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New, Overstock and Pre-Owned Equipment (no longer available for sale)

Condition and with accessories as stated. Descriptions are honest. Some selling for only a few percent of their original cost. Equipment subject to prior sale. Terms are cash in advance. We will tell you anything you want to know about the equipment before you buy it, but unless otherwise stated we cannot accept returns due to one time use on many products. Email or call with questions or to order. Prices listed are firm unless otherwise stated, and do not include shipping.
Credit cards accepted and we will ship to any non-embargoed country. Shipping generally is via post, Priority Mail in the U.S. Can ship FedEx or other courier on your account or ours. Please do NOT contact us if you have any questions on this equipment, or have similar equipment to sell, as we are no longer buying or selling.
Prices are for EACH piece unless indicated otherwise and are in USD.


NOTE: According to U.S. law, certain products, generally those involving audio surveillance, may not be sold to the public. It is our company policy to abide completely with both the letter and spirit of all applicable laws, specifically but not limited to 18 USC 2511 and 2512.

 We do not sell or support audio surveillance products or services to other than government agencies, whether domestic or foreign. Period. This policy is not merely a sales gimmick to make you think you can buy sensitive or restricted items from us. Please do not waste your time or ours inquiring about restricted items. Where we advertise or list new or used surveillance equipment on our website or in printed literature, our implication and your inference should be that such will be sold only to a government agency end user.

Distribution of literature, web pages etc. by SWS Security or any of its agents is intended as proprietary notice only. Possession of technical information does *not* constitute an offer to sell.  Terms and Conditions of Sale  Please read this list of terms and conditions of sale

*** We no longer have equipment available for sale, do not contact ***


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