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Making a Movie

This is the first set of photographs that are a pictorial history of SWS Security and its operations worldwide. More photos and captions will be added as we go along. Follow us at SWS in our adventures; our work and play!

Minox picture Gene Hackman Enemy of the State

Steve and Gene Hackman working together in Hollywood discussing electronic surveillance scenarios for Gene's part in the upcoming spy movie "Enemy of the State". SWS manufactured and supplied the electronic surveillance equipment used in the movie, worked with the set designers and prop men, and contributed heavily to the script.

Enemy of the State on location

Steve even had a part written in. He plays the merchant who sells all the spy goodies.

SWS Surveillance helicopter

This surveillance helicopter, used in the movie, is equipped with two FLIR systems, and SWS' S band air to ground wireless video link. And some other systems we can't discuss.

Minox camera picture: SWS airborne vehicle tracking system

Installing radio direction finding/vehicle tracking equipment in a small plane in a Central American country. Tracking range from the air is  much greater than from the ground.

Minox camera picture India

Steve rides a Harley in the U.S.
 and here in India also.

Minox camera picture taken in India

Seeking the counsel of wiser men.

Minox camera picture taken in India

Steve and Karan installing government
communications equipment in Delhi.

A surveillance installation

SWS supplied the radio communications for the surveillance team on this job. ICOM portable radios of several vintages were used. The Motorola radios belong to one of the federal agencies with whom we were coordinated.

Another surveillance post in eastern europe

Another SWS manufactured and operated surveillance listening post in an Eastern European country in October 1997. This was a drug surveillance, and used wireless video and audio. Airtight evidence was obtained, and the bad guys are now in jail.

SWS equipment in the field

A surveillance listening post

SWS Security provided the entire radio communications package for the couriers who transported the ballots from the polling place to election headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland (USA). SWS provided one Motorola handheld radio to each of 35 uniformed security officer/courier, two base stations at election headquarters, and two  wide area coverage repeaters. The security of the ballots were  entrusted to SWS-equipped officers. Here, Steve assists the client by  working a shift as dispatcher on election day.

This is a real-life surveillance listening post set up and operated by SWS personnel recently.
It uses several wireless video and audio devices as well as SWS' video body wire.
The listening post is in a hotel room.
SWS furnished and operated all equipment.
ICOM receivers and Marantz recorders were used for the audio, and SWS-manufactured wireless video receivers with commercial recorders used for the video.
Also shown is a video hard copy printer.

Photo taken with minox camera

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Steve shopping somewhere in Asia.

Mike squirting off rockets. Hundreds of them.
We work hard and we play hard.

Something else we did with fireworks.
We only do this once in a while.

We had over 100,000 hung by the time we were finished. Unless you have been there, you can not conceive of that many firecrackers going off!

Photo taken with minox camera

Steve loading an 8 inch shell into the finale at a 4th of July fireworks show.

Photo taken with minox camera

Here, Tom is wiring squibs to some 8 inch shells, in above-ground mortar tubes. These are medium sized shells. They come in several sizes from 2 inch to 24 inch.

Photo taken with minox camera

Jimmy setting up a finale at a 4th of July show. This is a 180 shot finale comprised of 3 inch shells with some 8 inch shells at the end of the string -- on the small side as finales go. Steve and Tom are certified pyrotechnicians, and shoot several shows on the 4th for various communities and organizations.

We have instituted a company dress code in accordance with the standards of the industry. In order to be treated as a professional, one must dress like one.