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This is the second set of photographs that are a pictorial history of SWS Security and its operations worldwide. More photos and captions will be added as we go along. Follow us at SWS in our adventures;  our work and our play!

Photo taken with minox camera

Every site needs a mascot. This is Mortimer, Steve's pet squirrel at his cabin hideaway somewhere in the Eastern U.S.

Photo taken with minox camera

Steve raises hogs for fun and profit. And supper.

Caption Wanted. Readers please suggest.

Steve enjoys scuba diving. Sometimes.

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ICOM America HQ in Bellevue, Washington, with Steve's finger in front of the lens.

Steve shooting on the Secret Service pistol team back
when he had more hair and less belly. Circa 1979.

Photo taken with minox camera
Steve shooting at Secret Service with
less hair and more belly. Circa 1995.

narcotics surveillance installation in colombia
Steve on an antinarcotics surveillance in Bogota.  Every man must look out for himself.
Look closely and you will see Steve holding a Beretta 92S in his right hand and a
Motorola Saber in his right. This was moments before a drug interdiction
 para-military operation. One can not be a liability to foreign military
when supporting their operations.

Photo taken with minox camera
For purple mountain's majesty. Somewhere in South America.

surveillance in south america
Ozzie Eans ( ) running a surveillance
 somewhere in South America.

Photo taken with minox camera
A safe haven in times of trouble. Steve advises registering
with the embassy when TDY in a country in turmoil.

Photo taken with minox camera
Steve and Ozzie's ride somewhere in South America.
Undercover police cars are the same the world over.

Ozzie enjoying some culture in Bogota. Colombia is a beautiful country
with beautiful people, mostly. Do not believe what you hear about
Colombia. Perfect weather year round, culture, gracious people.

Photo taken with minox camera
Steve searches the world for what is really important. Bogota, Colombia (South America).

Photo taken with minox camera
The flavor of Colombia. Salt of the earth. A man, his son, a donkey

Photo taken with minox camera
Steve and David, working here in Bogota. Friends who have worked together for over a decade.

Photo taken with Minox camera
Steve interfacing with local police in South Korea
with Bob's thumb in front of the lens.

Photo taken with minox camera
The great white hunter (Steve) somewhere
in the northeastern U.S. One shot
one kill, and he's not even a Marine.

Sometimes, the animals win. Anyone who has been in Florida has heard stories about
alligators prowling the golf courses and on occasion, dining on an unfortunate Human.
As you can see here, there is some truth to the rumors.
It is unknown, and difficult to tell from the picture if the 'gator
had only the arm ala Carte' or the entire “dinner”.

Photo taken with minox camera
Five (count 'em -- five) people on a motorcycle somewhere in India.