SWS Security
"In God We Trust. All Others We Monitor."


 SWS Security services for Government Agencies, Legitimate Security and Private Investigative Agencies and Corporations.
We do not usually deal with the public.

EElectronic Countermeasures
TSCM sweeps for detecting surveillance devices

 Operator Training
Once your shiny new system is installed, you will need to learn how to use it. SWS will train operators and maintenance personnel on any of our systems, anywhere in the world. We also may be willing to write training packages on equipment we did not manufacture. Please contact us for details.  SWS can establish logistics to guarantee a continued supply of spare parts and maintenance items.

 Warranty Information
Products manufactured by SWS Security are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of shipment.
 This warranty does not apply to any parts damaged due to improper use or violations of instructions. It does not extend to damage incurred by natural causes such as lightning, fire, floods, or other such catastrophes, nor to damage caused by environmental extremes, such as power surges and/or transients. For products sold by SWS Security but manufactured by others, the respective manufacturer's warranties apply.

 Warranties are "passed on" to the end user by authorized agents of SWS Security.

 All warranty work must be performed by SWS Security. No credit will be given for unauthorized repair work attempted by the customer. In-warranty merchandise must be shipped freight prepaid to SWS Security.

 SWS Security will repair or replace equipment and return to customer, freight prepaid, within the continental United States. Equipment found not to be defective will be returned at purchaser's expense and will include cost of handling, testing and returning of equipment.

 Out-of-warranty repairs will be billed at the established factory flat rate per hour, plus components needed for replacement, and return freight.

 Integrated Surveillance Platforms (Cellular, data, voice, satellite intercept systems)
SWS, in conjunction with two other firms of complementary capabilities, can design, install and commission various types of intercept platforms. These can include, but are not limited to, GSM or other cellular mobile telephone, terrestrial HF/VHF/UHF communications, satellite downlink intercept, pager, video, data intercept, direction finding and locating of enemy, hostile, pirate or similar radio transmitters, etc.

Solutions involve complete systems for the interception of telecommunications. Various functions such as reception, recording, archiving, editing and administration of contents of communications and intercept related information are integrated into the system. The system is comprised of subsystems as desired for the needs of the particular government for signal intercept, monitoring and recording as well as analysis and intelligence gathering.

Satellite intercept consists of fixed systems designed to intercept large compressed and multiplexed trunking signals between countries (typically Intelsat, Arabsat, PanAmSat, etc.). Mobile systems intercept individual calls to or form users with portable or satellite telephones (typically Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar and Thuraya satellites).

Much of the system's intercept functions cross over to the surveillance functions as necessary. All systems offered are specified with the view of dual functionality for both communications intercept and surveillance operations.

Projects can be mobile, fixed site, portable or any combination. Systems are turnkey, and SWS will be responsible for onsite engineering, system design, component procurement and integration, testing, integration, training, and logistics support as necessary. Extensive documentation is provided to enable the end user to become self-sufficient in operating and maintaining all elements of the system.

Principles only are invited to contact us to discuss details. As extensive in-country support from the client government is required, generally it is practical for us to work only directly with the government end users.


 Consulting, including Onsite Engineering, Installation, Training and Logistics Worldwide.
SWS Security provides consulting, engineering, installation, training and logistics for systems related to our areas of expertise. Services are available anywhere in the world.

 Many times we get requests to quote on communications or surveillance systems from companies and governments around the world. These persons fax a long list of equipment and want prices and complete specifications. In virtually no case has any system engineering been performed. This is an invitation to expensive failure, and we are not interested in quoting on systems that have not been properly specified.

 Note well: If you plan to inquire about costs or details of a system, the system engineering *must* first be completed by a competent firm. This is detailed, skilled and time consuming work, and no competent firm will do it for free.

 SWS is competent and experienced in all phases of communications, surveillance and intelligence gathering system design. We would be pleased to do your system design for you. If we do the design and you purchase and have equipment installed to our spec, your system will work. Systems designed by us can be supplied and installed by any competent firm. We, of course, would be glad to actually build and install your system, but it is not mandatory that we install systems we design.

 If you bypass the design phase and insist on buying equipment first, the chances are very high you will end up with an expensive lot of equipment incapable of doing the job you bought it to do.

 We charge a fee for system engineering to cover our technical and administrative costs, and cost of communication. If we are contracted within a reasonable period of time to actually supply the equipment and perform the installation, this fee is credited 100% to your job, making your engineering costs zero. If you buy somewhere else, or do not buy at all, we retain the fee to cover our services.

 Many times to do the engineering properly, an onsite visit is required. This allows us to actually meet with the customer, translate their wish list into reality and engage in a two way discussion as to what they can expect. We may wish to physically inspect sites where equipment is to be installed, and perform some testing to determine coverage areas, performance we can expect, to search clear frequencies, etc. We also may demonstrate some equipment at this point.

We are willing and able to perform this onsite visit anywhere in the world.
Please contact us for rates and details.

 Maintenance, Repair and Modification of Communications Equipment
SWS will maintain any commercial equipment (land mobile, two way, aviation or receivers) anywhere in the world, whether or not originally supplied by us. We do not sell or service amateur equipment and discourage inquiries to support hobby products.

 We maintain thousands of pieces of radio equipment for governments around the world. Numerous law enforcement and military agencies rely on SWS as their primary service capability for systems ranging from long range HF to short haul VHF/UHF systems, to satellite, data and image communications. Enquire.

 Maintenance, Repair and Modification of SWS Security or Other Brands of Surveillance Equipment
SWS will maintain surveillance equipment manufactured by us or any reputable firm. Note we can not attempt to resurrect you from poor choices of vaporware equipment you have purchased from spy shops or other dishonest vendors of poor repute.

 We do maintain quality equipment from reputable vendors, regardless of age. We will examine your equipment and give you an honest evaluation of costs and/or feasibility of restoring your equipment to proper function.

 We do charge an evaluation fee which is credited if we perform the repairs. Please do not send equipment to us without first contacting us for instructions.

 We can maintain equipment at your facility or ours. If you have a large amount of equipment but do not have onsite service facilities, we can assist you in establishing such.

 Leasing of Communications or Surveillance Equipment
In certain cases SWS will lease communications or surveillance equipment to governments only. Equipment can be custom manufactured for your requirements if off the shelf equipment is not adequate. Enquire for details.

We do not lease equipment to the private sector, and enquiries from non-government entities are discouraged.



 Special Projects, Custom Manufacturing, Custom Modification of Communications or Surveillance Equipment
SWS is very interested in performing custom services such as special designs, modifications to existing equipment, or custom integration. Most of our products originally were special designs for a particular customer. Enquire for details.



 Data Processing Facility Security Survey and Audit (Service Offered Worldwide)
We can examine your operations and highlight some of the areas of vulnerability and obvious oversight, many of which can be "plugged" at little or no cost. In fact, this service might well repay itself a hundredfold. Here's what we offer:

An inspection of the fundamentals, which includes three days of onsite inspection, designed to highlight the areas of obvious vulnerability. Included in this inspection will be all areas of the data processing department and an examination of the physical facility and practices which surround the data processing department. Findings of this inspection will be documented in an extensive report to management. Typically this report runs 40 or more pages. Cost for this service is $7500 plus T&L expenses.

 A more thorough inspection, including five days of onsite inspection during which those services outlined above will be performed, as well as a complete study of organizational security practices, data processing security, practices and procedures. Included also in this inspection are interviews with fire and security officials in the locale of the organization's facility and also the conduct of limited trial emergencies to detect vulnerabilities. Findings of this inspection will be documented in a more comprehensive report to management. Cost for this service is $12,000 plus expenses.

 An extensive inspection includes ten days onsite and a detailed examination of practices, designed to take apart and "prove" all organizational practices and procedures as they pertain to the data processing activity. Included in this inspection is a thorough study of all procedures, programs, data protection schemes, passwords and codes. Likewise included in this inspection will be all of the features of the two inspections detailed above. Findings of this inspection will be documented in a report to management. Cost for this service is $25,000 plus expenses.

 A word about the report - The report will include observations of the inspector, results of tests conducted, and specific suggestions and recommendations designed to rectify any discovered weaknesses. Portions of the report considered to be sensitive may be prepared as "eyes only" for designated individuals.

 Please enquire to discuss data processing facility inspection services..



 Penetration Studies
SWS can conduct penetration attempts of your facility to determine vulnerability. This is considered sensitive work and will be discussed with principals only. Enquire for details.



 TSCM (Countersurveillance, or Debugging) Services, Available Worldwide.
SWS Security is extremely competent in conducting countersurveillance services. As manufacturers of electronic surveillance items, we know exactly what to look for, how the equipment is installed, and its vulnerabilities.

Services are available worldwide. Serious enquiries from principals only please.

Note that competent countersurveillance services are extremely scarce despite widespread offerings by "Security" firms, private detective agencies and the like. Hundreds of firms claim to offer this service, but in our experience less than two dozen companies in the United States truly are competent.

Some years ago, SWS Security was selected as one of eleven firms in the United States by the U.S. Army Security Agency (ASA) qualified to perform countersurveillance services for government defence contractors. This selection was made after an extensive evaluation of experience, training, capability and information submitted, and two in-person interviews. Note that of the eleven firms appointed, many of these are dedicated to particular corporate customers and were not accepting outside work.



 Custom Surveillance Services (Offered Worldwide)
SWS Security offers custom surveillance services anywhere in the world. Governments (only) needing specific surveillance activities conducted are encouraged to contact us to discuss details.

 Note this service requires extreme coordination and a thorough understanding of the legal and technical aspects involved. Face to face meetings prior to initiation of any negotiations are required for all parties to establish their respective bona fides and authority.

 SWS Security specializes in electronic intelligence. We are not a private investigation agency and generally do not accept assignments requiring purely physical surveillance. However, we would be pleased to refer you to competent persons who do conduct physical surveillance.

 We are willing and able to surveil commercial facilities or persons, narco traffickers, terrorist installations, friendly or unfriendly government installations, embassies, chanceries, meeting facilities, outdoor areas, weapons or military installations, and the like.

 Principals of government agencies only are welcome to enquire. Please indicate your credentials in first communications.