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Your Representative for the Territory of Colombia:


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David Weinstein
Transversal 20 #108-29 (Ofc 303)
Santafe de Bogota, Colombia S.A.
(571) 214-1590 Tel
(571) 620-0166 FAX

DWS is a well established sales and service facility serving various factions of the Colombian military and police in activities fighting narco trafficking and terrorism.

 DWS represents all SWS surveillance and communications products, and maintains an electronic repair facility and spare parts for these products.  DWS further does special system design and conducts training for military and police agencies in surveillance and communications technology using SWS-manufactured products.

 DWS has special expertise in massive sustained data collection and recording of communications traffic traveling via wireline or RF.

 DWS supports the installation, operation and maintenance of large distributed networks of SWS-manufactured Beeper Buster pager intercept systems and several hundred receiver-based communications intelligence gathering platforms designed and supplied by SWS.