SWS Security Products
The Beeper Buster TM
"In God We Trust. All Others We Monitor."

The Beeper BusterTM offers performance and
flexibility to meet any requirement.
 Benefits include:


The Beeper BusterTM by SWS Security is an electronic surveillance system that allows you to intercept and monitor all messages sent to pagers carried by persons under investigation. Both numeric and alpha pages can be monitored. The system is easy to use, extremely powerful, versatile, and affordable. With the Beeper BusterTM , criminals no longer can use pagers to hide their activities from law enforcement.

Does not miss pages when channel gets busy as do competitive units.

   Available in single channel or up to 8 channel configurations.

     Menu driven software provides easy operation.

     Menu driven software also controls receivers.

     Automatically resumes operation after power failure with no data loss.

     Turnkey system, easy setup, operating in minutes.

     Automatically locates unknown capcode (pager).

     Can capture on capcode or search string.

     Monitors hundreds of capcodes simultaneously on GOLAY, POCSAG and FLEX.

     Powerful database search features finds specific messages.

     User notes field for case number, target and agent name or other info.

     Automatically builds individual files on capcode or search string.

     Several report formats included, or save to disk for later processing.

     Sales and service facilities in ten countries.

     Mature, proven product with several hundred installed.

     Specifically designed for law enforcement operations.

   Operates covertly and privately. No coordination with paging carrier necessary. No subpoenas, and no leaks.

     Perfect and guaranteed accuracy on sustained high-speed multi format systems where others miss pages.

     Can operate stand alone, portable, or mobile (12 VDC powered).

     Multi channel systems run under Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
using supplied computer.

     Turnkey systems, easy to operate.

     System comes configured and ready to operate. Special environments, cabling, or installation is not necessary.

     Commercial receivers (not consumer grade hobby scanners) offer superb performance and reliability.

     Receiver tuning controlled from system menu. Hot keys control common functions such as memory channel.

     Decodes common paging formats including GOLAY, POCSAG 1200/2400, FLEX 1600, 3200, 6400, quad and bi-phase

     Menu driven for instinctive, friendly, non-technical operation. Use by non English-speaking operators is simple.

     Internal time date generator time and date stamps all messages. Time updated automatically over the air.

     Several note fields can be used for case numbers, notes on individual tracked, officer working case.

     Powerful search features locate desired information (name, date, etc.) in captured message database.

     Small size - 6" x 9" x 1.5" (152 x 229 x 38mm) (single channel) Compact, rugged and portable.

     Mature, proven product designed for law enforcement operations.

     OEM. Not a modified piece of test equipment.

     Two year warranty - the best in the business. We know our product is reliable.

     SWS Security has been manufacturing law enforcement systems since 1972 as our only business!

     Lease programs, field installation/operation worldwide and 24 hour toll free support available.

If you are involved in enforcement operations involving pager interception, you need the Beeper Buster. The Beeper BusterTM can keep you ahead of the bad guys. Important: The Beeper BusterTM is the only intercept system proven to capture all pages. Competitive systems miss pages.

Note: This is a restricted item which is for sale to and use by law enforcement only.

pager intercept

 Detailed Front View of the multi-channel
Beeper BusterTM Pager Intercept System

beeper buster

Back View of the four channel
Beeper BusterTM Pager Intercept System 

 Detailed back view of the multi-channel
Beeper BusterTM Pager Intercept System

Front view of the four channel Beeper BusterTM Pager
Intercept System in operating configuration.  

beeper scanner
pager interception