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Updated 27 September 2006

NEW! Minox Slide Frames - 7 piece metal, etc. 2 original factory boxes. One full, other about half full. Both with original instruction sheets. Use viewer/cutter to clip an individual frame and insert into these slide holders. Fairly complex holder with 7 pieces, illustrated. Do not know how many is in a box, but it's a good number. Full box $40, partial box $30, both for $50. I haven't had these in a long time.


Book - 'Classic Camera Collection', by Verlag Rudolf Hillebrand. (c) 2001.
A modern book covering Minox and Leica cameras and accessories. Starts with the history of Minox, the history of Leica, and ends with a discussion of film and lists film processing laboratories and international representatives worldwide. It covers a lot of small details you won't find elsewhere, including classic Minox and Leica cameras. The book is museum-grade paper, heavily illustrated in both color and black and white.  

The book is interesting in that the first half is in German, and the second half an identical translation in English. Book is hardback, 125 pages total divided 50/50 between German and English. It's fascinating reading, highly recommended for anyone interested in the real facts behind Minox. This book is not a puff piece. It is true history with some things revealed I hadn't known. Book is new.
Price $75

Minox Manual, by Joseph D. Cooper. Dated 1961. Hard cover, 160 pages, no dust jacket, heavily illustrated. Extensively discusses the practical use of the Minox, discusses most accessories. An excellent practical use book by another internationally known and respected Minox author.

Minox Guide -- several editions by several authors. Currently have editions from 1963, 1964 and 1971. 1971 issue is by Emanual Tydings and is subtitled 'How To Get The Best Out Of Minox A, B and C'. Soft cover. Inquire for more details. Individual issues $75 each. Set of three listed, priceless pieces of Minox history,

Ultra Miniature Photography, by Joseph Cooper. 'A Complete Sub-Miniature Handbook'. 1958 edition. 160 pages, 1961 edition also 160 pages. The name pretty much says it all. Books are hardcover, with slightly ragged dust covers but fully intact. Cooper is very well known and respected in Minox circles. Books cover many brands of sub and ultra miniature cameras other than Minox.
$75 each.

EC Advertising Brochure, from Minox. Large trifold color, dated 1981.

LX Advertising Brochure, from Minox. 8 pages, heavily illustrated, dated 1978.

Minox Pocket Companion, by Joseph Cooper. Spiral bound, shirt pocket sized with heavy cardboard covers. Approximately 100 pages depending on issue. A lot of info crammed into a pocket or briefcase-sized treasure chest.  First edition dated 1962, only one remaining. Covers to Minox B. 
Cooper is one of the gurus of Minox from the early days on. Every word he wrote is worth reading.
$50 each.

Small Minox - Big Pictures, by Kasemeier. The world classic text on Minox, then and now. Very much in demand. Unique size is particular to this series; a wide book not very high. Numerous editions were published as Minox technology advanced and there were additional models to cover. This book frequently is the first acquisition of a new Minox enthusiast, and lifetime collectors will have several in their kit. Approximately 200 pages, hardback. Some with dust covers, all in very good condition with no loose pages. All issues I have are in English. Availability subject to change.
First edition (C) 1959, translated from German, no dust cover, book excellent, labeled 1 to 7000. Rare first issue.
Next in series, or second edition, 7001 - 13000, with torn dust cover, book fine,
Next in series, labeled 8th to 12th thousand (c) 1959. Dust cover rough, book excellent,

Next in series 13th through 17th thousand (third edition,  13,000 - 17,000, dust cover edges wrinkled and tattered, book fine.
39th through 41st thousand 'New Revised Edition (1968),

     This series of books are treasured collector's items, getting scarcer by the day. They contain 100% practical information on virtually everything covering Minox, from camera to film, meters, filters, copying, developing, enlarging, projection, more. And, most importantly of all, how to use the Minox for best results. All heavily illustrated with examples of everything discussed. The single most practical book I've seen. Though dated, every word is worth reading and applying to your use of the Minox.  Prices listed above with each issue.

Minox books manuals

Minox Minosix Light Meter. No serial number. Reads to ASA80. An early, rather scarce example of Minox' excellent light meter. Working perfectly. Physical condition essentially as new. Viewfinder bright, meter reads full scale, film speed dial silky smooth. Comes in interesting light red pebble leather case with chain and proper matching red leather button fob in as-new condition. This meter was part of a set with a model III camera. The gentleman who bought the camera did not need the meter so here it is to fill that missing space in your collection.With copy of instruction sheet. This is an exceptionally clean light meter, and a rare one at that.
Price $110.

Minox Light Meter s/n 49107. Reads to ASA100; can be doubled in your head for faster films. Working perfectly. Physical condition essentially as new, flawless. Comes with chain and brown pebble leather case in as-new condition. Looks like this meter never was used. With copy of instruction sheet. This is the cleanest light meter I have had.

Minox Light Meter s/n 48303. *Not Working*. Glass intact, but no needle movement. Physically in VG condition. Have no idea how or if meters can be repaired. $15.00

Minox accessories

Minox Tripods --
Various new and used Minox branded tripods with and without leather cases are available. The Minox tripod is Steve's favorite accessory. Wonderful gadgets, very well engineered to be functional, strong and versatile. Picture a chrome marble with a pencil sized silver leg coming out the bottom. On top is a 1/4-20 thumbscrew in a ball and socket joint to attach to the camera. 

Inside the single fat leg is another leg. Inside that leg is yet a third. These two hidden legs thread into the chrome marble to make a 3 legged tripod. But wait! There's more! Inside the smallest leg is the cable release which threads into a matching socket on the tripod adapter. This cable lets you trip the shutter when your camera is on a tripod, without touching it and shaking it.

When the whole tripod is knocked down and parts are stowed, you can tell at a glance if all parts are there, so you will not be losing any of them. The tripod is like a stiff metal pencil but a bit longer, can drop right in a trouser pocket, and even if you sit on it, it is so strong it will not be damaged. 

The fattest leg has a coin slot cut in it so you can use a coin to tighten the tripod head to compensate for different weight cameras. 

Everyone who sees these marvelous little tripods wants one. They can be used with camcorders or other brands of cameras too. You can get a leather carrying pouch for the tripod as an accessory. The tripod including an attached camera mounting bracket will both fit into the leather pouch so you don't have to take things apart before packing up.

Score one of these wonderful tripods. You'll be showing it off, too. I usually have several available both with and without leather pouches, in price ranges of $100 to $125. Tripod adapters are required for all except the LX/TLX camera. The LX/TLX requires a cable release adapter. All these adapters are available also (see listing elsewhere in this section). Note the EC and ECX models cannot be used with a tripod.

Minox history

Minox Tripod Adapters for any camera up to but not including the LX (LX uses a cable release adapter instead). This is the mount only, necessary to be used to mount any metal Minox on a Minox or any other standard 1/4-20 tripod. Holds the camera in place and allows for the cable release to trip the shutter. Cable is normally a part of the tripod, not the adapter, so the cable is not included. Several available from new in box with instructions to well used. Even the well used ones are fine for ordinary use; better ones are suitable for collectors.
Note this item can be left attached to the tripod and both will still fit in the Minox leather tripod case (obviously by design). Note: Tripod adapters do not work with the EC or ECX cameras. Price range $40 to $75 depending on condition, whether in a box, model and accessories. 

LX Cable Release Bracket. Use when operating an LX on a tripod, to position the cable release over the shutter button. This is pretty much a mandatory accessory if you want to use your LX on a tripod. The cable release comes as part of the tripod, and threads into this bracket. Black plastic, molded for precise fit to the LX, with hole to clear the tripod stud and a threaded metal bushing for the cable release. Molded into the plastic is "Minox Made in Germany." Rather scarce item, get yours now while they are available. Cost $50

Replacement Cable Releases. Replace the one missing from your tripod. Fits inside smallest tripod leg. Used to trip shutter when camera is mounted on tripod, binocular adapter or copy stand. New in Minox packaging. Universal connector fits anything needing a cable release. $45.

AG1 Bulb Flashes for Minox B, BL or C. Uses #504 battery still manufactured. Simple, elegant flash using individual AG1 or AG1B bulbs. Some in leather cases and some not. Price $25 to $50 depending on whether they are in leather cases and original boxes.

AG1/AG1B bulbs for above flashes. Box of 1 dozen. The standard is to use AG1 bulbs (clear glass) for black and white, and AG1B (blue tinted glass) for color, but it's a minor point. A good quantity is available although these are becoming increasingly hard to find. $5 per box of 12 with any other purchase, $10 if purchased separately. Choice of AG1 or AG1B, or may depend on my remaining stock.

Early model flashcube flash for model C camera. Good shape, not spotless, but not bad. Takes 2@ EPX825 watch-type batteries which are long extinct with no replacement, therefore these flashes are for collectors to complete their kit, not to use. With and without leather cases. Price range $5 to $20.

Later model C4 cube flash used on model C, but can be used on other cameras. This flash takes the same PX27 battery as does the camera, and these batteries are readily available from me or others. This is the proper flash to use with your C or LX if you prefer cubes. These flashes are available in both chrome and black, with and without cases. Price $25 - $75 depending on color and accessories. Price includes five flashcubes (20 flashes).

FL4 flash for Minox EC. Uses flashcubes. Does not need a battery; flash is powered by camera's battery. Small, to complement the tiny EC. Price includes five flashcubes (20 flashes). $25

Flashcubes for any Minox flash. Each cube of course is 4 flashes. Be aware there are several different types of flashcubes. Only the original electrically fired cube will work with Minox. Magicubes, or X cubes, are pyrotechnic devices, not electrical, and will not work with Minox. These Magicubes were the ones used with Instamatic and other non-electric cameras. Be sure you do not try to use them.
After all these years I am nearly out of flashcubes. $3 per cube, only a few left.

Minolta 16 (?) fan flash. It is beige plastic about the size of a Minox III. One side is the fan, back has some red and green plastic buttons and a moveable dial. Power is via a 22.5 volt battery. One is included, and probably dead although the batteries are readily available through electronic mail order places. There is a hotshoe type arrangement which may be missing a screw. A detachable cord has a double sided connector for the camera end, one of which fits the Minox submini sync connector. The flash and cord store in a gray cloth/plastic pouch with zipper and belt loop. The thing takes M3 bulbs. Two boxes of M3B bulbs (total of 24 bulbs) go with the flash. Everything is in very good condition, but the flash probably was used since there was a battery in it. I am not certain what it is. Came in with some equipment purchased from an estate sale. Price $45.

Minox collapsible fanfold flash. Unit is in very poor condition. I do not know the story of this. It may have been a flash from some model of Minox 35mm camera. It used some sort of mercury battery which has badly corroded inside the flash. Insulation is dried and cracking off the cord. Minox marked. Has a porcelain (?) adapter on the bottom. $10

Minox 8x11 Electronic Flash originally designed for the Minox EC. Attaches to the EC or ECX directly, and to any other Minox submini using the optional adapter. Flash is about the size of a small pocket pager and uses a single AA cell for power (included, but please remind me or I will forget). Best choice for any Minox where you intend to use the flash more than occasionally. Needs no bulbs or other consumable supplies other than a battery every few hundred shots. Excellent Minox quality. Price $175. Adapter to go to Minox cameras other than EC (IIIs, B, BL, C, LX etc.) is $40 with flash, $50 separately.

These flashes are not being manufactured any longer, and are preferred by many over the replacement 'potato masher' flash sold with the ECX. Get one while I still have some in stock. In a year or two these will be much more difficult to find and more expensive.

Minox Hotshoe Adapter -- allows use of any brand of flash with a standard hotshoe attachment with any of the metal Minoxes. Fairly rare item. $50

Minox Copystands -- These are a classic intelligence accessory. If you have a serious interest in document copying or macro photography, you will want one of these. The copystand is a precision device which holds the camera in a metal puck. Four matched legs thread into the puck and telescope to the proper height, with the legs framing the particular size of the document being photographed. The stands are machined to such precision each leg is color coded to fit the proper threaded hole in the puck. This ensures the camera is perfectly parallel to the table surface. The camera is fired by the same cable release used in the tripod. Simple to set up and use but a bit of practice is recommended to obtain best results. Ask me and I can make some suggestions on using the copy stand. Every collector will want one of these. Old model copy stands will work with the II/III/A/IIIs/B/BL and C models. The late model copy stand is needed to use with the LX. Late model copy stands also will work with earlier models. Several available, with and without boxes, different conditions from rough to new. All come with copy of instructions. Note the EC and ECX models cannot be used with any copystand. Early model stands price $75-$125 depending on condition and accessories. Late model copy stand $300, call or email for availability on late model stands.

Minox Daylight Developing Tanks -- no longer made, supply of decent tanks is diminishing as collectors snap them up. The machine which made these tanks at the Minox factory broke, and due to low demand for the tanks in modern times, they decided not to replace it. With this tank and some inexpensive readily available developing chemicals, you can process your own black and white negatives at the kitchen sink. No darkroom necessary.
   These tanks are widely used byhobbyists who enjoy processing their own prints as well as shooting them, for the complete Minox experience. I have several tanks of various vintages from very early to the final production. These were a common accessory used by the intelligence community (spies) to process the negatives in a hotel room or wherever they were traveling. Processed film let them see right away if their shots were good. Travelers also use these tanks to process the film they shoot locally so they don't have to carry exposed but unprocessed film through X-Rays at airport security stations.
Note: I test every thermometer as many have gone bad over the years, with the column of alcohol separating or other defects. Therefore I may need to substitute a modern production official Minox thermometer if the original was defective. Some tanks are in boxes and some are not. All will be in perfect working condition with a copy of the instruction manual. Price range $150 - $200 depending on packaging and vintage.

LX Chain Adapter. This is a threaded stud with integral D ring which screws into the 1/4-20 female port on the LX/TLX camera and lets you attach your own neck cord, chain, support or other attachment. If you want to use a chain on your LX without the bulk and delay of a case, you need this adapter. Fairly rare. I use an old shoelace tied to this adapter and hang my LX around my neck when I am using it frequently or when I am on a boat, so if I drop it, it doesn't go anywhere. I can quickly drop the camera under my shirt if I need to conceal it for whatever reason, yet have ready access regardless of whether I am sitting, standing, driving, flying or whatever. No need to dig in my pocket. Call to check availability before ordering. Sometimes available in silver, sometimes available in black. Black looks fine on both black and silver cameras. Black cameras look best with black. These are hard to find, Places who advertise them generally have a several week wait. Price $60

Empty Minox Film Cassettes, for reloading. Comes with coffin box and end caps packaged separately. Cheaper than buying factory film and shooting it just to get the cassettes. $3 each.

Minox Binocular Attachment. Silky smooth adjustments. Early model will fit everything up to and including the model C, and all three pairs of different binoculars I tried. Includes bracket to mount remote shutter release cable (not included) to binoculars. Some in boxes, some early, some later. All will come with a copy of the instruction sheet. Very good condition. Price range $50 -- $75 depending on condition and box. Unused in original box $175. Note the early model Binocular Adapter will not work with the LX/TLX. You need a late model adapter for the LX/TLX. Late model adapters very scarce. If I have them, price is $250.

Minox Transparency Viewer -- A magnifying lens with holder for looking at Minox negatives. You use this when selecting negatives for reprints or enlargements. $40

Minox Transparency Viewer and Cutter -- Magnifying lens with blades to snip out a single negative for mounting in slide frames. Precision made as you would expect from Minox. $50

Tiny German Light Meter, not made by Minox. Has name "Sixti", s/n 17999. Not working. Heavy, well machined. Knob moves multiple scales to select different film speeds. Hot shoe on sliding track. Well used but all complete, nothing obviously broken. Remember, meter does not work. Unknown as to potential to repair. Price $20.

Camera Cleaning Supplies -- High quality cans of clean dry oil free compressed air. Use for blowing dust out of cameras and film cassettes and off negatives when processing or reloading. Keep your Minox in perfect condition, especially after a CLA from DAG by blowing it out with a quick blast of compressed air every time you load film. Much better than using your dirty humid breath! These cans are very high purity designed for cleaning precision optical assemblies. Brand name is RCA. Can is a large 10 ounces and include a precision aiming nozzle and extension tube. Each can is sealed in plastic to ensure integrity. Even though the can holds a lot, it is small enough to pack with you when you travel. Pressure at room temperature is 81 psig. Can also be used to clean computer printers, floppy drives, other mechanical, electrical and optical assemblies. Also good for highly annoying your cat. This is the best quality product of this type I have used. Other brands are cheaper but do not last as long and seem to leave moisture. One can will last a long time. I go through about 2 cans a year and I probably use it a lot more than you would. Keep your camera in great shape for only $10/can. 

Minox "Special Fine Grain Developer". Historic item, individual plastic tubes with screw on top contain the precise amount of developer for the Minox Daylight Developing Tank. Chemicals are aged and probably not good for developing, but make a neat addition to your Minox collection. 3 tubes remaining out of original box of 5. Box is in good shape but was partially squashed when shipped to me. Chemical tubes are in excellent condition. Box and three tubes $40.

Old Minox Developer in individual packets. Aged, not for use but interesting collector's item. In blue cardboard box in poor condition. $40

Old Film Processing Mailers -- these are the original ones for MPL, with a little cloth bag for the film with a mailing label attached. You used these to send your exposed film back to Minox for processing. Historic interest, good for display on a shelf with your other Minox stuff. $15 each.

Black snake chain for EC camera. As new. $40


Minox tripods

Minox Combi Case for EC camera. Very nicely done heavy black leather case about the size of a pack of cigarettes, with a fold over top flap embossed 'Minox'. Flap is secured with Velcro. The inside of the case has a hard plastic 2 sectioned insert to accept an EC and an 8x11 electronic flash. Plastic lets camera or flash slide in and out easily and keeps them from being crushed in your kit. If you don't carry a flash, you can store an extra battery or some film cassettes in the flash space. Rare item. Fits shirt pocket or briefcase. Also used to carry an 8x11 flash and the adapter for other model cameras. One of the most useful Minox cases. Measures 3 x 3.5 inches. If James Bond carried an EC it would be in this case. $75

Several miscellaneous leather cases and chains. Cases $25 to $175 depending on which one and condition. Cases for some cameras are extremely difficult to find, especially in very good condition. Measuring chains typically $55 each (depending on model; some chains are nearly impossible to get), specify metric or Imperial (English).
I personally measure all chains to be sure they have not stretched. More than half of the chains I receive are stretched beyond any degree of accuracy so be sure anything you buy has been measured and found to be acceptable.
 Hint: If you do a lot of work with Minox chains, you can engrave on the top edge of the center drawer of your desk with a Dremel tool some markings for length and locations of metric and Imperial beads. Then you can do a go/no go check of any chain in seconds. Mark stretched chains with a paper tag so you don't accidentally use them or sell them. Inquire for availability of the particular case and chain you need and I'll do my best to find you a good one.

Minox Filter Set -- three filters, no holder. In plastic Minox case. Filters marked R3, B6-2X and R6-1.5X. $40

Right Angle Viewfinder -- metal bracket with mirror at 45 degree angle snaps on end of camera and allows you to face forward and take a photo to the right of you without anyone noticing. A common item in covert operations kits. Designed for model B. Will not fit model II/III/IIIs.

Minox Historical Society T Shirts -- extremely limited edition, only in production for a short while. Has Minox Maus logo on front, and reproduction of original Riga and advertisement on the back. Show some class and advertise your obsession! Sizes available are XL and XXL (Steve's size). Shirts are new in perfect condition. Rare item, probably unavailable elsewhere. $35 each.

Minox Instructions -- for practically anything available in copies or originals. Inquire for your specific needs. Price varies with how complicated it is to copy the particular item. Manuals for every camera including Riga available, as well as most accessories. Instructions are included with most cameras and accessories, but remind me or I may forget.


 Various carrying pouches for cameras -- over the years I have accumulated quite a collection of different types of cases and  pouches for carrying cameras. If your taste runs more to  modern, practical, contemporary, belt carry instead of pocket  carry, or briefcase carry, you may want to consider one of these.

 Many are black 'ballistic' nylon, one or another will fit any size submini and go on your belt either vertically or  horizontally. One is  a modern-looking case with tastefully done light stripes of different colors on a black background and is quite attractive.  Others are  homemade leather pouches ranging from a larger, lined pouch with suede lining and drawstring to a light gray close fitting  pouch for a Minox C complete with thin gold drawstring, and a rugged,  professional-looking gray pouch, lined with felt and having a sturdy drawstring. This pouch would fit any submini and probably  several Minox 35mm cameras.

Prices vary but are all reasonable. Call or email if you  are interested in something like this and I can give you exact  measurements and recommend best ones for your needs and particular camera. If you want to be different, these definitely will meet that  need!

Minox batteries

BATTERIES -- Please read:
I stock current production SPX27 silver batteries for the electronic Minoxes (C, EC, LX, etc.). As mercury batteries technically are prohibited in the U.S. anymore due to the mercury content polluting landfills and have not been manufactured for many years, our only recourse is to use the silver. Several years of experience have proven modern silver chemistry batteries exceed the life and reliability of the original mercury batteries. This is one instance where technology has benefited us.

Other batteries may drop their voltage as they age, screwing up the functioning of the light meters and electronic shutters. Silver batteries are designed to hold their voltage constant all through their lives until they are dead, where with most other types of batteries, their voltage starts dropping as soon as you start using them. 

As manufacturers, we import silver batteries from China, Exell Brand. I have done extensive load testing on dozens of this part number battery from several sources, and the Exell (note exact spelling; there are imitations) have proven significantly better than others. These are the exact style batteries the Minox line was designed for, not a modern substitute or gimmick that will compromise performance. We purchase frequently to make sure our stock is fresh and sell approximately 1000 of these each year, most to dealers, with ZERO complaints.

If possible, avoid the use of substitutes like the stacks of individual button cells. They do not last nearly as long as an SPX27, as the hundreds of buyers who got these from me will attest.

The silver chemistry batteries will not leak when left in the camera for long periods. Speaking of which, if you have an electronic camera, DO NOT leave the battery in them unless you actively are using them. It only takes a few seconds to remove or insert a battery, so pull yours out before they leak and mess up your nice camera. Mercury batteries start to leak soon after going dead, and the leaking is very corrosive. Many precious cameras have been ruined beyond repair by leaking mercury batteries.

We include a new Exell SPX27 battery with each electronic Minox we sell. These are new PX27 type batteries, not ersatz imitations. If stored in the refrigerator (*not freezer*) they will last nearly indefinitely. You may purchase these separately for $15 each. Price includes U.S. postage. Payment may be via credit card or check mailed in ($50 min for credit card orders, so buy something else while you're at it).