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Equipment For Sale, New, Used, Overstocked. Part One
Updated 27 September 2006 

Yaesu Communications Receiver Model VR-120. NIB. Current model.

Unused, unwrapped handheld communications receiver, covers 100kc-1300 megacycles except cell. Small, rugged, multi featured, well supported with numerous users groups. Simple operation, long battery life using 4xAA cells illuminated keypad and large display, 640 memory channels. USA model. Purchased for project which never materialized.
Note: this is not a scanner. It is a communications receiver. Check any dealer for specs.
Dealer price $189. My price $125 + ship from Maryland.
See website www.swssec.com for references or ebay ID infiniteimpedance for feedback. Email if interested.

Electronic CW Keyer MFJ-407D
For homebrew or older rigs. Good for multi rig use, esp in clubs and communications facilities. Works with tube rigs with high voltage on plate, or newest IC transmitters.  'Curtis Deluxe Keyer' design. Never used, in box with original wrapping. Current product; $70 from MFJ.
Will take $45 + postal ship from MD. Credit cards directly or check.
See website www.swssec.com for references, or ebay user infiniteimpedance for feedback.
For Sale USAIR/United Frequent Flyer miles. Approximately 225,000 miles as of 01/06. Make reasonable offer. Reasonable offer is not 1.5 cents per mile. Prefer to sell as one block of all current miles at time of transaction, which generally increases a thousand or more every month.

Charitable organizations seeking a donation will be considered if you send a link to a URL or a printed audited financial statement to Steve's attention specifically showing total compensation (salaries and perqs) to officers, history of organization and a clearly defined born again Christian mission statement. No promises guaranteed on charitable donations. 

Make your travel cheaper, take your wife, upgrade all your flights to first class for the rest of your life, use the Admiral's Club at most airports for free food and drink and office services, avoid lines and go to the special Frequent Flier VIP counter which is never crowded. This number of miles is more than many pilots have in the air, and qualifies you as a Platinum Club member (highest level), Admiral's Club, and all relevant perqs like free drinks and first on, first off, less stringent baggage limits, virtually never any special security checks, and red carpet treatment all the way. Most people don't earn this many miles in a lifetime. Purchase these to use for your own use or to use as a gift or to let you take that round the world trip with your bride first class all the way. 

Contact Steve@swssec.com for details. Serious offers only please.

IBM Docking Station for R51 and similar series laptops.
Adds 4 USB ports, a serial port, a parallel port, charges battery, network interface, phone line.
A key lock secures the unit, but when you need to travel you push one button and the laptop
pops out of the docking station.
Drop back in to re-dock, all without disconnecting any cables.
If you use a recent IBM laptop, this is a real timesaver and convenience.
Take computer home or to the shop as needed without disconncting anything.
Also includes a separate power supply for using with the laptop
when away from the docking station. New with paperwork

F connectors for RG-59 and rubber boots
Left over from a VIP/EP video replacement. Crimp male connectors, approx. 50 top quality. Approx. 12 black rubber boots. We were going to rewire the existing head end and replace all the cabling, but decided to replace the entire system instead so never needed these connectors. Bag of connectors  and boots for $10

F female to BNC male adapters
Were to be used in above job. Amphenol (milspec),  individually bagged. Ten available. Convert F connectors to BNC or vice versa. These  were special order because the distributor normally doesn't carry this quality. Our cost was about six dollars each.
10 pieces for $20.

Video Tripod
Ambico 57 inch light duty tripod, for setting up quickly at surveillances where you need to look out a window. Unused in original box.

Bausch & Lomb 20x telescope/spotting scope
Used in my competitive shooting days for spotting. In original box, excellent condition. Should use with a small tabletop or taller  tripod (see tripod elsewhere on this page). Can be handheld, although 20x is a bit long for handheld use. $189 new about 25 years ago.
Yours for $50

Secure Motorola Saber portable fleet - digital encryption
Here is a ready to use secure fleet for those who need government level digital encryption on their radio communications. Package was used  by a local drug task force but retired when they moved to 800 megacycles.

System is three Motorola Saber III portables covering UHF  450-470 megacycles. Each radio is equipped with DES-XL digital encryption. Radios are 120 channels and will scan. High powered and digital readout. Can program some freqs and secure keys to your spec if licensed to those channels  (can't sell radios programmed on someone's police frequency without  authorization), else you can program on your own; inquire. Sold as fleet only. Included with system is a Motorola  3011CX Keyloader (KVL) and Saber cable so you can program your own secure keys, which you will want to do periodically.

Also included are an operating manual, a stub duck antenna, new 1800 mAh nicad and an excellent 110VAC mains drop in charger for each radio.

This is federal government tactical digital encryption, not  toy inversion. User should be familiar with use of encryption. User also should  be familiar with high end Motorola communications gear. This is serious  communications suitable for life critical operations, such as executive protection work and is still current issue with Secret Service details and dozens of federal agencies.  Sale restricted to legitimate and serious parties. Call to discuss. Note: this  fleet *can* be exported to any 'non axis of evil' country. Radios were approx $3000  each when new. Fleet of 3 radios, chargers, antennas, batteries, keyloader and keyloader cable is $1000.

Audio attenuators
For those situations where your audio is too loud, causing distortion, poor frequency response, or loading of source. Converts balanced to unbalanced. Two alligator clip leads in, one clip lead out. Use to convert  line level to mic level. Also can be used to connect phone line audio to whatever you need. Small module with passive resistor network inside; well done. Several  available.

Steve's personal TSCM toolkit
All sorts of goodies one collects over a lifetime of doing this work.
Large beat up looking but strong dark maroon hard case with  square corners, containing a career's worth of goodies which one learns the need sooner or later. Much are loose tools, like standard hand tools in a pouch. A butt set. Modified Capri diode detector with hot carrier diode for increased sensitivity and RF level alert, in pouch. Flashlight. Essentially new handheld metal detector. Foot pegs for hooking onto stubs sticking out of telephone poles and converting them into rungs you can climb, using no tools.

Banjos. B&K Telephone Test Set with meter for quick reads of loop voltage and current, both on hook and off hook.

*Potent* UV inspection light. Extension cord. Test amplifiers for misc audio purposes. Telephone toner and banana (banana listens for toner and has a built in speaker so you don't have to use it with a butt set).

Much more. This kit went with me everywhere and is the first thing we grabbed, and where we always were going for all the little odd things you need on a sweep. Note we used this for surveillances as well as TSCM. This kit also was used several times as a prop by Gene Hackman and Will Smith on Enemy of the State where I had it with me anyway for work I was doing installing the surveillance devices. Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott, the producer and director, liked the idea of it being my personal kit, for real, not phony propmaster eyewash, and the worked it into several scenes. When you see Hackman installing all the video and audio surveillance, he's working out of this exact kit. So it's movie history as well as my 30+ year personal black bag.

If you bought all this separately, you'd have to hunt all over and buy from many different places. If you're getting started, this is the way to go. Shipping will be expensive as case is not light. Will build a cardboard box around it and leave the carrying handle exposed so it won't be tossed as badly. Equipment inside will be padded for shipping though the case now is foam lined. Complete kit with all described, and more.

IBM 256 meg DIMM Memory Module
For most laptops and desktop computers.
New, unused IBM 256 meg DIMM non-parity memory module. Received as part of a package with an IBM R51 Thinkpad laptop, not needed. Can be used on most laptop and desktop computers. Be sure you know what you need because I don't. This is IBM FRU 38P9831. In static bag in IBM box with specs
200 pin 256meg x 64 2.5v DDR SDRAM SODIMM. Date of manufacture marked on module is 10/13/04. This is more memory than existed in all the computers combined worldwide in the entire Apollo moon project.
Guaranteed to be perfect, but remember it's static sensitive so observe precautions on included IBM data sheet. Speed up your computer properly, by giving it enough memory. You may not need a new machine.

Portable X-Ray machine
Actually a fluoroscope. Clear View portable X-Ray machine by Security Defense Systems. US made, handheld, lightweight X-ray machine useful for TSCM teams to X- Ray artifacts, small pieces of furniture, office and desktop items, telephone handsets, etc. to identify electronic eavesdropping devices.

System can inspect anything up to 7 inches. High resolution, high intensity machine is in the shape of a "U". At one side is a Toshiba 60kV (0.1mA) X-Ray tube, shining across the opening of the U to a 2 inch screen at greater than 40 lp/mm resolution. Usable in full daylight. Operates approx. 20 minutes from internal rechargeable battery (supplied), or indefinitely via external 12 VDC, 110 or 220 VAC mains.

System is a sales demo, and in perfect condition.

Secondary uses are veterinary, EMT/ambulances, sports (X-Ray a player's limbs right on the playing field and inspect for fractures), EOD, contraband, narcotics, mail/parcel inspection, quality control or failure analysis, even inspecting children's Halloween candy for foreign objects.

A portable X-Ray is an extremely useful tool for serious TSCM inspections. It is especially useful when used in conjunction with an NLJD (how do you verify objects tripping the NLJ, like the football trophy on the CEO's desk?). And while not offered or suggested for the purpose, an X-Ray is a very impressive device to the customer, where you literally can look inside suspect devices. Everyone has an OSCOR anymore. How many have an X-Ray? The customer can *understand* the X-Ray, where all other TSCM gear is over their heads. Great for dog and pony shows AKA demos, too.

How do you inspect 40 or 50 telephone handsets on a large job? With this machine, you slide them through one by one and the job is straightforward. Of course, you need to know something about surveillance devices so you recognize one when you see it. I dummied up a phony bug in a telephone handset for demo purposes, and it is very impressive. You actually can inspect the quality of the solder joints on the dummy bug under the X-Ray.

Remember, this basically is a new unit, not tired old used, "refurbished" or "overhauled" pieces with low resolution, low brightness and low penetration. The last time I had these they sold in one day, and they were refurbished units. Only one available now. Prices have risen considerably and supply much more scarce since 9/11.

Weighs 6.6 pounds. Ships in custom fitted padded aluminum briefcase. X Ray intensity within BRH guidelines, but be responsible. These are the high resolution, high intensity models, in current manufacture.

Note this device actually is a fluoroscope, not an X-Ray machine. X- Rays are still snapshots like at the dentist, and use film. Fluoroscope is moving pictures, like watching television, on a screen. This results in a much higher level of radiation, as the source is transmitting X-Rays continuously, not just a snapshot like a camera. You can see the mechanical movement of parts inside a wristwatch. As long as you hold the trigger down, you watch moving images. To protect the X-Ray generating tube from overheating, since this is a high powered unit, there is a 20 second timer. After 20 seconds of continuous operation, the machine shuts off, but resets instantly as soon as you release the trigger. 20 seconds is a long time, and you will get in the habit of pulling the trigger when you are inspecting an object and releasing it when you aren't looking. At a practical level, you'll probably never see it time out.

Yes, you can X-Ray your body members, but it's not a smart thing to do. I did X-Ray my wife's suspected broken foot once to decide whether we should go to the emergency room (we did). They were quite taken aback that we owned our own fluoroscope. I said, 'doesn't everyone?' I am a smart ass sometimes.
Price is $7950


TDR - Riser Bond Time Domain Reflectometers.

If you need a TDR (and if you don't have one and are thinking about sweeping telephones, you need one), keep reading.

As you all know, I am a major big time fan of Riser Bond 'yellow box' TDRs. I've owned every model they've made, used every model, and sold every model, to the tune of probably a hundred machines. They're by far the easiest to use, most logical, most capable and most rugged TDR out there, and well suited for TSCM. A TDR will become a main tool, and once you master it (a few evenings’ work), you'll be very confident, and a fairly wicked telephone sweeper.

NEW Riser-Bond TDR cases
If you have a Riser Bond yellow box TDR which is beat up and would like to clean it up and make it like new, I have a quantity of brand new empty yellow boxes to fit any R-B yellow box TDR. They have the clear plastic shelf inside the lid to hold the manual and a cable, and are drilled to accept the mounting screws going into the bottom of the TDR. I service these TDRs and purchased too many new cases from R-B. I need to clean them out to make room. If you want to sell your TDR, it likely would bring a better price if you replaced the case with a new one.
Price is $65 + ship. I can take credit cards and ship anywhere in the world.


Radios & Accessories

R7000 receiver service manual  Photocopy, for $50, If you bought your R7000 from us and can document that fact, copies are $20. Long bedsheet schematics are copied as individual pages and you can tape them together yourself. These manuals are long out of production, ICOM cannot supply them and they are quite valuable. If you have an R7000, keep your eyes open for service manuals and snatch them up if you find them.

F30/F40 Data/Test Cable
These are straight cables (not coiled like a speaker mike) that plugs into the port on top of the radio and gives you all transmit and receive signals as well as the antenna. Use this cable to build a test set for these radios, for interfacing to the outside world, for flowing data or for building your own public safety speaker mike. Remember this cable has the antenna line in it which an ordinary speaker mike replacement cable does not have. Very scarce item, one run made by ICOM specially for SWS. Cable is about 3 feet long. $25 each, comes with data sheet showing signals and pinout. One only remaining.

 FOR F30/40/LT/F3/F4/F3S/F4S. All frequency ranges available for either VHF or UHF. Manufactured by SWS; not an ICOM product. Available only from us. Heavy duty, performance indistinguishable from the full length antenna. Much more convenient, elegant and professional looking than long factory supplied antennas. $10 each. Be sure to specify freq range. Large quantities available. Overrun from when we were ICOM dealers before we got religion.

For ICOM U16 With TNC connector (all radios except first production run). Same as above. Not an ICOM product. Specify frequency range. $8.

8 port Active Antenna Multicoupler Extremely well made. Lets you connect one antenna to up to eight receivers (receive only, not transmit). Active unit means this includes an amplifier to offset losses from splitting. Amp operates on 12 volts using supplied power supply. BNC connectors, rugged metal box. Used in surveillance listening posts and monitoring installations where one antenna must feed many different devices. Wideband, good to 1000 megacycles. New production, government contract overrun. Same unit we use in our multi channel Beeper Busters for government use. This multicoupler exhibited better intermod rejection than the then-government-standard multicoupler from Atlantic Electronics. Prices: $350

Audio Surveillance

Special Operations Group body wire set.
Extremely high quality design. As compact as anything. In stainless steel cases. Transmitter and receiver each smaller than a pack of cigarettes. Model T-2 transmitter and R-2 receiver. Includes external mic for transmitter and earphone for receiver. Crystalled on local government frequency. Appear new and unused. Comes with new alkaline batteries, 2 required in transmitter and one in receiver. 20 years ago this was the best there was. Still excellent equipment and a good starter set for an agency with a small budget. $300/set

SWS #5710 line start interface.
  This unit was designed by us in response to a U.S. Customs requirement, and they are a major user of this piece. Starts a tape recorder when telephone goes off hook. Designed specifically to operate with the Marantz PMD series recorders which most people know will not function with other line start units using a transistor PN junction as a switch. The Marantz PMD recorders are industry standard surveillance machines and used extensively by governments worldwide. This unit is the only one other than the AID piece which will switch the Marantz, and the AID unit uses batteries and a noisy relay.

   This one requires no power and can switch loads up to fifteen amps, meaning you can use it to switch on very high powered transmitters. Audio circuitry shapes signal for maximum intelligibility and contains 50/60 and 100/120 Hz hum filters. AGC keeps audio level constant. Extremely high impedance makes unit essentially invisible to countersurveillance efforts and undetectable to anything short of a physical search. Extensive hardening prevents damage to unit from lightning on phone line or deliberate attempts to clear lines of surveillance by using high voltage.
   Very low on state resistance (milliohms) means tape recorder does not operate at a slower speed than normal when using this piece. Over 1000 of these are in government hands, and this exact model has been chosen in every single competitive evaluation by government since we released it some years ago. Works with any recorder. This piece is the finest line start interface in the industry. Has momentary switch and LED to indicate proper polarity connection to phone line. No other user controls or adjustments.

   Unit is potted to be completely waterproof and extremely rugged. Phone line interface is a modular connector, although you can cut this off or adapt to alligator clips or flying leads as needed. Recorder interface is a cable with 2.5mm male plug for motor and 3.5mm plug for audio. About the size of 2 packs of cigarettes stacked, in blue metal chassis. One of these models flew on Air Force Two (Vice President's Plane) as a piece of test equipment to help identify interference in the air to ground telephone link.

   These units are new unused in original box with documentation, an overrun from our last contract. When these few are gone, price goes back to normal. Government price $450, now $200. This is electronic surveillance equipment and will not be sold to anyone we believe may use it in violation of the law. We reserve the right to deny sales to anyone without explanation.

Video Equipment

Prototype High Power Video Transmitter
Honest 20 watts, 400 megacycles AM, cigar boxed sized military grade packaged in black wrinkle heavy metal chassis. 12 VDC. Front panel black level and video gain controls, two camera inputs, built in test pattern generator for on-air testing and setup, remote activation switch. Very spiffy high performance and bulletproof piece originally designed and manufactured by us on contract for a U.S. Government agency, prototype for our #2072 video transmitter in current production. Extremely high power output of 20 (honest) watts is 20,000 times the output power of the typical Wavecom or short range wireless video devices sold to consumers. This is a transmitter for professional use only, not for beginners or persons not thoroughly experienced with high power transmitters. Not for air to ground use as this application would deny several megacycles of bandwidth to other users over a several hundred square mile area.

Includes 3 dB collapsible whip antenna. This exact unit was loaned to a federal agency and used at Waco/Branch Davidians – some of the video you saw on TV flowed through this piece. Original manufacturing cost over $3500 (sold for $6K), price now $600. Includes companion battery operated 5 inch color monitor and outboard receiver. This unit is in Steve's personal black box.

Video Sampler for AM RF Video Transmitters.
Made by Wyman Research. Using N connectors, this goes in line between your transmitter and antenna, or transmitter and dummy load. 25 watts maximum. It samples some video off the antenna line, demodulates it, and lets you watch your own transmitted signal on a standard video monitor. This lets you see your video signal exactly as it would appear at the other end, saving you a lot of time in alignment, setting video levels, etc. You use this for tuneup, setting video level, blanking pedestal, sync stretcher, and whatever other adjustments affect the quality of your transmitted signal. Anyone working with wireless video knows you can't just tune everything for maximum power, and you have to set your sync for the proper ratio which is *not* maximum power output.

This unit lets you do it. Invaluable for anyone working with AM wireless video. Powered by 12VDC, power cable included. Female Type N connectors for transmitter in and RF out. BNC connector for monitor/video out. Also has an RCA connector to connect a meter for more precise adjustments. Has front panel adjustment for video level out and meter level out.

Get the max out of your AM wireless video system. If you know what you are doing, you frequently can make systems work using this where others fail. And you can tune your transmitter as good or better than the factory. $50

Telephones, Etc.

Tele-Recorder 250
VOX unit to go between telephone handset and tape recorder. New in box, have several. Only practical way to record all traffic on a particular instrument behind a KSU with many lines. Also can be used as VOX recorder start on telephone line. $25.

Rotary commercial butt sets
$30 each. Several available, different styles.  DTMF commercial butt sets $50. Several available, different styles. Everyone needs several of these.

Antenna Specialists "Lifeguard" Man Down Alarm.
This is a super rugged unit designed to be worn on the turnout gear of a firefighter. It is activated via a large shrouded rotary switch which can be operated with gloves on. If the firefighter is injured and/or goes horizontal, after several seconds a low level prealarm starts. If the unit is not deactivated, or raised out of the horizontal position, an extremely loud and penetrating alarm starts and remains on until manually reset. It is nearly impossible to ignore this noise even in the insanity of a disaster scene. This device could save the life of a firefighter injured in a fire.

Alarm also can be activated manually by the wearer if he feels himself go down and wants to ensure he can be found if something happens. Can also be used as a door alarm in a hotel. Someone opening a door will knock it over and sound the alarm. Executive protection possibilities also.  Well used but operating perfectly. Uses a 9 volt battery. Price $15 with free shipping if unit will be used by a firefighter.

UV Pencils
Invisible markings except under ultraviolet light. Green or blue. $10 each. These do not dry out like UV ink pens. Use appropriate color for background of document to be marked (currency or checks).


RS-232 Multi-port adapters (MPA).
Permits using a single computer serial port to service several serial devices. Originally developed for laptops needing a serial feed from a radio direction finding unit, a GPS receiver, and a TNC data transceiver. 3 devices connect to the single RS232 port, and the first one asking for the port gets it and locks the others out. RS232 protocol avoids contention, and the accessory works well. With schematic. Circuitry is contained in one of the DB9 connector shells. Use this for GPS and tracking applications where you need to connect more than one serial device to a single computer. Avoid expensive additional port adapters. Price $5.

Small chassis originally intended for covert surveillance transmitters.
Two tone plastic chassis is drilled on one end for a BNC connector and small toggle switch. Room inside for small circuit board and 9 volt battery. Reasonably weathertight but not for direct outdoor use. Measures 4x2x1 inches. This is fairly large for surveillance transmitters, but original product was remote controlled on/off and frequency remotely controlled also, hence the larger size. We no longer produce this particular item, and these chassis are overruns. About a dozen available. $5 each.

Call or Email to check whether an item is still available.
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