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Complete new list on 28 September 2006

#) Eight wire blue banjos for connection to telephone modular lines. Many available. 
$25 each.

1) Telephone adapter, Amphenol 25 pair series adapter (male in; female out) with taps to 5@ four wire modular connectors. Used for testing 25 pair cables with modular test equipment, or reusing 25 pair cable for up to 5 single line phones. $20

1) VOX, simple unit powered by 9 volt battery with integral mic. Built into metal chassis about half the size of a pack of cigarettes. Working, still has application but borders on historic. $5 with any other order.

1) Video sweep kit for 2.4 gig ISM band including significantly above and below. Built by me for my personal use. Kit comes in a Halliburton case, and consists of a custom designed receiver professionally packaged in a metal chassis about the size of a cigar box, 4 channels, Type N antenna connector input, audio output, volume and squelch, video output, powered by 12VDC. You can use a battery pack,  but I provide a 12VDC wall transformer with a l-o-n-g cord. Antenna is a 6dB 40 degree patch antenna mounted on a pingpong paddle. Comes with black and white Sony battery powered tiny video test monitor, although system will pass color. System is 4 channel, pushbutton selectable with LED for each channel. You attach the antenna, hold the receiver, hang the monitor around your neck, select one channel, and, standing in the center of the area to be inspected, rotate yourself in a circle, 'painting' the walls and ceiling with the antenna on a pingpong paddle, watching for any signs of signal. I usually use a bimetal flasher on a lamp in the area being inspected, to make a very vivid raster change on the monitor if there is a camera transmitting.

You do this on each of the 4 channels. The modified receiver with a preamp and very wide front end, will see signals far below, all through, and far above the 2.4 gig band. It's a fairly quick operation, taking maybe 5-10 minutes to sweep a room for anything on 2.4 gigs, video or audio. It's been foolproof, literally. In demonstrations, I've had people try to hide transmitters at low power levels on all sorts of weird frequencies, and I can point to them within a few minutes.

Remember, you get the full kit, with antenna, receiver, power supply, video monitor, Halliburton carrying case. The receiver also can be used as an exceptionally high performance standard 2.4 gig video receiver if you need such. Sensitivity and video and audio quality will be significantly better than anything you're likely to find offered in the civilian market.

2.4 gig video transmitters are cheap, and a real threat. Don't miss anything, and no need to spend a lot of money on a frequency extender for your Avcom. This kit is the best tool I have seen, and is my personal piece, for doing video sweeps. No instructions as I only built one for myself, but unit is self explanatory. I have been asked to put the unit into commercial production but the quality would price it out of range for most. Price as described $2500.

1) Skyscan Desktop Discone Antenna. Desktop or rooftop mobile with a potent magnet in the base , about 3 feet tall assembled, and goes together quickly, Multi frequency, wideband design, intended for wideband reception, or TSCM. Comes in box which I used for transport. Interesting looking antenna and clever design. Spec is 25-1300 megacycles. Comes with 12 feet of RG-58 feedline terminated in a male BNC. Manufactured in the U.K. This one shipped from the U.S. Price $85.

#) Radio Shack inexpensive audio amps in small plastic chassis. Powered by 9 volt battery. Accepts low level inputs; can be padded down for higher level inputs. Widely used as line drivers and as accessory amp for many purposes. Not a Kaiser, but adequate for many simple uses. $5 each with any other reasonable order

#) European Travel Kit, for you worldwide types. New, unused kit in heavy leather (?) zippered case has adapters for mains power to U.S. connectors for anywhere in Europe. Also has adapters for telephone connection, for modem or whatever. Each item is fitted in a soft foam recess, both to protect and so you can tell at a glance if any are missing. If you live or travel in Europe or many other countries, this kit would be very convenient. I had made my own before getting this professional one. Good gift to travelers, and good tax-deductible expense if you travel. Kit typically sells for around $300 in the airline magazines. Your price $25.

1) 66 block to RJ modular adapter. Lets you connect modular accessories or test equipment directly to a pair on a 66 block. $10 with any other order.

1) Fluke 8060A True RMS DVM. A long time favorite of surveillance technicians. Current product -- check specs on website. Unit appears new but I do not know this for certain so I will state it is used/excellent.  Fresh calibration, guaranteed working perfectly, with two sets of leads: one to alligator clips and one to probes. Powered by 9 volt battery.. Everyone needs a meter like this, and most have several. Pushbuttons rather than a rotary switch selects functions for easy use in cold if wearing gloves. Frequency counter, diode test, audio dB meter good for communications use, much more. This is a Cadillac of portable DVMs. Has convenient fold out retracting stand built into the back.
New price $499 and Fluke prices are fixed. My price $200.


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