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The Trackertm

Covert Electronic Tracking System, Complete System (Order #6500) Beeper Bumper System

The Tracker is a revolutionary new Radio Direction Finder (RDF) and electronic tracking system designed specifically for law enforcement covert tracking. Consisting of a 4-antenna DF array for magnetic mounting on a vehicle and an enhanced Doppler DF processor with proprietary DSP algorithms, the Tracker is ready to monitor almost any type of electronic tracking beacon and provide you with a bearing and relative range to the signal.




Specifically designed for law enforcement and military applications, the Tracker overcomes the serious problem of multipath interference common to virtually every other radio direction finder. Two powerful microprocessors apply newly developed algorithms to analyze and discard confusing indications due to phase shift from multipath signals. The result is a clear, unambiguous bearing to the target. TheTracker is very easy to use even for non-technical personnel.

Multi site RDF networks are simple to implement. TheTracker includes an RS232 port, and the unit can overlay NMEA GPS data from virtually any GPS receiver onto the DF bearing and output the data to a laptop running a mapping program. Additionally, our TRACKnet software can be used to implement small or large area coverage multi-site applications where DF bearings from allTracker-equipped stations are linked via a packet data channel and displayed simultaneously in realtime on all computers in the net. This application is common in man-critical work such as kidnaping/ransom tracking, executive protection, drug interdiction, etc. A simple beacon is all that is needed in the package to be tracked.



Vehicle Tracking Transmitter "Bumper Beeper"
P/N TRV-2W - Vehicle Beacon with Motion Sensor

Use the Tracker to follow and locate body wires, vehicle tracking beacons, tagged CDS shipments or cash packages, stuck transmitters, pirate/stolen transmitters, deliberate or inadvertent interference, covert beacons, HAZMAT shipments, etc. Anywhere you need to follow an RF signal is a job for the Tracker.

Tracker Specifications

Frequency coverage: 50 - 1300 megacycles.

Antenna p/n 6011 covers 50-700 megacycles. Antenna p/n 6010 covers 700-1300 megacycles. Antennas consist of four whips, control harness, magnetic mounting, assembly arms. Antennas are active, >8.2 dB gain to 500 megacycles with less than 5 dB noise. Antenna assembly 20 inches (508 mm) square.

Bearing indication: High brightness 16 LED array (indicates 360 degrees Bumper Beeper Tracker Headaround you)

Control Head Size: 2.78 x 4.6 x 0.9 inches (71 x 117 x 23 mm). Weight 3.3 ounces (150g)

Power Requirements: 13.8 VDC @ 190 milliamps

RF Pulse Duration for Maximum Accuracy: 32 milliseconds minimum

High Accuracy (+/- 1.40625E), in Statistical Mode only

The Tracker p/n 6500 is a turnkey, ready to use covert vehicle direction finding system complete with high performance receiver, front panel receiver controls, 20 segment LED bargraph signal strength (range) indicator, battery test indicator, large speaker, internal gelcell rechargeable batteries for 4 hour operation, battery charger, 12VDC cigar lighter power cable, remote control head with 5 foot cable, and motion sensing FCC type accepted vehicle tracking beacon.

The #6500 is packaged in a rugged, waterproof Pelican case with internal storage compartment for the control head, cables and beacon.

The #6500 DF system also is available in a CAP configuration on 121.5 megacycles for locating downed aircraft.

Units can be built to nearly any frequency between 50-1300 megacycles with fixed frequency or tunable receivers. Inquire.

Complete Tracking System 
Complete Tracking System

TRACKER Radio Direction Finder
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Description 1 July 1999



NEW! Improved Multi Port Adapter (MPA), to connect TRACKER & GPS to Computer



TRACKER Carrying Case for Antenna Set & Whips, Rugged, Zippered w/ handles



Adjustable Vehicle Dashboard Mounting Bracket for TRACKER Control Head



Vehicle Tracking Transmitter "Bumper Beeper"
Vehicle Beacon with Motion Sensor



Covert Vehicle Tracking System, turnkey ready  to use. Includes TRACKER direction finding unit, remote control head  with 5 foot cable, single channel high sensitivity high selectivity receiver, mobile control console/carrying case with signal  strength/range indicator, rechargeable battery and charger, cigarette  lighter power cord, antenna assembly, antenna carrying case, TRV-2W FCC Type Approved Motion Sensing Beacon Transmitter.



As above but without Beacon Transmitter.

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