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This is a select list of sites that have information related to law enforcement, surveillance, wireless video, intelligence gathering, investigations, security, communications, radio equipment. Plus recommended sources of equipment. Now you know our secrets. And a few links to amuse you, assuming you have the same warped sense of humor as we do!

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In 1997-98, Steve was the technical advisor on electronic surveillance to the Disney/Touchstone political techno-thriller movie "Enemy of the State" featuring Gene Hackman and Will Smith. Steve also had an acting part in the movie, which was released in November of 1998. Please see this article about making the movie.

This link is to The Movie Vault where there is a description of Enemy of the State

SWS does several media interviews, radio and TV talk shows and similar appearances each month. We would be pleased to work with you to provide factual non-hype information on the extremely popular topics of electronic surveillance and privacy protection.

An article of interest HERE based on the work of Steve and SWS Security:
Weapons of the Secret War
How the shadowy science of signals intelligence, honed in the drug wars, can help us fight terrorism.


ID Ideas
This company makes GI-style dog tags with your imprint, for you or your dog. Excellent quality, inexpensive, will last a lifetime. Various fasteners available for attaching to luggage, keys, equipment or equipment cases, medical alert, or your dog. Steve recovered a Zero case with over $10K of equipment which had been lost in Asia but returned due to one of these tags being attached to the handle. Very practical and classy way to protect your equipment investment, and highly recommended


Microsearch LLC is one of the few true expert countermeasures teams.


MARTIN L. KAISER, INC. specialized in the repair and manufacture of industrial controls and related systems. In 1967 the product line was expanded to include manufacture of electronic countermeasure, surveillance, bomb detection and bomb disposal equipment. Each of these product categories has become widely accepted, primarily through word-of-mouth recommendation. Marty has retired now, but the site is maintained and has a great deal of good information.


Pegasus USA
Pegasus Email application. Free, elegant, powerful, easy to use. The one we use.


 CSE Associates
CSE Associates, The manufacturer of the exciting new Bushwhacker and a major source of sustained data collection platforms; also high end tape recording and direction finding equipment.


The company that built this site. Home of M L Shannon, humble but world famous author of books and articles on electronic surveillance. Hard working but unappreciated experienced countermeasures tech, etc


Here is a link to SWS’ recommended source for professional CCTV products of all sorts. Service is superb. This company sells to the trade and law enforcement only, not to the general public.  He is a former law enforcement tech guy so he talks our language. Highest endorsement. Knowledgeable, ethical people. Not an 800# whore selling plastic Pacific Rim junk.
Contact name is Dan Potts. If you would like something from this site but are not qualified to buy directly, we would be pleased to be an intermediary on your behalf. Email your specific product need, and we will quote a price.


Dilbert is one of Steve's favorites.


 Famous Hams; Well known amateur radio operators. Search for Steve- WA3SWS.


This link goes to an internal article describing themaking of the movie and the people who made it possible- the actors, producer, and technical consultants including Steve and Marty Kaiser.
Steve is available to producers, writers and authors for consulting on scripts, or to provide factual information on electronic surveillance, privacy protection and related technology.


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