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A while back I bought a Riga which had a brass cassette in it. Just for grins, I processed the film and discovered some usable pictures on it. I don't know where they are, and wonder if anyone recognizes the area? My guess is Thailand. The buildings and statues definitely look Pacific Rim. I have visited most of that area and do not recognize these as looking anything like I re ember from those countries. I have not spent any time in Thailand but I have a feeling that is where these were taken. This is sort of like opening a time capsule.

Considering brass cassettes were discontinued in 1960 (?) these would be at least 43 years old and potentially a good bit older than that.  Fascinates me, thinking about someone snapping a picture when I was only a boy, exposing a piece of film for a few hundredths of a second, then 40-some years later, with the photographer possibly dead by now, some clown like me happens across them.

I've only recovered images off one other roll, that one a brass cassette also, with that particular cassette now in the hands of Marcus. Those were American, of street scenes in, I am guessing, the early 1940s. The cars look that vintage, and the people walking down the street are dressed like my parents looked in those days (in photos of them; I'm not that old).

I frequently get film in Minoxes I purchase. Maybe now I'll start processing everything rather than throwing the cassettes into the recycling bin for those guys who need cassettes to reload. Or at least brass cassettes.

Minox Minox
Minox Minox
Minox art
Minox asia

From reader Ashish Shah in India, finally a solution to the mystery!

Let me confirm that all these pictures are from India  except for the  first one (Dragon / lion in upright position standing as a guard to the Temple or home )which could be from anywhere part of southeast asia or  India but considering the rest of the pictures we can suppose it is also from India.  A very clear clue is the picture with the idol of Buddha; it has the "Ashoka Chakra" etched at its base and Ashoka was an Indian  king who  converted to Buddhism. (Ashoka Chakra is a Wheel with spokes and relates to the cycle of life or some thing like that...) 

The next clue is the statue with the "Lion Heads", this is a part of the Ashoka Pillar (at the top of the pillar) which can be seen in Agra (near Delhi India).... I wonder which museum houses the huge stone figurine in the picture?). The statue actualy has three lions the third one obviously on the side opposite from where the picture was taken & therefore not visible...... This symbol of the three lions is used in All Indian Government Treasury notes, currency and documents as a seal of authenticity.....somewhat like the American Eagle. 

The picture with the abstract painting depicts a lady in a conventional Indian Saree...one portion of which is covering her head.  The picture with a temple with people climbing up / down the steps should be some where in southern India. most temples there have a similar architecture.

The picture with a painting of a tree with damsels in a pond adjacent to it is very likely a depiction of Lord Krishna hiding in the tree after picking up the clothes of the damsels in the pond... the few ladies in the nude who are outside the pond are pleading with Lord Krishna to hand them back their clothes. 
I hope i have completed your quest...........have a nice day. 

Thanks to Mr. Ashish Shah of Secure-India.

Minox Moscow

These four photographs were taken  in Moscow circa 1960.

Minox USSR
Minox Russia

My friend Brenda came up with a Minox B from her late husband's estate. The camera was locked solid (no surprises there) and on further investigation I found a film in the cassette from which I got 8 or so very weak images. I printed them as well as I could (the four best below) and Brenda recognised herself and her daughter Jacqui who was about 6 months old at the time which dated the photo's from the summer of 1962. The wonderful thing about it is her daughter is now 41 years old and has 3 children of her own. Everyone was thrilled to bits (as I was) with these rather scratchy images of days gone by in the Cotswolds, UK."
Thanks to Terry Mars for kind explanation and permission to reprint these precious pictures.
Minox truly does make memories.

Minox Minox

Minox bullet

Minox Dead Letter Box, used in the past and present by spies to transfer 35mm and Minox film covertly. The film goes inside the hollow spike which is pushed into the ground, and retrieved later by confederates. Thousands of cassettes of Minox film have been transferred via intelligence agencies of many countries using this device. I wonder how many of these are out there, never picked up by operatives who were caught before they could be retrieved. And what fascinating secrets they would reveal!

My favorite color is purple.
For years I have dreamed of a purple LX, but presumed it only was a dream. Thanks to a cooperative effort primarily from Marty Doctor with assistance from Don Goldberg, and a friendly small-volume anodizing shop, I commissioned this Minox. It is as beautiful as it looks, and the deep purple is very attractive to me. If you think it is sacrilege, you are entitled to your opinion. I have fun with Minox!

I will entertain making custom colored LX models for anyone who is interested. LX is the only model which is practical to color, for practical reasons. It is not cheap.
   We will not do black or gold cameras to prevent them from some day making their way into the marketplace as factory produced items. We will do corporate or agency colors, your favorite color, whatever. Feel free to discuss your thoughts. Future cameras probably will be a combination of black top and bottom and alternative colored shells. My next project may be making an LX in each color of the rainbow, as a set (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet). 

Purple Minox

Minox purple


This is an X-ray view of the insides of a Minox, which as you can see, is very complicated. Lots of little parts, gears, ratchets. Only an expert should attempt to dis-assemble or repair such a precision instrument.  Otherwise...


This may be the result...
Photo courtesy of Gerald McMullon www.submin.com. 


Steve taking a picture of himself.

Minox pictures
Minox photos