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Multi Channel Beeper Buster System

The Beeper BusterTM pager intercept system allows authorized users to intercept, record and display messages sent to target pagers. From your office you will monitor and record all digital and alpha messages sent to pagers carried by persons under investigation. This reliable, economical, and easy to use system was designed specifically for law enforcement intelligence operations from basic to the most advanced.

The Beeper BusterTM is available in several versions depending on your needs. The single channel version consists of one receiver and one decoder module, and will monitor up to 200 individual pagers (capcodes) and 50 search strings simultaneously, on one RF channel.

The multi channel version (shown) includes one receiver and decoder module per channel and operates up to eight
separate RF channels simultaneously. You will monitor 200 pagers and 50 search strings on each channel, with the system automatically building a searchable database around each individual capcode identified and monitored. This file management capability, where a disk file is opened for each new pager identified by the system, is an extremely potent tool. Once the system captures a target pager, all messages sent to that pager automatically are intercepted, stored and indexed. Various reports built automatically around intercepted pager messages can be printed, stored to disk for later use, or exported into your database.

                                                     Single Channel Beeper BusterTM System

If the bad guys in your jurisdiction use pagers to conduct their business, you need The Beeper BusterTM. With The Beeper BusterTM, you can sit in the privacy of your own office and monitor every message sent to any pager. You do not need the cooperation of the paging system operator, nor will the user beeper busterof the pager know you are monitoring all his messages. The Beeper BusterTM can capture all messages sent to a target pager, capture all messages containing a particular "search string" (such as the phone number of a suspect location, pay phone), or any combination of the above. Special techniques are used to determine the unique address (the "capcode") of the pager, meaning you do not need access to the target pager to capture its messages. It's very simple. And, the The Beeper BusterTM is affordable. Unlike rival units, The Beeper BusterTM actually operates faster than the paging system. This means no missed pages, for any format at any speed. Persons using other less capable pager intercept systems are well aware of the problems of missed pages. The high speed and perfect accuracy of The Beeper BusterTM is due to our extensive use of custom designed high speed hardware. If you need to use captured messages as evidence in court, the specially designed features of The Beeper BusterTM guarantee the integrity of the data.

                                                         Complete Beeper BusterTM System

Digital hardware is faster than software. This is well known in the industry. Remember the "math coprocessor" chip which used to be an option in computers a few years ago? Adding that circuit speeded up your computer by providing hardware to do math functions rather than relying on software (CPU instructions) which were slower.

Other attempts at pager interception rely heavily on software to do the decoding function. If you spend time on Internet, you may have noticed the hobby attempts at pager decoding software. There are even some "law enforcement surveillance" pager decoders built around these software packages. The problem is, software pager scannerdecoders just aren't fast enough to keep up with today's busy paging channels. For short bursts these systems may seem to decode OK, but what you don't know is these things are missing a lot of the traffic. They can't keep up with the constant high speed flow of paging messages, so they discard entire batches. They don't tell you this, however.
Missed pages are unacceptable. For law enforcement purposes, to maintain the integrity of your evidence, you must intercept and decode 100% of the paging traffic, all the time. Busy paging systems will overload software-based pager decoders. Even at 2400 baud Pocsag the software engines are fighting to keep up, let alone 6400 baud quad phase Flex. Software decoding is cheap. Software decoding is easy. Software decoding is the way the others do it. Software decoding has problems and is unacceptable for law enforcement decoding applications.

With The Beeper BusterTM pager intercept system, we do our decoding in hardware. Several custom designed
microprocessors whose only mission in life is to decode pages are much faster than software. Even at a sustained
throughput of 6400 baud we are not operating at anywhere near the full capacity of our hardware.

To decode in hardware is a much more involved and difficult engineering task. While others were first to market with their little software decoders, we carefully analyzed the situation, developed a method of attack, then evaluated all the integrated circuit and microprocessor chip sets on the market to determine which was the most suitable for the job. We built and tested several prototypes, but discarded them as unreliable, too slow or too error prone for this critical application. After a lot of testing, decoding literally millions of paging messages, trials in the field, redesign and retesting, we completed our task. We designed and built a practical, reliable and elegant system which decodes paging messages of any format at any speed, with perfect accuracy and without missing any messages.

That system is The Beeper BusterTM.

Since the system operates automatically, it can run for hours, days or weeks unattended. Once you set it up (literally a matter of a few minutes with some experience), it needs no attention. It even resumes operation automatically in case of power failure, without losing any data. This means you no longer have to carry a cloned pager and clipboard everywhere you go. And on a busy weekend, the Beeper Buster will grab messages with perfect accuracy, much quicker than you could write them down from a cloned pager.

There are some things you should know about using the Beeper BusterTM. If you have ever done pager interception using cloned pagers, you know what a hassle that can be. You have to subpoena information from the paging company, who many times don't like to cooperate because the bad guys mean so much profit to them. So you get your information and maybe a cloned pager, but magically a few days later the bad guy's pager goes dead. What do you think happened? Of course: somebody at the paging company ran their mouth. We've heard of areas where the bad guys even offer a reward to the cellular and pager companies for letting them know when law enforcement has been asking about them.

With The Beeper BusterTM, these problems no longer exist. Since the paging company no longer is a part of the intercept process, security leaks are a thing of the past. No subpoena, no paperwork. You and the box are all that is needed.

You can use the search string feature of The Beeper BusterTM to uncover persons involved in an investigation you might otherwise not know about. The search string mode of operation means that you put in a target telephone number, such as a pay phone at a bad street corner, a phone at a crack house, or a bad guy's cellular phone number.

The Beeper BusterTM then monitors all pages on a channel and lets you know who is getting beeped to call that particular phone number you are investigating. For alpha pagers, the search string even can be a target's name, address, gang name, local business establishment's name, etc., and you'll know everybody who was beeped with a reference to that information. With the multi channel system, you can be watching up to 8 separate paging systems on 8 separate frequencies simultaneously, watching hundreds of thousands of unknown pagers over an entire city, looking for any mention anywhere of your target search string.

After a busy weekend, The Beeper BusterTM might give you a whole group of people you can tie in with your suspect whom you were not aware of previously. The The Beeper BusterTM will give you the capcodes (pager addresses) of all these guys and automatically start watching them individually, grabbing all pager messages sent to them also. The The Beeper BusterTM can monitor up to individual 2500 pagers at the same time, and print out separately all messages any of those pagers receives.

If you know the capcode of the pager you want to monitor, you will be up and running very quickly. If you don't know the capcode, there are methods of getting it automatically using The Beeper BusterTM that take only a few minutes. Our instruction manual is excellent, because it was written by law enforcement officers familiar with the street, not a computer nerd who collects badges as a hobby. And we're a toll free call away, to walk you through operation or answer questions.

Operation of The Beeper BusterTM is very simple. All functions are menu driven, meaning you don't have to speak computerese to use it. For multi channel systems, drop down menus under
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP make operation instinctive. Hot keys and right click menus allow instant access to the most used features, making operation even simpler and quicker.

The Beeper BusterTM consists of a top quality radio receiver that covers all frequencies used by pagers, our special hardware (the fancy name for the circuits used to decode the pages heard by the receiver), and the programming. The system is so simple there are absolutely no knobs, switches or other controls. Everything is done via software, through the keyboard. The single channel unit itself is about the size of a cigar box. The multi channel system sits on a desktop.

The Beeper BusterTM also includes the excellent ICOM PCR100 receiver. The PCR100 is a very sensitive and selective professional communications receiver covering 500 KHz to 1800 MHz all frequencies used by any paging system. We do not use consumer hobby scanners for this critical application.

Remember, you don't need cooperation from anyone to use your The Beeper BusterTM. Just shut your office door, plug it in, and go. No hassles, paperwork or security leaks. And you can watch up to 2500 targets at the same time, on one, four, or eight channels simultaneously.

In many areas, "alpha" pagers are being used. These are pagers that let you receive entire sentences (Joe, meet me at Jasper's in an hour...). The The Beeper BusterTM monitors these alpha pages also. On a busy evening, you'll not only see obvious drug trafficking, you'll see prostitutes running their operation in graphic detail, fences advertising products to move, bookies conducting their affairs, and more. The bad guys know we can hit their phones, so they avoid them. But they think their pagers are secure, and the messages you'll intercept will be very revealing. And, best of all, they'll never know you're watching their every move.

Please review the information on the web site to see how the Beeper BusterTM can benefit your agency. If you're familiar with pager interception, you'll see the advantages of The Beeper BusterTM. If you're not familiar, call us and we'll be glad answer any questions.

SWS Security has been active since 1972 manufacturing and supplying electronic surveillance and intelligence gathering systems to the professional community. And, as many of our personnel are former law enforcement or intelligence community personnel with direct experience in the trenches, our products are designed based on experience, not theory. Our firm is large enough to support our products, and small enough to be responsive to your needs.

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