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sws security references

This is the second screen of references, persons who have purchased
equipment and accessories from SWS Security

Steve; I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased I am with the Doppler Systems DDF4002 doppler unit you sold me. It arrived in excellent shape. As I haven't yet assembled my antenna system, I checked it out with a jig I made up with a 4-way power divider and two sets of coaxial cables - one pair were short. the other pair approximately 1/4 wave longer at 150 MHz. This way I was able to simulate a signal at 0/360, 90, 180 and 270 degrees by the manner the cables were connected to the ports. I used an HP8920B in the duplex mode as my source and receiver. Works great and looks sharp. I can't wait to get out into the field with it!  Thanks Again,
Joe Leikhim K4SAT (The RFI-EMI-GUY) 


Dear Steve, Thank you for your notes on my comments about power line audio surveillance devices. As you can see I did not place my comment on the TSCM net, rather sent it directly to you. I am not in the commercial market, so my intent was to draw your personal attention to the matter. At present I have no sufficient time to converting this sophisticated technology into a popular story, maybe I can do it later and if I do I will place it on the TSCM net.

As far as your story concerned, it is fine indeed, you managed to explain everything in absolutely right way. We should not forget, that many customers even on the government level have exaggerated expectations of search technology (a black box with red and green LEDs: "no threat" vs "alert" etc). They have absolutely no idea of the fine art of TSCM job, and even less about real possibilities which do exist and ones which are mere James Bondīs fantasies. 

And last but not least - your note about physical search is absolutely true. There is no better piece of equipment for TSCM that a humanīs eye.

Just a quick note about operating range: in spite of all new techniques the operating range remains as limited as fourty years ago: up to the next transformer...
I wish you every success. Anatol


Hi Steve: the recorder and box work well.  Haven't had to use either yet, but will soon. Good gear and prompt service. Thanks (Sgt, NE PD)


Hi Steve Please tell your wife thank you for the special treament i appreciate it ..just unbox it and looks very nice ..set it up and listened to a couple of local fm station and it seems to do just great. Nice deal 
Thank you .. Regards pete 


Steve, I received the package. It's working ok. Thanks for all the help, and the extra screwdriver.  I wish all sellers paid as much  attention to customer service as you do.


Steve: once again I would like to thank you for your help, I couldn't find a Tek 494 in my price range, the only one available was going for 11k canadian and that was out of my current price range. I purchased the AVcom65-C with frequencies xtenders to 3.7 g and a computer interface that will let me download to my laptop, total bundle was about 7k. I used it on a job Wednesday and it performed well. Thanks as always, your advice is like gold to me.


Hi Steve, the Riser Bond TDR is working well.  Thank you for recommending it.
Mike H. 


steve: thank you as always your expertise and knowledge of this scanlock equipment is outstanding .
thanx again dan 


Hi Steve, finished the wiring and ran a test from the utility room. This camera is freakin' awesome!! Thank you.
Kevin M.


Before I even got to the link on the AFBD foil cap, I was laughing my ass off. Your humor and sarcasm is most certainly lost on some by evidence of their responses to some of your posts.  Please know that your wit is not being lost on us all.  Furthermore, pardon my French, I laugh my ****ing ass off with most of your posts.  Thank you for the smiles, your honesty and your expertise. 
Evan T

Steve Uhrig is the most knowledgeable person I know in that arena. He is very well thought of by all the PI's and I have done business with him.  I will personally attest to his honesty, knowledge and fair representation of the product. By copy of this email, I am asking him to contact you.
Dale P

Many thanks - - obviously you caught me out of my technological depth, thinking this was something of interest. Your wake-up call will be in the next Weekly Intelligence Notes - really appreciated!
Cheers, Roy 

Very very well said sir. I just wish I could figure out how to send you a standing ovation from a 70,000 seater stadium, because that's what you deserve for having the guts to say what most people were thinking.
D. Alexander

You know, I was going to comment on what Mr. Robinson stated. Then, I read Mr. Uhrig's response (I'm on digest, sometimes it runs late.) I started in computers before pc's had hard drives. However, in the years of pine, elm, irc, and all these new listservs, I have NEVER read such a thorough, complete, and utterly resounding response. No stone left unturned, or flung. Not even room for a cogent response. 

Steve: we received the TDR this morning. Thank you for all the gifts that arrived, the case is great and my wife confiscated the screw driver for her kitchen.
Wayne M.

I just read the part where you were technical advisor for Enemy of the State. I very seldom watch movies twice, even ones I like. I saw that movie about 4 times. It was magnificent. You are the greatest. Stuff that we the average people know about is 10 years old. Believe me, you're worth a lot more than $250/hr.
Edward W.

Before you do anything, give this guy a call. Steve Uhrig at SWS Security 1-410-879-4035.  Steve Uhrig, without a doubt is one individual who knows what he is talking about.  I have been involved in this business for a long time and over the years have talked to many who claimed they are so called "experts", but were far from it. I have no idea if Steve will be able to sell you anything since most of his products are restricted to government use, or individuals who

have government contracts, however I would strongly recommend that you spend the dime on the phone call. If nothing else, you will get an excellent education from a guy who knows what he is talking about. I hope this helped you . If I can anwser any questions feel free to contact me, however if you call Steve first, you won't need to. 
G. Gray

I did receive the CD and everything came up just fine. All I have left to do is fatfinger the capcodes in.  Again, I would like to thank you for your expedient help with my problem; it's rare to receive turn-around that quickly.  If you're ever in the area, give me a call and I'll by you a round of golf. With all that said, that doesn't mean that this is the last you've heard from me. I'm sure I'll need your assistance in the near future or at least until I try to fix something on my own again.   
Sgt B. C.

Hi Steve. The S/A and the search receiver have MORE than paid for themselves.  THANKS AGAIN.
John F.

I guess the last time everyone heard about me is when I unwittingly passed out a computer virus. I truly hope that there was no damage done to anyone's system. I reformatted my computer and reloaded original software. Also, replaced my former anti-virus with one recommended by Steve Uhrig. For a few days this new anti-virus stopped infected messages.  Steve was a great help in this matter. 
Delbert B.

Congratulations on talking over Bob's new letter. I can't think of a better person for the job.  Your expertise and your straight to the point writing style will be welcomed by many.
G. G.

I too am an extremely satisfied client of SWS and willingly reccomend them.
S. P.

I would like to second Tim in that I have corresponded with Steve for three years and recognise that he is a member of a small, informal elite group of TOP civilian advanced TSCM experts who really know what they are doing in a field which is flooded with 'wannabees' 
T. M.

Re child tracking, I would contact Steve Uhrig. In many's eyes, he is the best in the business. 
T. B.

I must have done something right during my life to run into a man with a heart as big as yours. God Bless You Steve.

Eventually found the time to collect equipment from the postal service. As usual all in excellent condition and thankyou again for the free gifts. You are one in a million. 

I also have a TEK 494AP, and Steve Uhrig was an immense help to me in figuring some stuff out on it. In fact, Steve was willing to read my un-clear emails, and listen to naive questions. Steve knows his stuff, and is willing to share, and is a super nice fella to boot. 
N. C.

Hi Steve, again, you have my respect and admiration. Well said.

"Did the signal sound like a long BEEEEP BOOOOP for about 1 second, then variable times of several seconds to maybe 15 seconds max of hissing? If so, that was a batch of paging messages. The beep boop is the preamble, which tells all the pagers on the frequency to wake up and listen and see if the message might be for them." 

Thanks Steve, This is exactly what the signal was like and at the high amplitude you described. Right on!

Steve Uhrig, SWS Security, Maryland (USA) knows of what he speaks. He can always be counted to give anyone the best help around. Thanks Steve
Howard P.

Hm. My opinion is that Steve could beat up a couple of "expert" surveillance lawyers I know.
Texas attorney

Now I know that you as good as people say you are. You must really care - and that is rare in the world we live in now.  Heinz M.

Dear Steve,
I was in a meeting last week with a bunch of law enforcement types talking about a case and our various investigative strategies. Naturally, the topic of electronic surveillance came up and these

guys started throwing around some terminology that was flying over my head. I was a prosecutor in white-collar crime for the past ten years so I've been out of touch with such things. Anyway, I went on the internet to educate myself and thankfully I found your website. It's great. Thanks so much for educating me. 
Tom K.

I found some of your recent postings very helpful and informative. We in fact did not undertake some things because of what I read from you. 
J. S.

Your insight and opinions have been a tremendous help. Although I am sure there is quite of long list of those like myself that have benefited from your great wisdom, I would not hesitate to recommend you to someone who needed either the services you provide, or getting straight answers.  Again Thanks.
H. H.

All of that fine and educated advice, sir, is precisely why I asked. I continue to be amazed by the persons/business/products you know and/or have dealt with.
Robert M.

Steve: I am a VP/GM in a security guard company and I just finished reading your article in the July Messenger. Thanks.  The information you provided is amazing.  I constantly get calls wanting me to refer them to an investigator that will do just what you wrote about and I tell these people that I can't recommend anyone because it is illegal. But I have also been approached by PI's that do that sort of thing. These are the people that need to be caught. Again thanks for the info. Great article.
Mike O.

DAMN!! Does Steve Uhrig know his stuff or what? He is THE man when it comes to this kind of info and he's always willing to help PIs. Steve you da MAN! Thanks for teaching me yet another lesson. 
Semper Fi,

To those of us in the electronics related industry, Steve Uhrig is as highly thought of as can be imagined. If Steve thought Hayden's post to be worth responding to, then it is incumbent upon us all of to listen 

Steve -- Thanks again for the great service. You made my first buying experience a painless pleasure. 
Matt J.

Just to let you know I received the items today. They are just as you described. Thanks for such a pleasant transaction. Mike

Just a short note to tell you that the scrambler arrived today and to thank you for the nice gift. I appreciate the gift and your attitude.

Thanks Steve.....you certainly have a loyal customer here.
Robert J.

I very seldom say anything on this list because you all are so far advanced past my electronic skills that I know all I will do is embarass myself. But as to Steve Uhrig's remarks about the GPS units, let me say that he is so very very right.

I must get two to three calls a month from Investigators who have bought GPS systems and now want to sell them to me at greatly reduced prices just to get a part of their "investment" back.  Why, they simply don't work as well as advertised and when they do work they do so only because a competent technician in such technology installs them (PI's doing it themselves and car stereo installers blotch it almost 100% of the time).

As Steve says, the placement of the GPS antenna is everything and the number of places to put it are highly limited.  The plastic bumpers, the rear deck, and sometimes, if enough room is available and the dash is of the right materials, you can put them up in the dash, but very very high up in the dash. 

The long and the short of it is that Steve is such a good source of info for this kind of thing that before you waste any monies you might be wise to talk with him first. Things just don't work like is shown on TV and they certainly don't work like the sellers of the items claim they do! 
Greg W.

I guess this was a fine example of some of that 'stray' stuff that the same cranky, knowledgeable old fart warned me about as well. The last thing was - all right, THANK YOU for going three for three on all the weird s*** that I would find - a constant, not-modulated signal at around 131.8. I tried to demod in all different ways ... nada. It was definitely coming inside from outside and was about as strong as what I was hearing from their tower and their ground controls. 
R. M.

I just wanted to thank you for talking with me on the phone. Not only was it a pleasure to talk with you in person, but you gave me some really good information and food for thought.  While I enjoy the hunt, and quite frankly the toys ;) agency work is most likely not for me anyway. 
John W.

Steve, the TDR arrived today...I just opened it at home. Thank you for the case and extra tools..a nice touch. I can't believe the condition...you really do keep your stuff well. Everything from the packing to the setup was professional.  You must hate to deal with these PIs turned TSCMers on the internet because the majority of them are not professional people. I've dealt with them at work many times. Gonna go over the manual tonight and study the tutorial in the catalog.  I will definitely get your opinion on the the people I deal with...but I won't overload you. Thanks --Harry

I never have caught Steve tootin' his horn so I will claim the honors for the moment.  It has been a real pleasure to read many of his postings regarding electronic intelligence capturing and the legal parameters dealing with that field.  Having served Uncle Sammy in the Military Intelligence and later as a federal employee, more than a few times I utilized Steve's products. I am thankful to be able to benefit from his knowledge and am especially grateful that he has never held back any advice or product recommendation and continues to freely expand the understanding of the electronic involvement in our field.

Steve, I learn more by reading your responses to other's requests on tracking systems that I would ever find in a book.  That does bring up one good question (in my opinion) have you ever written instructional material on the different aspects of tracking, monitoring etc? I especially am intrigued by your knowledge of evidence captured to be used in court when the transmitter was not FCC type accepted. You have insights that once again show my shortcomings. 

Anyhow, from one Southern Boy P.I. I do offer my gratitude and thanks for the time you often take to provide good info to the rest of us.

You apparently did take pity on me. You were the first 'notable' that made me believe that I actually could converse with the Gods on high and not be made to feel like an unwelcome intruder or a know-nothing wanna-be. So pat yourself on the back, kick yourself in the ass - or do whatever else you feel is appropriate.
R. C.

Many thanks once again for the reply. To be honest, I'm not one of the most technical people in the world, and a lot of the procedures don't make much sense (at this stage you are saying "The guy must be completely STUPID if he can't understand the plain English I wrote!!") 
You're a top bloke Steve, and a living example of why and how the web can and will never go away.
Marcus (Ireland)

Steve --
Well, you own me. I'm in your hip pocket forever. You not only came through with *exactly* the kind of information I was looking for, you did so on the same day!  How'd you know that I'm on deadline and have to hand this piece in on Friday? You da man! Thanks a lot.
But this is a fantastic start. Thanks again.

The values were from twisting three Radio Shack 1N34A germanium diodes in series, holding one end to the end of a fresh 1.55v silver cell and reading what happened at the other end with a dvm. No load. As you can tell I don't really know what I'm doing, and I'm glad I didn't put a bunch of work into building an adapter before you posted your explanation. Thanks for a very clear and extremely useful note, Steve. 
David F.

Bravo and well said. Very good analysis of Bubba Ohm and friends. Rarely have I seen internal resistance explained so concisely. 
Tom D.

Also one more thanks to Steve Uhrig. He doesn't have to sell you something to be helpful.
Steven W.

For those of you who don't know Steve, he is THE man for covert video equipment information. Steve doesn't sell any junk or gadgets, only top quality equipment and he has always been willing to help any licensed investigators. If the government can trust him (actually many governments <G>) you can too.
G. M.

"But the threats are far more likely to be on the phone system or lines. There, it's not glamourous. You don't wear a necktie. You wear old grubbies and slither through crawl spaces and rat infested basements and areas God never intended for people to go."  -- Steve Uhrig  

Well said. This is the real world of front line sweeping, not an esoteric electronic theory, not a specification text book quote, it is up close, your nose down in the wires! 
R. T. 

Thanks for posting the info on inexpensive ways to detect 2.4G threat. I admire your "keep it simple" explanations. 

We would also like to voice our concurrence with Dennis H. and his comments on Mr. Steve Uhrig.  We just love to read Steve's commentary/rebuttals/technical assessments, etc. We sincerely appreciate your professional opinions and the time you take to share with all of us.  Again, our sincerest thanks for your years of experience and the wealth of information you share with all of us around the world. 
Michael T.

May I just give you a virtual handshake? That was a very impressive, and I benefited from it also, even though I have yet to have an occasion to ask it, you answered it already. So, thank you.

Man! I just knew Steve would respond to Dave R's post concerning outside cameras and light problems. I don't know about the rest of you but his answers always blow me away. I consider myself a pretty good "Video Man" but Steve puts me to shame. We all owe Steve a debt of gratitude for sharing his knowledge with us in his many areas of electronic expertise and video technology. I for one want to thank him profusely and implore him to never cease sharing with us. It is invaluable knowledge. Hell, I don't get this much education from the 3 day seminars I attend. This last answer is another jewel, Steve. It too will be printed and filed with my other necessary documents. I'm sure to consult it soon, as I have other editions of yours. I hope to one day meet this guy that has given me so much. Again, thanks Steve Uhrig you're a prince. 
H. D.

I know in my flying days you could have put those "Top Gun" guys up against me when it came to "Gutso" or mostly "Hanger flying" but I also backed it up with being the "best damn Pilot around"  and the old saying that there "Old Pilots and there are Bold Pilots but there aren't too many Old Bold Pilots" and what that says to me is that you pack a punch when you talk, you can walk the walk and talk the talk but you are real. 
Bill R.

Steve, I owe you a meal. Thanks for saving me valuable time and money. If there is anything I can do for you, please call.

In this corner we have Steve Uhrig who makes his living manufacturing and selling electronic stuff other than TSCM toys (although he does also cut a mean deal on a good used Minox camera). He certainly has enough contacts and clients whereby he can easily buy or make TSCM toys and re-sell them at a substantial mark-up (which he does not do) but, as was pointed out, he does at times deal in used TSCM goods. But I venture to say that I am by far, far not the only individual on this list who when he first started out or as he progressed in the business greatly benefited from Steve's referral to other sources for better prices, his refusal to sell used items that he had because the person's needs and the item were not a 'good match', his 'free' consultations and recommendations, etc., etc. And I never once remember hearing him call/consider himself an "expert" - although looking through the credits for the movie 'Enemy of the State' Jerry Bruckheimer called him that, and a number of private companies and Government alphabet agencies have called him that in their letters of testament, and quite a few list members consider him to be that - but hey, what's in a silly old title anyhow?

In my humble opinion Steve Uhrig is an individual whose thoughts and ideas regarding the field of TSCM are worthy of serious consideration. I base that opinion on having met Steve personally only once. But that one meeting, combined with his presence being loosely interwoven in a part of my been there-done that journey, is all that it took for his bona fides to be established in my book. Besides, he served as a technical advisor on the technothriller film 'Enemy of the State' ...
nuff' said! 
M. C. R.

Thanks, Steve. I just had a feeling that your company (and you) are fine to deal in this kind of merchandise. You have certainly lived up to that expectation. I believe one cannot go wrong in business, with this kind of trustworthy behavior where there's a little for everyone, and plenty to go around.  Life is too short for anything else.  Thanks again.    

Dear Mr. Uhrig,
I have placed back into service the Orion 4000 vehicle tracking unit you recently serviced for me. I am appreciative of the prompt turn-around time as it enabled me to resume work on my files with minimal down time.

The repairs and adjustments have significantly improved the range of my transmitter and accuracy of the direction finding receiver, in fact better than when the unit was purchased new from the factory. 

I am most pleased with what you were able to do for me and your charges were fair.
Michael McH.

I want to personally thank you for all the high-quality information you've generously shared, and hope it brings you as generous a return in high-quality business. 

Wow! I sure appreciate the time you took to answer my many questions.

Your answer was superb and complete. I learned more in your one email than I ever could have through the various things I have read and seen on TV. "It is always best to get it straight from the horse's mouth", as WiIbur Post would say. This letter is a keeper for my files. As I stated once in one of my post I have written a few papers in college on wiretap law and its application for future surveillance devices. This was very informative and if may I would like to use your letter someday as reference for any future papers. Thanks once again for taking so much time to explain and answer so many questions.  
Joseph B.

I have read some of your postings in the last few months on the PI Newsgroups. It is seldom that I have seen clear & factual information such as contained in your posts. You are to be commended.  
Ian S.

Steve, Just a line to let you know how much I appreciate you educating us non technical types on the realities of surveillance. Your info will prevent many of us from getting screwed. It's refreshing to see a man with the guts to call a spade a spade and the class to share his knowledge instead of using it to take advantage of of others for cash. 
G. M.