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See also some tips on selling your Minox camera
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 Original gold Minox light meter, with or without case and chain.

 Gold model III camera sets.

 Any interesting on unusual pieces of Minox history, whether or not related to cameras, i.e. tool coins, sales items, etc.

 Tripods and developing tanks.

 Original manuals for any Minox submini cameras or accessories.

 Black LX Cameras.

 Black BL models. 

 Black A/III/IIIs. Highest prices paid. Will need to examine the cameras to determine that they are originals. Willing to place payment in escrow pending my and independant expertís examination.

 Cases for any model Minox submini, especially cases in superb condition to compliment my cameras which also are in superb condition.

Minox King Fredrick

Famous Minox Users -- The late King Fredrick of Denmark, who was a keen amateur hptotgrapher and a dedicated Minox user. This photo shows him using his Minox; what looks like a Model III, to shoot the photographer. Credit for the picture to Per Jensen of Denmark.

 RIGA Cameras, especially in tip top condition.

 Any model Minox submini camera in exceptional condition. Any accessories, especially late model copy stands.

Please note: Nonfunctioning cameras, any item with battery corrosion damage or physical problems such as broken glass are of little value. You are welcome to send them under the same conditions, but be aware I seek primarily rare models, models in exceptional condition, and any models with documented history of use in intelligence or professional applications.

PLEASE SHARE any interesting Minox stories, snippets of history, tidbits, Minox minutiae, links or anything that would be useful or entertaining to the hundreds of people who visit this page every month. We will give credit for contributions, if desired.

Visit our Work and Play page to see pictures, some of which were taken with various Minox cameras, in my travels around the world. I (Steve) am the fat guy with the gray beard who appears in some of the pictures.

Hope some of the persons reading this will enjoy the cameras as much as I do.

I get many calls and emails every week from persons wanting to sell their Minox cameras.

First off, if the camera belonged to someone in your family, do you really want to sell it? If you need the money, fine. If not, please consider keeping it. You never know how you might feel in the future. There is a possibility you or your offspring might some day attach some sentimental value to the possession of an ancestor.

If you wish to sell items I cannot use as mentioned above, try any of the other honest Minox dealers who may have different standards.

Worst case, try ebay, but only as a last resort.