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Updated 28 September 2006

High voltage transformer for making big sparks.
About half the size of a cigar box and quite heavy. Was used for powering neon sign. Output 5000 volts at 60 ma through big ceramic insulators and threaded metal studs. Input 110 VAC. Why make big sparks? Why not? Remember the Jacob's Ladder as seen in Frankenstein movies? Those use this transformer. Makes sparks to 3 inches depending on humidity. Use for special effects, toy, Halloween, lighting firecrackers, mischief, terrorism.This is not a toy and if you get shocked by this thing you will be a hurting puppy for a good while. I have been zorched by it, and it felt like being hit full in the chest with a baseball bat. I could not take a breath for some time and near passed out. Do not wire this to your doorknob or garbage cans or bodily orifices. Can operate on 12VDC with ordinary small inverter (not included), and you can electrify your auto body.
Price $50 and freight will be a bit because of weight.

Chemical Agent Detection Paper
U.S. Military NSN 6665-00-050-8529. VGH, ABC-M8. This item is current issue to National Guard and other emergency response units.

Stapled booklet of 25 sheets is about the size of a pack of cigarettes but not that thick, with each pack sealed in plastic. The sheets change to various colors depending on the chemical agent to which they are exposed. Colors are compared to a chart inside the book. One sheet can do many tests as you only need a small piece about the size of a paper clip for each test. I would estimate several hundred tests could be performed easily with each kit. These were designed for long term storage under severe environment conditions.
Instructions: 'Detach a piece of paper from the book and attach it to clothing or place on a surface so it can be exposed to drops or suspected chemical agents. If colored spots appear, put on protective gear. Compare colored spot with colors on inside colors on inside cover to determine type of agent.'
Steve's note: detects various types of nerve and blister agents.

Keep a pack handy in each home, kit, office, client site, emergency response vehicle. I hope you never need to use it, but if the situation warrants, the knowledge obtained from these kits can save your life or avoid needless panic. As new condition. Limited quantity available.
Book of 25 sheets $10 each.

Random light controller
Turns light, radio or other appliance plugged into the unit on and off at random times. Used to simulate occupancy. 110 VAC. Nice quality. New. About 40 years old, back when quality was a factor. $5.

ICOM R100 Full Coverage Receivers (note *not * PCR-100)
The R100 is a little brother to the R8500 receivers. The performance is basically the same as far as frequency coverage and modes, but the R100 does not have all the "soft" capabilities of the R8500, nor do they have the computer control port or ability to display alpha tags on programmed channels. These are good if you want a full coverage receiver to install in your vehicle or something a bit smaller for a portable sweep kit. These can be analog tuned with a knob and also cover the restricted 800 MHz frequencies blocked on consumer receivers. It's about the size of a cigar box.
Here are basic specs on the R100 mobile/portable receiver:

Frequency Coverage: 100 kHz to 1856 MHz continuous Mode: AM, FM, Wide FM (WFM) Power Supply Requirement: 13.8 V DC +/-15% Current Drain (at 13.8 V DC): Less than 1.1 A  The R100 was discontinued some time ago and unfortunately there is no replacement for these friendly and versatile receivers. The supply of these is dwindling, especially in the restricted unblocked (government) versions. They make excellent compact multimode demodulators for IF outputs of spectrum analyzers (I use one Velcroed to the top of my Tek 494AP for a demodulator), and can be used standalone besides. Don't use a handheld with a wide open front end which is killed by intermod. Use this R100 which has both an excellent front end as well as filtering and track tuning. Price of full coverage R100 is $450.  Anyone buying a receiver is eligible to purchase a wideband discone antenna for $75, which is a $50 discount off the normal price of $125. This antenna is ideal for these receivers, and is a good universal antenna for sweeping. Mount it on a tripod or microphone stand and move the antenna around the area you are sweeping. Antenna can be used for transmit also, from 25-2000 megs.

I guarantee everything for proper performance, because we personally align each and every receiver from antenna to speaker. They don't just come off the robotic assembly line 'good enough' to meet factory spec. We get the most performance each receiver is capable of supplying, which is a noticeable bit more than an out of the box receiver. With the new heavy duty restrictions recently announced on full coverage receivers, these will become even more difficult to get. Don't miss this opportunity. As of this point, they are still legal to possess and sell used, but mere possession may be prohibited any day now, or any sales at all, new or used. You may have read about this on the newsgroups.

High end radio direction finder
RF Products Model DFR-1000. This particular DF system is dual band, meaning you can locate signals in both the VHF and UHF bands. See here for manufacturer's specs and photos:

System also includes DMA-1315 mobile antenna system. Compact 360 degree mobile/portable radio direction finder uses a CRT to display a relative bearing from your location to the direction of a signal being monitored. This signal can be a radio beacon such as a bumper beeper transmitter, small beacon hidden in parcels or other goods, currency packages, drug shipments, weapons caches and any other item which must be monitored, tracked or located.

One of the federal law enforcement agencies formerly used this system as their standard vehicle tracking system. My information is they have since switched to another brand. Nevertheless, this package is a reasonably effective, decent quality piece.

You also can locate sources of radio transmissions such as pirate transmitters, accidental or deliberate interference, stuck transmitters, hostile transmissions from adversaries and the like. This system will monitor voice transmissions as well as most modes. Pulsed beacons of any manufacture can be tracked effectively regardless of the duration of the pulse.

This system uses 4 antennas (included) mounted on the roof of your vehicle. See the website referenced above for photos of the receiver and antenna system. We can provide inexpensive aftermarket low profile antennas if necessary for covert operations.

We manufacture a variety of beacons for most covert tracking applications. Ask for a package price of this system together with a vehicle (bumper beeper) or other transmitter.

System comes with dual band VHF/UHF receiver and antenna, thumbwheel synthesizer for easy no-crystal frequency programming in the field without tools in seconds, an extremely rugged fitted Hardigg transit case, 12 VDC cigarette lighter power cord, cigarette lighter expansion unit which plugs into your cigarette lighter and provides 3 outlets for this and other equipment, antenna cables, antenna assembly, spare fuses, complete instruction manual, and recent factory acceptance test procedure sheet showing unit meets full spec.  System has been lightly used perhaps six times, formerly was property of the government, and is in perfect operating and perfect physical condition.

Recent government price approximately $30,000. Your price $8500. You'll earn this the first time you work a kidnap recovery case with it. System and operator (from SWS) may be available for lease depending on the circumstances. Call to discuss.

A variety of X10 modules are available including several wireless remotes, Active Home kits and similar stuff. Much new. Inquire with specific needs.

Discone antennas
Wideband unity gain, very popular with sweepers because of the wide frequency coverage, small size and rugged construction. Also popular in listening posts. Antenna receives well from 25 megs through over 2 gigs (and do you *really* listen to anything up there?). Also transmits with good SWR from about 60-500 megacycles. They are used periodically as low cost broadcast transmit antennas. Stainless steel construction assembles and knocks down in one minute. Can store and ship antenna in a cardboard or PVC tube, included as the tube we will use to mail the antenna to you. Weighs about 4 pounds. A discone antenna is the one that looks like an umbrella without the cloth. $100. See special offer above if you purchase an ICOM receiver.

2.4 gig dish antenna.
Rugged cast aluminum. 24dBi gain (21 dBd) at 2.4 gigs. Adds tremendous range to 2.4 wireless video systems when used on receive. Cannot be used on transmit (illegal). Shipped knocked down, assembles in maybe 10 minutes with included hardware. Also includes mounting bracket to attach to mast of some sort. Size is 2 feet by three feet, slightly curved. Two feet of feedline has male type N connector. $200.

We can order any Motorola two way radio part including batteries, and we service and
program nearly any Motorola portable, mobile, base or repeater. Call with your needs.

Super Bright Driving Lights
Pilot Model PL700B halogen driving lights. Originally used in executive protection vehicles in two sets, one above the bumper and one below. These are incredibly bright, very high quality, super intense driving lights. The lower set on the protection cars were used to illuminate far beyond normal headlight range. The upper set was aimed to blind oncoming cars in case of attack.

Note well: these lights are illegal to use in the U.S. except by off road vehicles. There may be a penalty if you are stopped while using these lights.

Kit is unopened, and contains two streamlined, small halogen lights, complete pre-assembled wiring harness, illuminated toggle switch for under-dash mounting, relay, and instructions.

The optics are coated to reduce reflections which just waste light, and this coating makes the lenses look a light blue when off. Some may mistake you for undercover police. When on, the lights have a yellow tint which is proven most effective in foggy or dusty conditions.
There may be no better quality light system than this.

This system draws something like 20 amps, but the included wiring harness is fused. Just be aware you are not going to operate these long unless the engine is running, which probably would never happen anyway.

One set only, brand new with all instructions and accessories as described. Please do not overlook legal caution above.

WANTED: Any new or used Pelco Spectra II or III components
or 6700/6800 matrix switches, KBD300/300A controllers.

We are Pelco dealers and can supply anything in their line and ship worldwide. Pick what you need at www.pelco.com and order from us.

ELMO ER-10 Portable VHS Video Recorder Complete Kit
Identical in all respects to the industry standard Panasonic AG-2400. Telephone book sized portable video/audio recorder. Standard VHS. RCA audio and video and 10 pin camera inputs. Powered by readily available lead acid 'stick' battery, AC supply or 12VDC auto power, all cords included. In very rugged foam fitted packing case looking like an ordinary hard suitcase, with individual compartments for recorder, AC and DC supplies, battery, charger, room for tapes, patch cords and other accessories. Used on many surveillances, has locked up many bad guys. Can operate on 12 volts in mobile or portable application. Fifteen years ago before camcorders were popular, this machine was the surveillance industry standard portable recorder. Excellent condition, working perfectly. Top quality portable surveillance kit. $50

Video/Audio Body Wire Transmitter
Former SWS product. Black and white camera, video transmitter, audio transmitter, 9 volt battery, microphone and control circuitry all packaged in a small black plastic chassis about the size of a pack of cigarettes. On frequency 915.0 megacycles. 3 inch flex antenna. Can hide easily in shirt pocket, purse, fanny pack. Short range due to low power necessary for FCC Type Approval. Legal, license free use by anyone. Range depends on receiver and receive antenna used, but figure 150 feet (50 meters) around buildings to be realistic, several times that in line of sight applications which generally do not exist in the real world. Others claim much greater range, but I am not a liar. Also can operate from external 12 volts DC for long term operation in portable or mobile application. Receivers available; inquire. Body wire price $250

Banjos (Telephone Line Interface Device)
For interfacing to telephone line in TSCM sweeps and testing. 4 wire. New. Everyone needs several of these. Put one in every kit. Modular plug goes into wall and brings lines out to metal pads where you can clip on a butt set, TDR or recorder. Top quality. Get several. Limited availability. $25 each.

Original scripts from the movie 'Enemy of the State'.
This movie starred Gene Hackman and Will Smith. It was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Tony Scott. I was technical advisor and consultant on surveillance to the production.  Every few days a new script with latest changes was issued, with a different color cover sheet so the director could tell at a glance that everyone on the set was working from the most current revision.  I consulted to the movie on electronic surveillance, and was on set nearly every day of filming. I was issued these scripts during the shoot. Many have notes I made on the exact wording which should be used, operating or configuring the surveillance equipment, last minute changes, and many others. I have perhaps six of these remaining of the original 20 or so. Scripts like this, especially working ones with names and notes, frequently become coveted collector's items. I will autograph one if the buyer desires (my ego!).

With each script I will include one other interesting piece of paper I saved from the hundreds of memos, faxes, etc. issued over the 9 months of shooting. An inside view of a major Hollywood production.  Anyone who is a serious collector of this sort of memorabilia is encouraged to contact me to discuss other items in my collection which for various reasons I do not care to publicize.

Gene Hackman, Will Smith and several other major names appeared in the movie 'Enemy of the State'. I had a part also, and wrote my own and Gene Hackman's lines for my scene. I also personally wrote substantial portions of the script, and much of the actual words spoken by the actors I wrote. You will see notes on these in my script copies. I also have posters, press kits, numerous 8x10 photos extracted from the film and other memorabilia.

I will not price these. Anyone genuinely interested is welcome to contact me and we can work out the details to get you exactly what you want for your collection.

Baby Monitor
modified as a test to investigate maximum power output and range possible. This unit was tuned on a spectrum analyzer and some minor component changes made to increase the RF output while not generating any harmonics or spurs. This looks like an ordinary baby monitor and works like one, but has some increased range as a result of more RF into the antenna. It is fairly common for people to remove the RF board and antenna and hide it inside a clock on the wall or other camouflage. If this is done for surveillance purposes, it is illegal.  Note the increased power does not do too much for the range. Doubling the power out (a 3 dB increase) only increases range by 40%, all other factors being equal. You need to quadruple the power output to double the range. It is much easier to use a better receiver and better receive antenna at the listening post.

I have no use for these other than for testing, so here is one set and one set only, to be used for experimenting or legitimate applications only. Could use as a test transmitter for demonstrating or training on TSCM. Includes AC supplies for both TX and RX. Set $15.

US Army IR (InfraRed) Beacons.
You have seen these in commercial form. Here are the much more rugged military versions. These are molded, completely waterproof, tiny infrared beacons which attach to the top of an ordinary 9 volt battery, and blink two infrared LEDs on top. They are used for marking landing zones for night drops, marking friendly and no-fire zones, tagging equipment dropped from the air at night, and many other applications.

You can only see the blinking through night vision equipment. If nothing is in the way, you will see these for miles from the air using night vision goggles or a scope.

These will run about a week (200 hours) on an alkaline 9 volt battery. Will run well over 300 hours on a 9 volt lithium battery.  No switches or anything. Snap them on a battery and they are operating.

Infrared has an interesting property in that it can penetrate certain things like layers of clothing, thin pieces of cardboard, etc. If you put one of these in your pocket, you will be very visible under night vision, but not visible in the dark without night vision. Military OD colored, in sealed military pouches with instructions. Normal price for cheap commercial ones are in the $60 range. My price for super rugged US Army quality is $50 each. Very limited supply.

Motorola Secure Message Center
Came in with some other secure mobiles. Do not have encoder. Has capability for 6 selectable keys and LCD readout. This unit would receive encrypted alpha messages and display on LCD. Obviously for a mobile application. Excellent condition. Modular connector. Longer than a pack of cigarettes. No documentation available. No export due to secure capability. $25.