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SWS Security, manufacturer and distributor, offers many products for electronic surveillance and intelligence gathering as described below. The ICOM equipment and some others are available to the general public; some are for sale only to government and law enforcement agencies, and select corporate security organizations..



RPT-1 Repeater Interface for ICOM Handheld Radios

The RPT-1 repeater by SWS Security allows your ICOM portable radio to serve as an effective, low cost repeater. The compact RPT-1 connects to an ICOM handheld radio in seconds to repeat any audio source. Drawing its power from the radio to which it is attached, the RPT-1 system is used for extending the range of low powered surveillance devices or "body mics". The RPT-1 also is used as a quickly deployed repeater for tactical, executive protection or disaster control command posts.

 The RPT-1 is ideal as a rugged, small area coverage repeater for conventions, tactical or disaster scene communications where handheld radios are in use. By using the RPT-1 with programmable ICOM transceivers, multiple users may be linked together for the utmost in coordination, on different frequencies or even different modes or bands. UHF and VHF FM and even AM aircraft users may communicate as if all were on one system. The unit is very popular with FEMA and other federal, public safety and law enforcement agencies.

 The RPT-1 provides repeater functions such as transmitter keying, hang time, RF suppression, audio shaping and matching. The input can be speaker level audio or telemetry data from any source (scanners, surveillance receivers, mobiles, portables, telephone line, PA system, security controls, etc.)

 When used with an ICOM radio, the system is FCC type accepted. Performance is identical to that of the radio equipment used with the RPT-1. The RPT-1 was designed to interface with ICOM radios already owned by the user, offering the economy of double duty. When used with field programmable radios, input and output frequencies and tones can be changed in seconds to suit the requirements of the operation. The RPT-1 can be used body worn, in a briefcase or where needed for quick plant applications. The RPT-1 measures 1.5"H x 2.5"W x 3.5"D (38 x 63 x 89 mm), and has 5 foot (1.5 meter) leads to connect to the radio equipment. The unit weighs 10 ounces (290 grams) and carries a two year full warranty protecting against defects in materials and workmanship.

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