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Minox Processing Labs aka MPL *highly recommended* This is the U.S. source for film and processing. THIS IS WHERE YOU BUY MINOX FILM and in my opinion the best place for processing also. They do all my work and I buy all my film from them. If I supply Processing Mailers they will be for (prepaid) processing at Minox Labs. Wonderful people, family owned, friendly and knowledgeable. They are the exclusive official source for Minox-branded items in the U.S., and that's all they handle. Go to them for the best service, freshest film and an overall pleasant experience. They will work with you whether you are in the U.S. or another country.

Minox Processing Laboratories
250 Meacham Ave.
Elmont, NY 11003-3208 USA
Telephone: 516-437-5750
Fax: 516-775-8924
Monday - Friday .... 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM EDT

Also check out their new digital print service. I have used this service also, to print enlargements from digital camera photos I emailed to them, and was very pleased with the quality and quick turnaround time.

Here are some email lists to join, with comments on each:

minox faq

Go to http://groups.yahoo.com to join any of the below lists, and follow the instructions on that site. There is no charge.

MINOX-FAQ An excellent list of talented, generous people with extensive knowledge about nearly any aspect of Minox. Moderated by veteran Minoxer Martin Tai, I have learned a *lot* of technical information here as well as operating tips. A must for novices and experts alike.

SUBMINI-L One of the oldest, if not the oldest, submini camera group on the web. Operated by Larry Feldman, another knowledgeable Minoxer. This list is not exclusively for Minox, but Minox probably is predominant. Newcomers are welcome here as are any questions which will be answered patiently and in detail by some of the 300+ enthusiasts here. A valuable resource also. Be aware this list can be fairly heavy traffic at times if that is a factor. Probably the best place for a new enthusiast to get his feet wet. You'll learn a lot more from watching the experts on this list than you'll ever learn from me. Read the mail for a few days before posting for the first time, introduce yourself and you'll be as welcome as one of the regulars. And you'll see that you are not unique in your fascination with Minoxes; this list is full of extremely competent Minox techno weenies who understand!

SUBMINISALES Also moderated by Larry Feldman. A highly disciplined, low traffic list dedicated to the buying and selling of submini cameras and accessories. ZERO spam. If you have an interest in buying a particular item, try here first, especially before sinking into the pits of eBay looking for something. Post here first if you have something to sell and keep it in the family.

Here are just a few of the myriad excellent websites to visit, with comments on each:

minox faq

Marty Doctor's site. Interesting info covering capsules of useful and entertaining information on submini Minoxes, with a special emphasis on unique, rare and interesting models. Lots of pictures. A must see.

The home of the international Minox Historical Society. Established to preserve and promote the history of Minox. Origins date back decades with the ongoing reproduction of Minox Memos, a user-enthusiast magazine, back to the beginning. The Memo has been picked up and is continuing to be published by MHS after a hiatus of some years. MHS is a paid membership organization, but the benefits and perqs of membership greatly exceed the modest cost of joining. I am a director and founding member of MHS. Checkout the ongoing Minox encyclopedia there.

In my opinion, the single most complete and comprehensive source of submini information on the web. A very impressive effort by expert Gerald McMullon, constantly growing. Scans of most instruction manuals can be found here as well as much more info on practically anything associated with Minox and other brands of submini camera. Want to know about some exotic accessory? Check here. Plan on spending many hours here, and definitely bookmark it as a resource to visit often.

One of the Just For Fun pages. Marcus Brooks has assembled a very comprehensive list of appearances of Minox cameras in movies, books and other entertainment sources. Not all tiny cameras are Minoxes. Some movies depict a model of camera which wasn't invented at the time the movie was to have happened. Others are held backwards, upside down and things like that. Visit here for the lighter side, and contact Marcus if you notice any submini in a movie or book he doesn't already have listed.

The starting place for anything Minox-related on the web. An ongoing, established effort by Joe McGloin and many's first experience with Minox on the web.

Goat Hill is the place where you can purchase film already slit to Minox-sized strips, for reloading into your own cassettes. Stock Minox-branded film only is available in limited selections and speeds, however Goat Hill can provide nearly any 35mm load slit down to Minox size. This gives you a lot more flexibility and a significant savings if you reload your own cartridges. When people contact me asking about buying a slitter, I recommend they check Goat Hill first for pre-slit film. The cost of a slitter will buy a lot of pre-slit film and save you the labor, unless of course you would enjoy the slitting and loading on your own. Site operated by veteran Joe McGloin. Nothing but honest dealing here, and flexibility to meet your needs.

I honestly don't know whose site this is, but it is chock full of useful tips, genealogy of the Minox line, links, specs and more. A lot here. Be prepared to spend some time.

Note from Steve: There are many, many Minox-related websites out there. Do a Google search and you'll turn up a lifetime of sites to browse. They range from worthless to superb. It would be impossible to list all the good sites here, so I have picked a few of the most useful ones plus my personal favorites. I'd like to include a lot more, but that would duplicate Google's function!


minox faq


Speaking of repairs, the references to DAG are Don Goldberg who is the premier Minox mender in the U.S. CLA means cleaned, lubricated and adjusted. Adds value to a camera. He has repaired probably one hundred cameras for me. A gentleman of the first order. Respect his time (when he's talking on the phone he's not fixing any cameras ...). Here is his address and phone for anyone who needs it:


DAG Repair
2128 Vintage Drive
Oregon WI 53575 USA
TEL 608-835-3342
FAX 608-835-3342

Just send him your camera by insured freight with a note explaining the problem, and your return address. Note he does not discuss repairs on the website. I suspect this is because he is backlogged on repairs and not soliciting extra work, although, not speaking for him, I imagine he will accept it. Don does superb work, guarantees it, and is easy to work with. He is a small outfit, though, and does virtually all the work himself. And he has, at any point, hundreds of cameras in the queue for service. This means a substantial turnaround time (varies from weeks to months) but the quality of his work and his talent justifies the wait for most.

However, if you desire quicker turnaround, there is an alternative. If you meet all these qualifications, I may be able to help you:

1) Your camera is a mechanical camera (Riga, A/II/III/IIIs, B, BL)
2) If a model B or BL, the meter is working properly.
3) You desire a routine CLA (Clean, Lubricate or Adjust) or minor repairs.

We also can convert cameras from metric to Imperial or vice versa, change filters, etc.

If you have cameras meeting these qualifications, I can arrange for expedited repairs by a fully qualified and experienced individual in the U.S. Minimum charge for a CLA, presuming no additional repairs are needed, is $135 + return shipping. Turnaround time almost always will be less than 2 weeks, and frequently less than that.

Contact me if you are interested in this service. All work is guaranteed. Payment is through me (credit card, check, etc.). Domestic as well as international are welcome.

International shipments may incur extra charges for the extensive documentation necessary for the freight carriers and Customs. Any electronic camera must go to DAG. My serviceman will work on mechanical Minoxes only. I do not mean to take anything away from Don Goldberg and would encourage anyone to use him for CLAs or repairs and reiterate his experience, ethics and capability. I merely am offering an alternative if you desire quick turnaround.