We unknowingly purchase equipment for which we usually are intending to get the best price for the equipment that will meet our needs. Jacking our prices up to a level that makes us think we are getting real stuff but buying toys is in fact in my out right fraud.
"Semper Occultus" Edwin H.

steve -- ur soap boxes mode rants are the best reading on the web these days and give me assurance there's at least one other sane person in the world. (News reporter) Also, a big thank you to Steve Uhrig for his help.
Agreed. He is one of the most knowledgeable people on this list, but still finds time to guide even the most basic among us. A valuable resource to this list. It does beg the question why more of the ERI crowd doesn't post more often? (Note: Steve is *not* a member of ERI)

PS - A big thank you to Steve Uhrig for his help with encapsulate last week. He never fails to answer the stupidest questions with a generosity of knowledge that amazes me.
Patrick Ryals, Nexus Investigations

Thanks for letting me see this report. It is very professionally done, and very interesting. We interface with a lot of professional sweep people, but few that take the effort or have the capability to do this type of work or produce this type of report. Regards,
Tom Jones, REI

Well, at the risk of being chastised for being businesslike on this list, I'm impressed, Steve. I only really knew you through your sophisticated wit and had no idea you were so intelligent and well educated. :)

Thanks, Steve -- you make me proud.
Wayne Green (W2NSD),
Publisher, 73 Magazine

It's interesting to finally find out the mystery behind the PL tone discrepancies. I knew that Motorola used reeds in their older equipment, but never knew the evolution of CTCSS tones in general. You are also a marvelous history teacher.
P. Scolla, PhD

Hello! I did get it !!! Nice works!!! Great thanks - now I can make any records and see it on any PAL-TV in color. Post service is very fast work. Only 10 days past. Good luck in your life!
Andrey (Russia)

Hi Steve, receiver arrived Friday in "brand-new" condition, and it's already been on a sweep over the weekend! Thanks for quick service and better condition than claimed.
Doug E.

Steve, your guy xxxx showed up yesterday and installed the camera and unit. My wife is thrilled to say the least and is very happy that it is easy to operate. Thanks again for all of your help in this matter. Hopefully we can catch this frickin neighbor again and lock her butt up again.
Joe P (Florida)

The TDR arrived today by FedX in great shape. Works fine. More, really, than I expected and I always expect the best from you. It's a pleasure doing business with you, Steve.  As long as I have a couple of bucks in my pockets and you have those great deals, we'll continue to do so. Call if I can ever do anything for you in Dallas.
Martin Brown

Just a quick comment: the prices Steve has listed for TDRs are excellent; you will find no deals on new TDRs. Riser Bond gear at reduced prices is priceless. We have purchased gear from SWS repetitively and have never had a problem.

THIS is why I'd rather (a Fortune 50 Defense Contractor) pay you a bit to make this order happen rather than you just give me information on where to get the stuff. The time and effort you've already put into making sure what I get is what I need is well worth whatever markup is going on the stuff. <Corporate security director  name withheld for security reasons>

Steve - thanks so much for all your help. You have been very pleasant to deal with. Anyway, thanks again and have a great holiday season. Paul Thanks again...package arrived Friday. Radio is working  perfectly. Please use me a reference, your service and follow up was great.
Bob Brown

Steve, yesterday we received unit 1205. Thanks for your kindness and professionalism. It is a very pleasure working with you. I hope to have the chances to meet you around in the world. Best regards, Vicente (Spain)

Steve, the TDR arrived safely this morning. Thanks again for all your help. As always, I can depend on you for help and information.
Thanks again, Wayne (Canada)