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SWS Security is an OEM of surveillance and intelligence gathering components and systems. We only infrequently sell new products we do not manufacture, and then only when integrated into a system of our design. We are *not* a general supplier of components such as CCTV cameras or consumer items. These are readily available from firms we reference on our Links page. We do buy and sell pre-owned electronic equipment generally relating to surveillance, TSCM (countersurveillance) and electronic test equipment. These items are all fully reconditioned, guaranteed, and supplied with all factory accessories except where otherwise specified. Smaller departments or agencies with low budgets can find excellent deals in this area. This section of the SWS site is in the six parts shown on the navigation bar above.   

Tracknet is about radio direction finding (RDF) and vehicle tracking systems.

TRACKER is a cutting edge digital multiprocessor radio direction finding/tracking system used for locating transmissions from beacon transmitters, enemy or pirate transmitters and related RF
sources. It is the hardware portion of the TRACKnet network.

 SWS Security is a leading dealer in Minox cameras and accessories with many models in stock at any given time. In this section you will also find useful and interesting information on the history of Minox cameras.

The Beeper Buster TM is the industry standard in pager interception systems. Sales are restricted to law enforcement agencies. No exceptions.

The Equipment Sale section contains a list of miscellaneous equipment we have for sale. New, used, overstocked, whatever. It is broken up into three parts due to the large number of listings and is updated frequently. You may opt to be notified by Email when changes are made to this area. Some items may be restricted.

Surveillance equipment. Here are audio and video surveillance devices and some other allied equipment. Some items may be restricted and details are in a password protected area. Access is to law enforcement agencies only. Contact SWS on your letterhead for the password. (You will be verified before access is granted.)


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