SWS Security
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SWS Security, manufacturer and distributor, offers many products for electronic surveillance and intelligence gathering as described below. The ICOM equipment and some others are available to the general public; some are for sale only to government and law enforcement agencies, and select corporate security organizations..



The model #1020 CCD camera was designed specifically for demanding surveillance and intelligence gathering operations. The #1020 is a miniature, rugged, high resolution, very low light CCTV camera that is equally at home in a surveillance situation as it is in more conventional applications.

 Specify the #1020 for applications requiring sharp images in very low light areas. Even where plenty of light is available, the high sensitivity #1020 should be used. A high sensitivity (low light) camera will permit you to operate with a smaller F stop, providing better depth of field. This means that more of the area under observation will be in focus, especially as compared to mass produced miniature "surveillance" cameras. Hand selected low noise CCD's allow the #1020 to operate at high gain while maintaining optimum picture quality. The #1020 is made in the United States. The unit is especially suited for wireless video applications.


 1/2 inch format CCD Frame Transfer Type, 811 (H) x 508 (V) pixels
 Extremely high sensitivity - .001 footcandles (.01 lux) More sensitive than the human eye.
 Very high resolution - greater than 600 lines
 Corner resolution same as center - no geometric distortion
 Uses any standard C mount manual or autoiris lens - replaces any CCTV camera
 Automatic Gain Control (AGC) 3,000,000 to 1. Autoiris lens usually not needed.
 Automatic Black Level - maintains pedestal level within 2% for best operation in wireless systems.
 Signal to noise - 60 dB minimum (a clean picture even when operating in extremely low light)
 Gray scale - 16 shades
 Spectral response - .15 to 1.1 microns. No IR cut filter is used for maximum sensitivity at infrared.
 Video Output 1V P-P, Sync EIA RS-170 crystal controlled, 75 ohms (CCIR optional)
 Very well RF shielded to work well in close proximity with SWS series wireless video transmitters.
 Power requirements - 12 VDC @ 200 mA (110 VAC 50/60 Hz mains power supply included)
 Mounting - industry standard 1/4" x 20 tripod mount top and bottom
 Dimensions - 2 1/2" H x 1 1/2" W x 3 3/4" L (63mm x 38mm x 95mm) without lens or connectors
 Weight - 12 ounces (340g)
 Environmental requirements - minus 18-60 degrees C (0-140 degrees F), humidity max 95%
 Warranty - 3 year 100% full warranty against defects in materials or workmanship