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sws security references

This is the second screen of references, persons who have purchased
Minox cameras and accessories from SWS Security

Hey Steve, they came!  Thanks so much, I'm going to have a blast with them!  I already have some questions, tho, but I'll contact you later re them, if that's okay. 

That all aside...  The original Varta mecury cells I was getting were not holding up--- given that the production ended 4 years ago I guess expectable--- and I was getting shorter and shorter lifecycles. The battery from Steve has already outlived the last PX27 I wasted money on... and I suspect its got a long way to go...
Ed Z.

Howdy Steve, Oh Boy! The tank came today and I had a test roll ready. I tried it out and it works better than previous methods by several orders of magnitude. Your IIIS is a monstrously superior instrument  and I am very grateful to you for helping me acquire it. I have a graduate degree in photography and have taught college level photography for 30 years. 
W. M.

Oh yes the minox arrived in grand condition and robert was thrilled! he has studied the manual, ordered a book on minox off the web, so i think we are off to a good start. Thanks very much for all of your help. I am another happy customer. Many many thanks. ps...thanks for the screwdriver!:)

Steve: Here I have the leather case. Really it is in very good conditions. Thanks.
Mario (Chile)

The IIIs is lovely, and I can't wait to use it (my other IIIs is in storage, after water damage to the house I was living in back in January, along with all my other possessions.). Again, Steve, thank you for the prompt and exquisite service. I am in your debt for the wonderful service that you provide for all sub-mini users, as well as selling top-notch Minox equipment. I look forward to dealing with you again.

Dear Steve,  Thank you for the Minox IIIs that arrived on Thursday. I wasn't here to collect it as I was in the USA, but my friend downstairs gave it to me when I got home, and like a small boy at Christmas I opened the Fed-Ex package with anticipation.  WOW!  You never disappoint. Thank you for the lovely camera, as well as all the lovely film that arrived: I didn't realise that there was that amount of Minox film left in the world. I hope that there is no real damage done by the dreaded X-Rays. 
B. H. (Scotland)

Your letter was great.   It helped us to understand better the history of what we have.  Your letter was also like a breath of fresh air for another reason. It is rare these days to run into someone who loves what they are doing and is so honest and ethical.  Your interest in what you are doing comes through loud and clear. 
Ralph B.

LX arrived in beautiful condition as did the case and working release adaptor. Thanks for the extra presents. That was sure fun. Laura likes her nightlight.
Jeff J.

The LX arrived so quickly I could hardly believe it. You must have scurried right down to the post office after we talked.  Thanks. Waiting is hard for a gadgetaliac. I guess I knew the camera would be small, but wow! This thing is tiny, and in beautiful condition. The case is going to work wonderfully for hunting. I can attach a tether to the ring and plop the little rascal into a vest pocket.

I have received your package.  I can only say thank you so very much for your generosity.  The quality of the product is A1.

Steve is retrieving his toe from pathology, and he has kindly offered it as a fundraiser for MHS.  My thought was we could stamp MHS on the nail, hollow it out, and use it as a slip-case for film.

Alternatively, it could serve as something like a watch fob for a verrry special MHS EC.
-- pete

The annals of MHS History will one day record that no one gave more to the MHS than Steve.
Scott Y.

I got the developing tank, batteries, and film cassettes I ordered from you. Everything is in great shape. Thank you very much. 
Kyle B.

Not to worry: if the day ever dawns when you'd really like to get a Riga, go to Steve Uhrig's site and buy it there, with confidence. You'll know you've got the real thing, it's been properly serviced, and the dealer is honorable.
D. S.

Steve and I have done business. I sent him some cameras he wanted and he sent me a really nice IIIs that had been serviced recently. There may even have been some money exchanged, I don't recall, but I would buy from him with confidence - or sell/swap, too!
Mike L.


Half a year ago I started using and collecting Minox cameras. Since that date, I have purchased two new Minox Cameras, a collector grade and a user grade Minox IIIs from Steve Uhrig, and a *mint condition* Minox III from someplace else. The Minox III was indeed cosmetically in mint condition, however, it was not like that mechanically.  I had to sent it to DAG and it has been there for the past three months.  All that I can tell the newcomers is that I learned the lesson. If you are going to buy, buy from a reputable dealer that certifies that the camera has been recently CLA'd. In the long run, it will be less expensive to go that way.
I personally vouch for Steve at SWS Security. The service is great and he really cares for his clients. 
Sincerely, Roberto (Puerto Rico)


You are one to be trusted with honesty and commitment in your products.

I concur about Steve Uhrig.  All of Steve's cameras are currently cleaned, lubed, adjusted (CLA'd) and Steve is very courteous and knowledgeable about these little guys. 
Steve S.

Before you buy please check with Steve Uhrig. Steve@swssec.com

Since Steve sent you a new one free, it tells a lot about his business practices. 
Ken T.

Received the new thermometer in the mail TODAY.  You are just TOO QUICK!!!

I have only great things to say about you. More people in business should have the same attitude you have in regard to the customer!

In the past year, I've had a number of dealings with Steve, and all have been a pleasurable experience. Steve is a man of his word, and stands behind all his cameras, and accessories. As far as I'm concerned, he is aces all the way! To those of you that have never dealt with Steve, he has top notch stuff, and zero risk to the buyer.
 T. P.

I just received the developing tank I ordered from you on FRIDAY, and it's in great condition. And I think it was a good price, too. I also appreciate the 'gifts' you included - the empty cassettes, extra end caps, etc. Not many dealers take the time to work with customers anymore. I'm sure I'll be back soon for more Minox 'stuff'.  
Janice S.

Wow! Great information Steve! Thanks!!
Larry H.

You're a mench. I remember that when I bought the IIIs (mint) from you a couple of years ago, you sent it to be BEFORE I paid to make sure I was satisfied. A gesture like that leaves a lasting impression.

steve's been off sick for a bit, but he'll get with you. Nice guy, total anti-bull**** kinda guy, be square with him, he's more than square with you -- all his cameras are serviced, which accounts for the higher prices. Ur gonna have to have anything you buy serviced anyway, why not let him go through the hassle for you? I know I've had to have everything I bought serviced, but I didn't buy them from him. 
c. t.

Have business with Steve and you will never regret it. His prices may not be the lowest in the web, but you will know exactly what you are buying (with some extra goodies sometimes).

I have heard only great things about Steve (SWS) on the web.

I have been a much happier seller than buyer on eBay. Just for the record, Steve Uhrig is a wonderful Minox dealer as well as a grand human being.
P. Z.

Thanks for sending the case for the minox B so promptly. It was in excellent condition, as I knew it would be.
P. S.

I received the package from you on Saturday. I love the Minox pouch....it is perfect for holding my camera and a couple of extra film cartridges. I'm sure the canned air will help me keep my camera extra clean. Thank you for the sending my products so promptly and for the very thoughtful gifts.  

Just wanted to say thanks for the slitter. I slit and loaded a couple of rolls of Plus X, shot and processed one. Everything worked with ease, as promised. My C will get a lot more use now! 

So I can relate to Steve Uhrig in the last issue of Minox Memo when he says that he was happy to see Tom Clancy looking briefly at the camera he was given and went to the Owner's Manual. 
J. C.

I received the camera on the 18th and I am impressed with the condition. You did a great job and thank you for the chain and case. I will enjoy taking photos with it. 
Al K.

the camera I purchased from you is working great. 

As always, you've been really great. Thanks for everything!!

You're a gentleman, and a pleasure to do business with.  Our country needs more "Role Models"  like you.
Rev. Ken B.

Thanks for your help. I replaced the nicads and my ME-1 works great. You are a great resource for minox collectors. Keep up the good work.
K. S.

Add this to the long list of praise-filled letters about you and your operation. I received my check for the Minox IIIs, and the extra $15 for packing it carefully.  Thanks very much. I hope that it finds a good home--the Minox is a wonder of the last century. If the opportunity arises, I will certainly recommend that people contact you.  You occupy a very special niche in the camera world, and it is one that you have carved out with your integrity not only intact, but enhanced by your honesty. 
Thanks again--it was a notable pleasure doing business with you.
Gordon S.

Steve, I *really* appreciate your very thorough response to my Minox questions. I've been jammed up this week & this is the 1st chance I've had to say thanks.

Every serious infosec practitioner should own a Minox camera, if for no other reason than they are extremely cool.  Most of us are "gadget freaks" anyway and the things are great toys. 

Take a Minox with you on a corporate penetration test and take photos of proprietary material. Give your security contact the undeveloped roll of film and a prepaid mailer to the Minox lab (www.minoxlab.com) for development. This is a simple and effective way to make your point about things like clean desk policies and the use of shredders. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, one of the best places to buy a used Minox is SWS Security (www.swssec.com).  All the used cameras have been professionally serviced and are in good working condition. Additionally, Steve Uhrig at SWS Security stands behind everything he sells. 
Rick H.

WOW WEEE!!!! I like it!!  What a cool camera. It's every bit as nice as you said it would be. Thanks much for my first collection piece. I'll keep it separate from my users.  
Mike C.

Many thanks for taking the time to give me some of the fine points of this specialized trading nook -- the endorsements you have garnered are well deserved -- obviously you are a stand-up guy with a demonstrable set of ethics and great knowledge and passion for the tiny marvel of a camera.   

I wouldn't take up much of your time with idle bull****, but I just wanted to let you know that I received the flash, and I think you're one hellava guy!!! Thank you very much, and If there is anything I can ever do for you, please don't hesitate to just ask... You, my friend are a rare breed, and its not too often that someone has the pleasure meet a guy like you, especially on the internet! 

I think sometimes people focus on the price too much, and don't think of what they are getting for that price. In your case you are selling security and trust. Kind of falls in with the rest of your business. That is such a rare thing, the minimal premium you ask is worth it for most. They just don't know it.
John W.

One observation about buying from Steve: His cameras are more expensive. The two benefits of buying from him are that he has done the waiting for you in getting a DAG overhaul done (currently averaging over a year's wait) on every single camera, and you can trust him.  Those are both worth quite a lot.   I would recommend every first used Minox camera be bought from Steve.  I would keep buying from him until you get familiar enough with them that you are comfortable venturing out on your own. Of course you then get to do the waiting for the DAG service yourself :) 
W. W.

Letter received -- thank you for the extra $$ you included.  You are indeed an honorable fellow. I'll stop in to say hello upon reassignment to DC come late summer.
John R.

Many kudos to Steve for his forthright business practice.
Hugh S.

Now I have a boxed Black LX, in imperial! Just the way I wanted it... Thanks to all, especially to Steve U. who always seems to be there to help me out, and Don G. who never seems to be too busy to give a helping hand. 
P. T.

I want to thank you for the new black LX you sent. It was as promised and I was impressed with its condition. Thanks also for the gifts. I enjoyed our phone conversation and the information you provided. I will be calling again as I am interested in other new "in box" cameras. 
Dick H.

Sorry, had to rush off ... I like that III you sold me so much that I'm gonna have Don Goldberg implant B-style filters (green and ND) to make it more useful for shooting with Minocolor Pro 100.
Ernie M.

You're a prince among men! I will be certain to tell everyone. Thanks again for the above and beyond service...you make Macy's look sad (but, then that's not much of a compliment...Nordstrom's would be proud). 
Dr. H. S.

Steve!!! Quoth the Raven...Forevermore! Awesome and appreciated!
S. L.

I just wanted to let you know the LX arrived today, and it is far above my expectations. I have just had time for a prelimanary look at it, but everything looks great so far.
Chuck F.