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sws security references

This is the third screen of references, persons who have purchased
equipment and accessories from SWS Security

Thanks.  Your postings are always educational. Absolutely fascinating to an old geezer like me, in radio nearly all of my life.

I may be kind'a old fashioned in thought, but people need to listen to independent, experienced and technically knowledgable experts like Steve Uhrig on the viability of this type of device instead of to the hype of people whose job it is to market a device which in all probability won't work when needed

Steve Uhrig is another private sigint contractor, a onetime "spook" with U.S. Naval Intelligence who is now one of the most respected surveillance and technical countermeasure specialists in the world. In other words, he installs bugs and wiretaps, as well as conducts sweeps for them, and designs "black boxes" of spy gear for clients that have ranged from the NSA and the CIA to Tom Clancy himself.
Business 2.0 Magazine 9/11/01 issue

As the year ends, it seems appropriate to say "thanks" to a few remarkable people. Definitely, I gotta include you in that. Not only for the assorted dumb questions you've ansered for me, but also for your recent posting about clandestine radios.
D Brewer

Steve, first let me say I personally am happy to have made your acquaintance and hope to continue our friendship.  I have always found I can learn so much from those around me that have the experience rather than just reading it from some dusty book.  I would have to say after checking your references, the folks in accounting were, for lack of a better word, somewhat amazed.  So often we hear the same song and dance of how much some dealer is worth or how much he plans to buy in the future, only to never hear from them again. It is too bad we live such a distance from each other. I would much prefer to be there helping you with the install rather than sitting on the phone. I guess I have just spent too many years flying behind the red lights and sirens to be caged up in an office.  The articles you sent me were quite outstanding.
D. P. (vendor to SWS)

I've said it before on this list, but for the sake of newer members, and some of those who need to acquire quality equipment, I just wanted to say that I've personally done business with SWS repeatedly, and every item I've gotten from Steve has been in pristine condition, calibrated and well packed for shipping. Hands down The RB TDR's are especially a bargain, and no one gets a super deal on RB TDR's as a distributor, wholesaler etc. We paid 3495.00 for our 1270A before Steve had any in stock, and I searched exhaustively for any kind of a deal on one. And I mean exhaustively. 

For purchasing a TDR, checking pawn shops was not an option, (Nashville's loaded with them), nor was e bay. I would not want to compromise the accuracy of a TDR waveform, by utilizing a cheap, or quality unit that had been beaten to death in the back of someone's service truck, or got soaked on a pole while being used in the field. The risk of innacuracy is not worth it. Doing business with Steve has always been a pleasure for us with no BS in any way shape or form.

The 2 things you will never get from SWS, is a piece of junk, or a BS story. The other items have fair prices as well..... Just my 2 cents.... Have a great weekend,and no worries if you need something that SWS has for sale! PS: I'm not a salesman, but usually if I know of something or someone that is good, I'll tell a friend! 
Mitch D

Hello Steve:

It is good to hear from you. Ironically, I noticed your MINOX page yesterday and added it to my FAVORITES!  You have done a wonderful job with the page; it's colorful, interesting, and informative! 
Keith Melton (author)

I apologize for not having written sooner to thank you for your extraordinarily accommodating offer to refund the $250 on the Hitachi unit that was damaged in the mail. That sort of integrity is becoming rare. I had not replied right away because I was waiting for my bench guy to tell me if the problem might be something simple. If he can stick something back in place and make the unit work, I naturally will insist on paying for it.  Thank you for your prompt and generous reply.
Howard R.

thanks for the update on employer taping of employees. Your response was clear and easy to understand, as usual.  Bill H.

Steve, remind me next time I am going to get stranded on a desert island to bring you along. I doubt we would be there long. :)
John W

> yes you would -- he has a computer, not an airplane.
> but you'd be able to see precisely where it was you were dying.
No way! Steve could probably send a rescue signal to an AWACS plane using a stick of gum, a lemon, and a paper clip! 
charlie t

It was my mistake. I neglected to reply and say that I was completely satisfied with the TSCM work and the report.  I look forward to working with you in the future. 
Happy Holidays!

steve: received compuscan today and as always in better condition than expected and claimed.

Steve as always comes up super trumps. Hey dude why you don't write a book, I would buy it ;-)
George S

After many years of designing, selling and installing covert and overt CCTV systems from the very small to very large gaming surveillance systems, I can attest to the truth and wisdom of Steve's reply. Especially heed the wireless statement. 
Robert D.

DAR arrived safe and sound @13:11 today. The little gifts were most welcome! Thanks, nice touch. Thanks again Steve for a prompt, helpful and efficient service. I will be recommending you to anyone interested, and will be in touch for some more kit soon. 
Alan C. 

There is little I can add to Steve's comments. Trust what he is saying. He really is a voice of experience with no hidden agenda. Very rare. 
Kevin M.

The equipment which Steve is offering is really great equipment for TSCM, and is being offered at one heck of a deal.  Riser Bond is the-best-of-the-best when it comes to field grade TimeDomain Reflectometry, and anybody involved in TSCM is going to have several on hand at any time. It pains me to say this, but... if you're performing TSCM services and you don't have a TDR then you're ripping off your customers and playing games with yourself.
Steve is offering great equipment, at a very impressive price... you would do well to pick a few up.

I have to agree with Steve, the Riser Bond 1270 is an excellent TDR. My 1270 is a couple of years old and has never let me down. It is both rugged and reliable. The price Steve is asking is a steal. If you don't own a TDR, this is a deal that is too good to pass up.

I have done business with Steve in the past and cannot recommend him and SWS Security highly enough. He is honest and stands behind everything he sells. When you deal with Steve you also get something else money cannot buy: Sound advice and the wisdom that comes from years of practical, hands on experience. I am very careful about who I endorse and recommend. In Steve's case, that recommendation comes very easily. Buy with confidence. 

I paid $3500.00 for a RB1270, fantastic piece of gear. We've done business repeatedly with Steve, and everything was always in order, and in pristine condition. I give SWS the double "Thumbs Up" for any sale or service needed. The 1270 is easy to use, has some excellent features, as Steve had mentioned, and you won't find one anywhere for less. The reason for my "plug" is that I wouldn't trust too many people on an internet deal except for Steve (SWS), and a few others, and have done good business with SWS without any worries, plus, I made a "good friend in the business" on top of everything else.
M. Davis

In regards to your name coming up with John, actually I was checking on the status of some stuff I ordered that he was making for me and we somehow started talking about military specs for components, how comms technology has changed over the years and how antenna systems can improve/degrade performance, etc. I said something along the lines of "when it comes to antennas and communication systems, there is a top notch guy named Steve Uhrig on the east coast who knows this stuff better than anyone."

John says, "Steve who?" When I repeated your name he goes, "OHHHhhhh, Steve! Sure, I know him. A great engineer and a real gentleman. I've known him for years and we do business all the time." 

I guess I wasn't too surprised he knew you already. You're like the Michael Jordan of communications. If I traveled into the dark recesses of the Amazon Rain Forest I probably would find some local tribesman who built a passive repeater system so he could pick up rf signals above the tree tops using information you provided ... and the tree trunk where the cable run is located probably would have the SWS Security logo carved into it too!  
R. Mellinger

Anyway, your email and our transaction has totally and completely healed the gash in my faith in mankind for this week.  I truly appreciate your kind words and look forward to more business we can do together in the future. 

Several weeks ago I asked for assistance in solving a cell phone coverage problem. I now office in a new building that is a virtual faraday cage.  Many thanks to those who helped with information on building a cellphone band (900/1800 Mhz) passive repeater, especially Steve Uhrig who provided expert insight.
John M.

The 1205 arrived yesterday.  I came home and found a notice from the Post Office of an attempted delivery. I jumped back in the car and chased down the mailman so I wouldn’t have to wait until Tuesday to pick it up at the Post Office. I felt like I was opening a pińata when I started finding all the extra goodies you sent. Thanks.  I appreciate the spare test leads as well. I’m going to spend some time learning how to use the 1205 today. From what I’ve seen it looks fairly straight forward.  
Rick H.

I'm on a variety of lists, but seldom post unless I have something to say that I consider of real importance, or to ask a question. The lists are like school to me. You are one of the few people that I try to take the time to read on PI_Digest and TSCM-L and I do appreciate the time you take to address issues and impart knowledge to the "technically challenged" person like me. :-) 
Eric H.

By the way, the R8500 I bought from you in July was perfect. When you said used only once or twice you were right. The damn thing LOOKED (and even smelled) brand new! 

I have only great things to say about you. More people in business should have the same attitude you have in regard to the customer!

In the past year, I've had a number of dealings with Steve, and all have been a pleasurable experience. 
T. P.

Steve, you and I have talked to on several occasions and I must admit that I've read many of your articles concerning electronic surveillance, wiretap, covert video surveillance utilizing specialty equipment that requires licenses to possess and use. I've also found it necessary to continue reading your articles because not only are they informative, they can keep someone's A-- out of jail, especially the Do's and Don'ts that you've passed on.  You have received many good reviews and your background speaks for itself. If any member has not seen Enemy of the State, you've missed some of Steve's work. Steve, I'm not trying to promote or elevate you, but anyone in the business knows your talents and I do appreciate the contributions that you make to this industry. 
Ed B.

Thank you very much for your explicit explanations about the TV-R7100. You really had all the knowledge about this device that I couldn´t find anywhere on the internet.

WOW! Your letter was unbelievable. It is really refreshing to know that there are still people on this earth that would take the time and trouble to explain everything in detail like you did. I could tell that you have a real love affair with your work, which I am sure reflects in the quality of work that you did. I was truly impressed, and it is really hard to impress me!!!!!

Folks, listen to Steve because he has seen almost of the tricks -- remember, if it seems to good to be true, then it probably isn't true.

I have been working with the R100 alot.  I took it out to Manhatten for a convention and the thing was going wild. Thank you for the quality product.

Got everything just fine.  Loaded it on the system and we're back in business. Thanks for your excellent support.  
SSgt Barber

Once in a while Steve may post some goods for sale on the list. Just wanted to say that if anyone was curious, I've done business with Steve and you get exactly what is described, packed well, and shipped promptly. There is no second guessing as to the quality of any items, and he's a safe no bull source for different equipment that's utilized in the trade, in the field, or on the bench. 
M. D.

About three years ago I bought one of the used R8500 receivers Steve Uhrig had for sale. When it arrived I thought he had made an error and sent me a brand new one.  It came with all the original packing material (including the twistems on the wires) and appeared to be completely unused. I called to make sure I didn't get the wrong piece of equipment and was assured that I got what I ordered.  I would not hesitate to purchase equipment from SWS Security.  In fact, I just ordered one of the R100's. 
R. Hofmann

Again, thanks. The newsletter is sure a problem solver for a lot of people, and you're amongst the best. 
John M

As always, you've been really great. Thanks for everything!!

This is great!
Your picture, by the way, is posted in our office kitchen in the photo gallery of press coverage of our magazine.  Did you get the Colombia issues? Our p.r. people told me they were shipping a bundle to you.

Thanks Steve, You're a gentleman, and a pleasure to do business with. Our country needs more "Role Models" like you. 

Excellent job. Thank you for being so dependable, professional, and capable.
E. S.

You are such a good writer, you should do more.

Comments from your comediator, for your info (basically great job!) Restated well, jumped in at right time, worked hard, "gets it" didn't push people, not overly aggressive, "I understand he's former law enforcement, but he understands he's sitting on the other side of the table" - successful in not being judgmental, particularly given law enforcement. Any suggestions: can't really think of any, will ponder and call me.  Thanks for your help and time, be calling you. 

You are one smart guy...a pleasure to read your stuff. Honestly, no hype. Most folks can't read or write, and if they can, they either don't reply to email or they practice the "rule of twos", i.e. not more than 2 syllable words, 2 word sentences, 2 paragraphs, like it leave it.
Greg G.

You did a great job! I really like it...I'll pass this on to Charlie ASAP, and the photos on to both he and John, with a msg to John to see if they need any cleaning up (frankly, they looked just fine on my machine at home...).
S. Young

Steve- I received a call from Connie today who was very happy with the radios you sold him. Just FYI. Hope you're feeling OK, BTW, recognized your voice on Enemy of the State.  Now I can say I know a movie star. Gene Hackman is one of my favorites. You must have had a fun time!   
Gary G.

Our president sent your picture to everyone in an APB. Thanks again for that image! 

Speaking of images, I was wondering if there was a way you could help us illustrate this article. Would you happen to have a souvenir shot of that warehouse full of equipment the XXXXXX asked you to appraise last time you were in-country? 
Paul Kaihla

Recently I decided to purchase another TDR.  Since my primary use is for twisted pair, I initially considered another Riser Bond 1205T.  I contacted Steve Uhrig with SWS Security,  www.swssec.com , tel: (410) 879-4035, fax: (410) 836-1190.  Steve recommended a Riser Bond Model 3300, which he said was in "perfect but slightly used" condition, and at a significant savings over a new one.  He also said that he favored the compact packaging, accuracy, and dual trace features of the 3300. This one also had the extended memory option. I decided to give it a try.

The 3300 arrived two days later. It was in absolutely "like new" condition, and was accompanied by all factory accessories. The unit works perfectly and I am very pleased. 

Anyone wishing to purchase a TDR or other TSCM equipment would do well to contact Steve at SWS Security. I recommend him without hesitation. Thank you Steve.
Buzz B.

SWS Security a major resource for the profession, and Steve Uhrig in particular is a very reputable person, who is very well respected, extremely honorable, and always shoots straight.  That said, Steve still dresses funny, and looks priceless in his stovepipe hat.
J. A.

Over the years I have purchased equipment from all around the world. Often with disappointing results.

The past year I have been buying equipment from Steve UHRIG. He has always delivered what he has said he would. Everything he has supplied has been in good condition & according to specifications he advertised. 

I am prepared to recommend Steve for International Purchases. Last week I ordered a TDR from him, yesterday it arrived, at half the shipping costs I could arrange.
Raymond (South Africa)

As always, sincere thanks for your instructive insight.
Paul S.

You are priceless and I had to laugh about you "take" on government work. You and I are similar in our feelings about the government. I was involved in govt security guard contracts in the 1980's- somewhat forgot the b.s. that was involved then- and I guess it is worse now. The crap is why I left government in 1979.

I really appreciate your taking the time for the prompt reply. Thanks a lot. You seem to have much knowledge in a number of areas.
Rick B.

For what it's worth, I'm a retired Army Warrant Officer, now working as a civilian in charge of the TSCM/TEMPEST section of 66th Military Intelligence in Darmstadt, Germany. Have lived in Germany for 10 years now, and am still excited. Have worked TSCM continually for 12

years, and am still baffled at what I see and learn on a regular basis.  I sure wish some of the stuff we see could be declassified - there's some really scary stuff out there. You're a hero to hundreds of people out there with your attitude of helpful dispensation of knowledge, and your high standards of ethics and moral character -- myself included. 
Bud C.

Thought I would drop you a note to let you know the equipment has arrived, and in good shape.  Thank you for all the little gifts..........a very nice touch (we still have snow.....doing it right now......so it was just like Christmas all over again. 

Again, thanks for all in advance, very happy with the product, and the condition it arrived in! 

Wow! Steve hit the nail on the head seven times over! If I didn't know him better, I'd swear he had been bugging my conversations with clients.

I received the radio yesterday! I got to the post office, and presented the card. The gal behind the desk said the person who does my street wasn't back yet, but should be soon. So I waited. No point in going back home and coming back. Finally, he showed up. I suppose I wasn't expecting the box to be quite so big! They helped me get it to the car, as I couldn't get it under one arm, and even if I could, would probably have at the very least looked pretty ridiculous trying to hobble along with this crate in one arm and a cane in the other.  :-) I got home, then had to face the dilemma of getting it out of the car. 

I can tell you, I could hardly contain myself. When she arrived, she wanted to know what I was all in a 'tither' about. I told her that your radio had arrived, and it was out in the car. It had stopped raining, but because of the weight of the box and her fear of dropping it, she went and got one off the neighbors to carry it to the house. I was like a kid at Christmas. I got a knife, and opened the box. I got the other box from within, and then remembered that you said that you wife put that connector in there, and proceeded to fish through the "peanuts" - I found it. I sat down on the couch, and opened the box.

I gotta tell you, and I hope you don't think less of me for it, but tears came to my eyes. This was the kind of radio I only dreamed about - sure, I had my own equipment before, but nothing of this caliber. I cried. That you would send me such a thing is almost beyond belief. I would have been happy with an old beat-up transistor job for now, but this was something beyond my wildest dreams. It really got to me, and my eyes are welling-up again just writing this to you. After everything I lost, and everything I've been through, this was like a light in the darkness. Before I could thank you, I had to give thanks to God that someone like you exists in the world,

and would be so generous from the heart. You asked for nothing in return, and gave your own personal radio that you saved for. I shook when I found the receipt and saw what you paid for it.

Surely, a person with a heart like yours has already reserved a place with Him in Heaven. I cannot tell you how much your generosity and kindness means to me. It's just overwhelming. I have the radio up here by my desk. I have an older desk as well now, that I got at a second-hand store. I'm going to refinish that desk, and use it for the radio (not too close to the computer - I had interference problems before from the computer with some other equipment), though I do want to use the computer interface for it. I'll also be sending you a letter in the (snail) mail. I could probably go on for who-knows-how-long about this. Your gift will not only have a prominent place in my room, but also in my heart. 
Rich K. (household fire victim who was badly burned and lost everything he owned)

Steve; Wow! You strike again!! Thank you for helping our magazine.
Rachel (Business 2.0)

I just purchased a piece of equipment from Steve U @ sws, and I wanted to give Steve a double thumbs up, and 4 stars! Everything was exactly as he had indicated, there was no pressure to buy anything extra, and his knowledge of the product, and its application, is of the highest degree of excellence. I felt very confident thru every aspect of the sale, and recieved the gear without any flaws. With so many half assed/non-functional gimmicks, junk, and inferior equipment floating across the net, trade papers, auctions and used electronic distributors for sale, I can say I'm extremely pleased, I'd buy gear from Steve again, and felt like I did a deal with a "good friend" in the business, and above all made a new friend. Thanks Steve!
M. D.

Hi Steve!
About an hour after I hung up with you, Jerry, (my mailman) showed up w 3 boxes, all in perfect shape, everything fine. The discone is superb in construction, I once considered getting a Nevada Brand discone, but bailed out on it. The avcom is working fine as we speak!

Thanks again for all your help, and education, passing on links to me, and helping me further my education in tscm. Doing business with you is a pleasure, and if there's anything I can ever do for you call me, e mail me etc, anytime.

Having recently purchased a Riser Bond TDR from Steve Uhrig of SWSSEC I would like to publicly compliment Steve for his first class assistance. Not only did he supply a piece of equipment in excellent conditions at a very competitive price, but his pre-sale technical suggestions were absolutely priceless being aimed not at selling but at providing priceless suggestions on which model to purchase. 

Rest assured that for my future equipment purchases Steve will be the first port of call. 
P. Sfriso (Italy)

At the risk of causing your ego to over-inflate to life threatening proportions, be advised that I do, and have always, valued your advice.  And, I have discovered that the quality of information is not related to the appearance of the provider. Even if they are funny looking. 

With all undue respect, you've butted in a conversation where you clearly don't belong, and the subject of which you apparently don't understand (either TSCM or the law).  You have also impuned and insulted one the most respected practitioners in the field; a man who has forgotten more than most on this list will ever learn and who is a sage to many of us.  His integrity is undisputed to anyone who knows him.  Selfish motives were not behind his comments, which incidentally were legally correct. Rather the opposite.  

He was giving fair warning to those of us (me included) who don't take the matter seriously enough or think we are immune to the law. He personally gave me the same advice last year when I mentioned my "trophies" that I then was using to practice with.  I took Steve's advice to an FBI agent who told me I'd better follow that advice. 

I am a police officer and the goalie on a law enforcement hockey team. The agent is a personal friend who is a forward on our team. We played together for years. He was shocked that I would be so ignorant as to think being a police officer and a TSCMer for 13 years would confer any immunity from prosecution for possessing these devices; period.  Steve, as usual was right. Rather than knock someone you obviously know nothing about, or their knowledge or intentions, do some research next time so you won't have to open your mouth wider for the other foot.
C. M.

I write not to prolong further verbal jousting but to second what Chad adequately stated in relation to Steve. Indeed it is at times like this that we get the chance to heap praise where it is due. 

Describing Steve as a 'Sage' is a very appropriate term and one which he justly deserves.  You do not need to buy anything from him to receive help and advice which he offers freely. Do business with him and you will receive excellent equipment and fairness. 
Tim M.

Thank you for being the voice of reason in a sea of ignorant paranoia. If you form the airline, I'll buy the first ticket... Robert D.



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sws security references