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sws security references


This is the first screen of references, persons who have purchased
Minox cameras and accessories from SWS Security

Note from Steve:
The below represent just a few of hundreds of references I have received over the years. Thanks all for taking the time to write. Remember, Minox is not a business to me; rather, they are my love. I want to share my enthusiasm with others and introduce as many as possible to  the joys of Minox.

Dear Steve,
The viewer and cable release arrived today, and I want to thank you for it, for all the accessories which I bought from you and for the patience which you showed towards a newcomer to Minox photography like me.
I am really grateful to you. A word is a word and time is time, and above all it is your honesty which makes it a pleasure to do business with you.
With all good wishes,
Uri (Jerusalem)

Hi Steve,
The parcel with the case and cassettes arrived today. The case is indeed the most suitable for TLX. With many thanks and kind regards,
Mr. A (Israel)

Hi Steve;
The flash, bulbs, and battery arrived this morning. The flash and case are excellent. Many thanks!
Regards, Frank

I received the Riga from you today. Looks good.  Thanks for shipping it so promptly.

Just wanted to let you know the camera arrived yesterday, and I am thrilled to have it. Thank you for packing it so well and shipping so quickly.
Best, Nichole

I received a Minox III and Daylight developing tank from Steve on Wednesday. Loaded some APX25 into the camera and spent the better part of the day shooting various subjects with the camera in guesstimate mode. <snip>
Moral of the story... those who are new to Minox are ultimately kept in the hobby by early success and that success is more assured when you deal with honest vendors like Steve. John C.

Steve ... there are only a handful of people on the planet I would send stuff to without getting paid in advance for it (YOU are someone I cited in my conversation as being in that handful and with whom I have the utmost respect for and trust implicitly). <snip>
(From an internationally known and respected Minox collector)

Thanks for the marvelous service.  Camera arrived yesterday afternoon and I am still going over the instructions.  Also, I saw Monica at MPL & she returns your greetings ...


The littlest camera I have ever seen is sitting in front of me!  I've got the battery in and have seen the light as well as explored the film compartment. I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of film! It looks perfect for work shots as an EMT.  I enjoyed your wife's note and the prism!  Thanks so very much for all your assistance - I'm looking forward to getting to know the little thing and lots of exciting shots! 
Jerry B

Got to run (it's 3:47, and I must get ready for work), but I wanted to get back to you. Thanks for "being there" - I always appreciate it.
Best Regards,

Thanks again Steve. As usual, you provide comprehensive info. Much appreciated! -

Steve  Thanks again....you always deliver.
Dennis H.

You have been a big help in the past...

Hi Steve
The TLX is superb. Not much more I can add to that. Half the population of Japan is pointing cellphones equipped with digital cameras in all directions these days, so a much smaller Minox pulled out of the pocket in a public place still has the ability to remain quietly anonymous. Steve, if there is one thing I have noticed, it is that one Minox is not enough. You will be hearing from me again.Many thanks ....
Norbert (Japan)

Steve, thanks for all your time and help.  I had hoped the camera would be worth more than that. I will bequeath it to my ungrateful grandsons some day to fight over. Thanks again for your help.  You are one of the good guys.

Sorry for the delay in answering your letter. I really didn't expect to hear from you so fast. Your appraisal is one of the finest reports that I have read in many years.

Thank you for your assistance and expertise 

Hello Steve, got your check today. Thank you very much for the kind freight cost refund. I wish I could do business with you in products other than Minox. You are a fair & kind person and business man.Best regards from Canada ..................../

Steve, thanks again so much for your generosity. I received the free Minox cassettes from you and I am anxiously awaiting the first cutting/reloading. Somewhere on your site someone said about you that you were a mensch. That is an understatement, you have made my day (week, month, etc.) for sending me the hard to find cassettes. I'll make sure to browse your 'For Sale' dept. for Minox accessories.
Dimitri (a new happy Minox owner)

Steve, I have no wish to monopolize your time today, but I write once again to simply thank you for your prompt, cordial, forthright answer to my query.

Such treatment is getting so very rare that I feel you are to be commended for it. I had no illusions about the wee camera and will likely try it out and enjoy the memories of my dear aunt -- as you suggested.  I have no wish to dupe anyone on E-bay with it -- indeed I've scrupulously avoided that site since its inception.
Thanks again for your expertise, shared eloquently and willingly.
Doc (D. F.) Gundersen

Steve... I hope you got my letter. It says all the things I had intended to tell you in my first e-mail.  I'm very happy with my purchases. Your descriptions were right on the button and the B looks terrific after a little cleaning up. 


Steve, Just got the first roll of film back from developing, and I am thrilled! I figured I would have to go through a few  rolls before I really got it right, but first time out, I am pleased with the results. By way of a little bragging, I am attaching three of my action pics that turned out not too badly (scanned from prints @300 dpi). This gives me  much more confidence in planning to take the Minox as my  sole camera for an upcoming trip through the Scottish  highlands and islands.  Thanx again for the grand package; you have lived up to your refs of "always a bit extra". We call that lagniappe  in this part of the world. Rest assured it will be used and  treasured. 
Sue Mason

    Dear Steve, Thank you for the Minox developing tank which I  have now inspected. I was amazed at how small it is!! It is in beautiful condition. Again, thank you. As always,  great sevice with absolutely no fuss. My best wishes,

    dear steve, thanks again for taking care of this for me. it's great to do business with someone that honors their word. i look forward to dealing with you again soon.
    Howard Arnold 

    Dear Steve, The cameras arrived yesterday. My God, are all your cameras in this kind of mint shape? I  may have to clean out your inventory! Seriously, this is the best looking Riga I've ever seen  outside a German museum display. It's safe to say it has gone "into strong hands" as we say in the coin business  (IOW don't expect to see it for sale again for a  generation). That goes for the BL too.  My many thanks and we WILL do business again! 

    Dear Steve, How can I thank you enough? I opened the package after doing some plumbing jobs around the house and was instantly transported back to childhood. The IIIs is a little gem - a kid with a new toy! I can't thank you enough for the three(!!!) cassettes, even though you only charged me for two. I am at the moment trying to master the use of the camera so that it becomes automatic, so thanks yet again; for the instructions. It's curious, but I have felt happier dealing with you than almost anyone in the last few years. No fuss, just plain honest dealing. It has been a pleasure. // I will write again in the next few days and let you know how I am managing, and I suspect, as I said in my earlier e-mail, that I will need a developing tank; but more of that later. Yours most sincerely,

    Dear Steve, Just want to thank you again for setting me up with the LX and all the accessories for copying the manuscripts. The monastery does not allow photocopiers or elaborate photography setups, so the Minox was the only practical  alternative to record these priceless age-old documents for  our organization. Most of the prints turned out perfectly,  with every jot and tittle on the documents readable.  Thank you also for including all the extra little things  you said "I just ought to have". The camera package was not  cheap, but with all the other accessories you threw in  without charge, it was an excellent value indeed. I followed your instructions and the first test rolls I  shot were almost good enough. I needed to be more careful with even lighting (as you warned), and after that I averaged 90%+ usable images. Our work will go down in history, and much of that is due  to your efforts. I knew this Internet thing would be good for something!  With respects,

    Hi all, This is just to thank Steve Uhrig from SWS Security, for a very fair deal and looking after with no quibbles a piece of expensive equipment, namely a Minox  camera that arrived defective and needed the factorys  attention to the tune of $261 .Steve paid this without any  quibbles, or requiring any recipts from me. I can recommend Steve for fairness and prompt attention to his customers  problems. Somthing that is becoming hard to find these days in commerce. Thanks Steve.
    Sean Mc Govern Omega Reliant Investigations, Ireland.

    Steve, Thanks for sending my Minox C, which arrived today. It  appears to be in even better condition than you had described. 
    David J.

    Hi steve,  The Minox arrived today.am sitting here reading the manual &  admiring it.Your description doesnt do it credit.The blemishes  are so minor as to be unrecogniseable.I reckon that this is  going to be a day to day carrier in my breifcase. Many thanks & its a pleasure doing busisness with you.  Sincerely yours,

    My son had dealings with Steve and offered nothing but utter praise about Steve. He always seemed to email a few extra lines  to my son and generally made him feel like a person, not just the source of a man's next dollar. Steve accomodated my sons situations to my sons benefit on more than one occasion, and it  is all about service and feeling good about the dollar you  spend, regardless of how many you spend for one particular item.  Steve seems to be a genuine man with a love of Minoxing and a will to share his knowledge, respect is all that is due him. I truly appreciate what Steve did to help my son, and myself would  rather pay $200 for a B from Steve any day, rather than pay $100  bucks on auction, because with Steve, you know what you are getting, and he stands behind his product.
    Mike Cuzzort

    Hi Steve Just to let you know it has arrived safe and sound - and is EVEN  BETTER than I expected and nicer than you claimed!  Thanks for ALL your help,
    Ben (U.K.)

    I just received the minox C, and it is absolutely splendid! i  can't wait to give it to felix! he's just going to adore it! once again, i'd like to thank you for all of your help. i  really think you helped me pick the perfect first minox for felix. i'm sure you haven't heard the last from us!  thanks again, and merry christmas! regards,
    suzanne berman

    Steve -- The Minox and accessories were in my mailbox yesterday  (Thursday), probably setting a postal service speed record. Everything is as advertised. Camera is in gorgeous shape, better than you described. Case looks considerably better than what the camera trade would  call "very good." Thanks very much!
    Ernest Murphy Honolulu

    Dear Steve, As it turned out, you were right about that camera on ebay. I  should have listened to you. I now am 0 for 4 on ebay Minox purchases. And 2 for 2 on purchases from you. It's just not worth the risk, hassle and expense of dealing with someone on ebay who doesn't know the camera and doesn't  guarantee anything. I didn't save anything, I wasted it all. Thanks for helping me to bail out in the aftermath. Mr. Goldberg did a nice job on my C but is still working on my B. I will be back to you very soon. Sincerely,


    Hi Steve, hope all is well. thanks again for your prompt professional service. regards,

    Thank you  Thank you Thank you I love the minox. Excellent condition as you described it and I  can't wait to use it. 
    Kev PS. Thanks for the gift

    hello steve, i received my beautiful little minox yesterday. it is absolutely  gorgeous. hard to believe it's so old. that little "click-whir"  rhythm is quite addicting isn't it? and thank you for the mini  screwdrivers - i actually needed one to fix another camera i have...perfect timing. Thanks again for the great service. You made my first buying  experience a painless pleasure. Best wishes,
    Matt Johnson

    dear steve: many thanks for the professional way you handled my problem with a recent purchase. unfortunately, i had to return the camera, through no fault of yours, but my lack of appreciation for its  complexity, and you quickly not only credited my account for the  full amount i sent, but gave excellent advice on what steps to  take next in my quest for a small camera. you can be sure i will  be working with you in the future. i highly recommend you and  your services to anyone, and particularly those who may be  puzzled about the finer points or cameras. cheers,
    bill katz

    Thanks Steve.....you certainly have a loyal customer here.
    Robert Jones

    steve: many thanks for the trouble you have taken to be sure all is right with my purchase. thanks you are the expert. one  battery will be fine. and an honest man nice confirms my  conviction the world is doing well  cheers .... bill

    Steve: The camera arrived safely. Thanks for the extra effort in getting it out to me quickly. It is exactly what I was looking for. I will let you know how the pictures turn out when I get  them back.  Thanks again,

    Anybody ever tell you you're honest to a fault? Thanks, Steve.
    Best, Cap 

    Steve, Many thanks for the speedy delivery. Like the books especially  the Minox pocket companion. Tripod is an amazing design! Camera looks and sounds (no film yet!) magnificent.  A question about the III. The camera appears quite new. Is  this just that it is in such good shape or, you mentioned it was  overhauled? It is much better condition than you claimed.
    Paul S.

    Hi Steve, I received the IIIs on Monday and I have to tell you the camera is flawless, better than advertised I feel like I should wear gloves when IM handling it. Thankyou for reserving it for me and your honesty. IM sure there will be future transaction in collecting and using theses wonderful minis.
    regards Ivan

    Steve - - Thank you for the prompt shipment. The order I placed with you on Friday arrived on Monday. I got everything put together and  loaded a cassette of B&W ISO 100 in it. The camera is in  wonderful shape, light and responsive.
    Mark H

    As ever, it's great to do business with you. I'd like to tell  you again how happy John & I both are with the LXs, we're having great fun with them and they've spawned all kinds of plans for future adventure. It's been especially nice to feel confident with the purchase, having made it from someone so helpful and knowledgable. (You can put that in your recommendations list if  you'd like, and I've been telling all my photo friends about you!)  Thanks again Steve,
    Tricia R

    You know, Steve, you're developing a reputation as a good guy. Watch it; people will find out. Thanks so very much!
    David H.

    When I elected to sell you my Minox I Thought I was in good  hands, Today I received the payment check for my camera and  know I was in better hands than I thought, or believed possible in todays business environment, I really appreciate the extra  payment money for my camera, thanks you. Also, hate to tell you,  I viewed the picture of you and yours, and we (you) look exactly  alike, worst, my wife confirmed it. 
    Art Richards

     ... Let me also state, that there are a number of people (in the  Minox community) I hold in great respect. You are among the list  - in what you say, and what you do.