SWS Security
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SWS Security, manufacturer and distributor, offers many products for electronic surveillance and intelligence gathering as described below. The ICOM equipment and some others are available to the general public; some are for sale only to government and law enforcement agencies, and select corporate security organizations..

RPT-20 Mobile/Portable Repeater Interface

The RPT-20 repeater interface by SWS Security allows any two radio transceivers to work together as an effective, low cost repeater. The unit is designed to be plug compatible with ICOM America commercial mobile transceivers F1020 and F2020, and these radios connect directly with no interconnecting cables or adjustments required. The unit, however, is versatile and will work with any make or model of transceiver by using custom interface cables available from SWS Security. A universal interface cable is available with flying leads for users who wish to make connections to their own radios. Connections are made to the radio's microphone, PTT line, ground, and speaker. Opening the radio rarely is required. The unit requires no external power, and is powered by the radio to which it is attached.

The RPT-20 is used for extending the range of low powered or handheld radios by repeating them through the mobile system. Because any radios can be used with the RPT-20, crossband or cross mode operation easily is possible. Thus, any combination of land mobile, air, marine, HF, military, amateur, satellite, telemetry, surveillance or trunking transceiver, transmitter or receiver can be interconnected with any other. The RPT-20 also will repeat audio from scanners, a telephone line, PA system, intercom, or any audio source. Multiple users may be linked together for the utmost in coordination, on different frequencies, different modes, or different bands. Regardless of frequency or mode, all users communicate as if all were on one system.

The RPT-20 is ideal as a rugged repeater quickly installed for tactical or disaster scene communications, conventions, or public safety operations where multiple agencies are operating on different radio systems. The unit may be used portable, mobile, or fixed, and is very popular with firefighters, FEMA and other federal, public safety, law enforcement and business users.

The RPT-20 provides repeater functions such as transmitter keying, hang time, RF suppression, audio shaping and matching.  All adjustments are automatic and internal. A remote switch may be connected to switch the repeat function on and off from a vehicle dash or control point. Radios connected to the RPT-20 still may be used for local control.

The RPT-20 measures 9"W x 4"D x 2"H (228 x 102 x 51 mm). The unit weighs 24 ounces (680 grams) and carries a two year full warranty protecting against defects in materials and workmanship.