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Equipment For Sale, New, Used, Overstocked. Part Three
Updated 28 September 2006 

AID (Audio Intelligence Devices) RX-890B Vehicle Tracking System (bumper beeper).Purchased and used a few times by a small town police department, who sold it to buy some equipment they needed more. Unit has seen some use but is in perfect working order. Complete system with 2 channel receiver/direction finding processor in 155.x megacycle area, remote directional indicator to mount on dash, two antennas, foam fitted Haliburton carrying case, instruction manual, sealant and tools for transmitter. A very nice piece, thousands in use, and has many applications other than vehicle tracking (like parcel tracking, etc.).
Complete kit withOUT vehicle beacon transmitter is $1000. A new, matching motion sensing transmitter is available to legally authorized buyers for an additional $1000 (normally $1750, sold to government or certain private agencies only, transmitter NOT available separately).
No sales of either to restricted states of California, Michigan, Tennessee, Florida, Ohio or Washington. Vehicle tracking systems in these states are restricted to government use only. 

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