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Your Representative for the Territory of Mexico

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Attn: Mr. Jorge Palacios
Manuel Ma. Contreras #107-B
Col. San Rafael,
Mexico, D.F. 06470
Por telefono: (525) 591-19-11, (525) 591-10-94
Por fax: (525) 591-13-52
Por E-mail: sogams@mail.sogams.com.mx
SOGAMS S.A. of C.V. is a Mexican company supplier of equipment, services and systems integration in  the area of communications and electronics, control and command, computation and security. 
Our main clients come from the government and Armed Forces.
Our services to the client include installation, training in Spanish, manual document translation and,
later support of guarantees and on sale: logistic planning, investigation and development
of systems and products in addition to support of direct maintenance.
Manufacturer represented is SWS Security and their products: Beeper Buster
pager intercept system,wireless video systems, radio direction finding systems, custom designs, beacon transmitters for
tracking ransom money, hostages and similar.
Enquiries for custom projects or designs are welcomed.