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New list as of 28 September 2006

Former DEA/TSCM equipment for sale

Please ask any questions via email to Steve@swssec.com, but please also do appropriate web research first. In general, if you don't know what this equipment is, you probably should not buy it. If you do know, a lot of detail won't be necessary so descriptions are kept to a minimum.

Equipment may show signs of handling from storage and transport. 'New' means to the best of my knowledge the piece never was used in the field and is in perfect condition, though may show signs of careful shipping and storage as mentioned. Presume equipment is used unless stated otherwise. Documentation will be included where available however be aware documentation does not substitute for technical surveillance skills on the part of the user.

Shipping via priority mail or Fedex is not included in below pricing. Fedex shipping can be on your account or ours. We take credit cards and ship internationally.