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X-Ray images of three submini cameras. The one on the left is a Soviet Minox imitation and the others are a Minox B and an LX respectively.

Next, are nine images. I'll list the models for those of you who are interested in putting names to these internals. Top to bottom: LX (Closed), BL (Closed), C (Closed), B (Closed), III (Closed, and is missing its film spacing cam follower), IIIs (open), III (Open but missing its film spacing cam follower), III (Open) and Riga (the density of the stainless steel permits almost no view of the inside).

These impressive X-Rays were generously shared by Dr. Milos Mladek of Vienna, Austria.  Dr. Mladek is both a radiologist and subminiature camera enthusiast and combined his interests to create these wonderful works of art. 

Thank you, Dr. Mladek!  

Minox innards
minox xrays