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Thanks to Danny Burstein for sharing this article from his local paper

Minox Tom Clancy

 Tom Clancy taking Steve's picture using Steve's beat up black Minox LX 'spy' camera

Minox Khruschev
Minox Ladybird Jognson

Dedication ceremonies of the LBJ library. Both of
these pictures were secretly taken with a Minox camera.

Here are some pictures of Minox models and accessories.

Minox in movies

Picture of someone taking a picture with a Minox, taken with a Minox?

Minox Riga outfit

Minox Riga complete outfit. Exceptionally rare! 

Had I looked closer, I might have recognized him. James Stewart, from the film "Calling Northside 777".  
It was made in 1948.
Thanks to Dave Tepper for pointing this out.

Minox light meter

 This light meter was produced for
the Minox III and IIIs cameras.

Minox sizes

Fom left to right models IIIs, B, BL and C. This indicates the relative sizes of the major Minox models.

Minox IIIs tripod

 A Minox IIIs on the Minox tripod
with cable
release adapter.

 A stainless Minox

Minox ruined

This is why I recommend *not* using mercury batteries.

This precious BL obviously was ruined by a leaking mercury battery.

DO NOT use *any* mercury battery in a Minox! There are much better, safer, more modern batteries readily available to replace the obsolete mercury batteries. Mercury batteries leak easily and have ruined many a Minox. None have been made for a long time, so any you may have will be very weak from age. Silver or alkaline replacements will not leak and last significantly longer than did mercury
batteries which were the best at the time Minoxes were designed. That no longer is true.
Photo courtesy Marty Doctor, www.minoxdoc.com