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Webmaster Note: This site keeps growing; getting larger and larger... It is, presently, up to 132 pages and contains more text (243,249 words) than a Tom Clancy novel. The bigger it gets, the more complicated it gets. So, why not take advantage of two useful tools? The Site Map lists every screen on this site (except those in the restricted area) with a short description of what you will find there. Search SWS uses the Atomz engine, so you can do a key word search of the entire site. Not the entire web; this engine is for the SWS site only.

What’s New at SWS Security?

A new book, ‘Listen- Secrets of the Airwaves, by myself and Steve was sent to the publisher one month ago and should be released in February. Subject is scanners and communications recievers, short-wave listening, and ham radio.


14 January 2006
New two  channel communications system custom manufactured by SWS Security for the U.S. Department of Defense in fall 2005. Details to follow.
Changes made to the Equipment Sale pages. Beeper Buster section updated. tomorrow.

04 January 2006
Details on SWS experience and qualifications here:
Apx quarter million Frequent Flyer miles for sale. Details HERE




consultant expert witness TSCM countermeasures surveillance21 August 03: Changes in the Minox section. Re m e m be r, yo u ca n be au to m ati ca lly Emailed whenever changes are made to this, Minox, and other screens. This is a direct service from SWS Security. No third parties are involved.

08 August 03: A number of new articles have been placed in the password secured area. Some are text, some are PDF. Contact SWS Security to see if you qualify for admission to this restricted area.

06 August 03: Webmaster Note. On several screens; Minox and Equipment Sale is a notice that you can be automatically advised by Email when the content of the screen has changed. This does not involve an outside company as do many such services and is not an autoresponder, it is a personal message service to you from Steve, so that he can place you on the list of people to be notified. In other words, Steve will Email you personally.
This does NOT place you on any other list, and will not cause you to receive Email from any other source.
I will reiterate what really is not necessary; the SWS Privacy Statement:
Your contact information; name and/or Email address and anything else you provide, will not under any circumstances be given, sold, traded, loaned, bartered, rented, leased, or in any other way made available to any person or organization and that includes webmaster . Period. No one but SWS Security will have it. At any such time that you request to be removed from these update notices, you will be removed.

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Our Webmaster

28 July 03:
A new service from SWS Security:
Integrated Surveillance Platforms- Cellular, data, voice, satellite intercept systems. Details are in the Services section.
Notice to companies that want to exchange links with SWS Security: Please read the last entry on the main LINKS screen before making a request.


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