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Nassar Al-Shuraian's Sons
Mr. Antoun Salloum Al Salhiyah
Mohammed Thuniyan Al Ghanim Street
Al Ghonaiman Bldg, 2nd Floor Ofc No. 5
Tel 965-245-8881
Fax 965-245-8882

In 1995, Al-Shuraian secured a substantial contract with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Intelligence to supply SWS-manufactured battlefield wireless video systems. The systems are used to transmit realtime video intelligence from the forward edge of the battle area to command headquarters. This allows command to make instant decisions based on the most informative and up to date intelligence available.

 SWS' equipment was chosen from submissions by 11 bidders worldwide after a one year evaluation of the performance of the demo system, successful completion of extreme environmental testing, suitability and quality of design and features, and SWS' ability to meet the required delivery schedule.