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Surveillance and Communications Articles

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Surveillance and Communications Articles
by Steve Uhrig

White Papers is in two parts. First are the articles listed on this screen, below, which are for everyone to read. They are of general interest to technical types and do not discuss sensitive techniques, products or agencies. Other articles, newsletters and White Papers contain sensitive material, and are available for review by government and law enforcement personnel only.

Restricted documents are no longer available.

The following articles are on surveillance, countersurveillance, intelligence, communications, radios, wireless video and covert vehicle tracking equipment, police and security operations and matters of interest to technical surveillance personnel. All articles have been published previously in various law enforcement magazines, primarily Police & Security News.
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Contents of Non-restricted Articles
The series of articles 'From the Listening Post' are from a monthly column of questions on surveillance hardware and operational techniques asked by law enforcement technical surveillance officers, and answered by Steve Uhrig.
This series regularly appears in the trade magazine Police and Security News.

NEW Backup/Emergency Power Systems -- Generators

NEW Notes on grounding amateur and commercial radio installations.

From the Listening Post, Article One: Surveillance Questions and Answers

From the Listening Post, Article Two: Technical question and answer forum

From the Listening Post, Article Three: GPS-based covert vehicle tracking


From the Listening Post, Article Four Being edited.

NEW From the Listening Post: Article Five: Wireless Video


Care and Feeding of Video Systems


The Inside Scoop on Antennas


This Bug's For You Part 1


This Bug's For You Part 2



Zen and the Art of Battery Maintenance: Part One


Zen and the Art of Battery Maintenance: Part Two


Zen and the Art of Battery Maintenance: Part Three


Care & Feeding Part 1: Communications Equipment


Care & Feeding Part 2: Night Vision Equipment


"How Far Will It Transmit?"


Security In The Workplace: Part 1


Security In The Workplace: Part 2


Night Vision Part 1


Night Vision Part 2


Night Vision Part 3


Wireless Video: Part 1


Wireless Video: Part 2


Wireless Video: Part 3


Vehicle Tracking Systems: Are they for you? How do they work? Part 1


Vehicle Tracking Systems: Part 2




All articles copyright © by Steve Uhrig, SWS Security. They may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without prior written permission of SWS Security. Such permission usually will be granted to public or private police agencies wishing to use them for training or education purposes. Short excerpts for review purposes are permitted, as long as full contact information for SWS Security is included. Send reprint requests to Steve

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