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This is the fourth set of photographs that are a pictorial history of SWS Security and its operations worldwide.

 This is a video aurveillance in what was supposed to be an owl house, but was adopted by a wren. You can see the mouths of the babies wanting to be fed. I installed a black and white camera and IR illuminator in this house, and mounted it very high in a tree. It was rewarding watching momma wren build her nest, lay eggs and sit on them, then feed the babies when they hatched. Next year, I hope to attract an owl.

Would you buy a car from this man? Steve on his  Superglide he originally built in 1980, heavily modified. Kick start only, dual belt, all S&S motor at 88 inches. Bike, Karensa and Steve have been in 40 states, with over 200,000 miles on this beast.

 Installing covert video on embassy row in D.C.

 Gene Hackman as character Brill, installing a genuine wireless video and audio smoke detector in the movie 'Enemy of the State.' Photo taken live by Steve on set during filming.  

Steven Hawkings, the noted physicist,
in a photo
taken by a Minox EC.

 Steve and Tom Clancy. Friends who share a love of technology and philosophy

Tom Clancy taking Steve's picture using Steve's beat up black Minox LX 'spy' camera

'Embassy Row' in Washington, D.C. where we spend a lot of time.

 Installing video surveillance in politically sensitive areas

 Communications support with some of the country's finest

Ron working with covert video in front of an embassy

 Steve working on embassy row

 Air support can save lives in our line of work

 Gene Hackman buying surveillance equipment from Steve in the worldwide blockbuster movie 'Enemy of the State'

 Gene Hackman installing an SWS-manufactured wireless video transmitter, camera
and battery in a Christmas tree ornament in the movie 'Enemy of the State'.
Photo taken live by Steve on set during filming.

 A miscalculation on the part of someone, somewhere in Asia