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Expert Witness Service

Steve Uhrig has 33 years experience in electronic security, surveillance, intelligence, privacy protection and public safety communications systems as of January 2005. This experience encompasses hardware design and manufacturing as well as extensive work in the field training government operatives in countless countries installing, operating and servicing the devices, and processing evidence gained from them.

Additionally, Mr. Uhrig has published well in excess of 300 magazine articles, white papers and training manuals on matters relating to his areas of expertise. He maintains numerous monthly columns in law enforcement magazines and newsletters and publishes a private newsletter on electronic surveillance technology, with circulation restricted to government agencies. 

Additionally, as a long time Maryland-licensed pyrotechnician, extensively trained and having supervised and shot numerous entertainment pyrotechnic shows, Mr. Uhrig is competent to speak on fireworks-related matters.

Mr. Uhrig has been accepted as an expert witness countless times from local to state Supreme Court levels, as a subject matter expert in theory, hardware, operational and related aspects.
Some areas in which he can contribute include, but are not limited to the following:


Surveillance; Electronic Bugs, Wiretapping, Eavesdropping


Video Security Surveillance and Alarm Systems


CCTV System Design Installation and Operation


Beacon Tracking, Parcel or Vehicle including GPS


Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Damage Assessment


Radio Communications Systems Design Installation Maintenance


Entertainment Pyrotechnics, Fireworks


Privacy Protection and Physical Security


Related Electronic Technology


All work is performed under contract and after receipt of retainer. I do not accept pro bono
 or contingency cases. Unsolicited documents or reports to be accompanied by a retainer
 or they will be disposed of without notice or obliga

While I will consider criminal defense work, please be aware all services performed will be on retainer.

CV available on counsel's request after prior contact with Steve.

Prefer contact by Email.